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There are not a lot of wedges out there that offer so much quality and style at such an affordable price. However, the Mizuno MP T Wedge is one of the rare golf clubs that gives you both, and more for under $100.00.

The Mizuno MP T Wedge features a teardrop head, solid steel shaft, and comfortable handle. This is a club that promises consistent hitting ability and looks awesome with every swing.

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 The Top-Flite D2 complete set, provides every club you need for any type of green you’re going to be playing on. Features of the set include hybrids, lightweight stainless steel irons, and graphite shafts, even on the fairway woods. Winn grips on all of the clubs give you a comfortable and stable handle on your game. Another notable feature of these clubs, is the price. For off-set golf clubs of the quality and range that these offer, $399 is more than just affordable, its like hitting a hole-in-one.

Take a look at the Callaway site, and order yours today Callaway Top-Flite D2 Complete Set


Adams has revolutionized the concept of clubs; the Idea Hybrid series will change your game for the better with every swing. By lowering the center of gravity 11%, and putting it 2.5 times deeper, these clubs have become the easiest set of irons ever to be swung.

Replace your conventional long iron, and your mid iron with A2 OS Hybrids, which combine the control and accuracy of an iron, with the distance of a fairway wood. Every hit will go exactly as far and as fast as you’d ever hoped.

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