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Puglielli Wedge By Adams


The Puglielli Wedge has been designed by Mac Puglielli, an industry veteran and golf tour representative of Adams.  Thie wedge is designed for both amateur players who are becoming better in their games as well as for the tour professionals who need to maintain their game.

This wedge is an ideal for use in the Champions Tour, with 304 stainless steel and a a soft feel that is distinct in this wedge alone. It also boasts of a fly cut face, milled grooves, premium steel shaft, brushed satin finish and a distinctive grip and ferulle.

The Puglielli Wedge has been tested not only in the boardrooms but in the field as well with prototypes used in the Champions Tours for a year before the design was finalized and models reproduced.

Mizuno MP-33 Forged Irons


Some of the world’s best players have played golf using the Mizuno MP-33 Forged Irons.  Not surprising though considering that these were designed based on ideas sounded off by PGA Tour players.

The Mizuno MP-33 Forged Irons boasts of an elegant design and unparalleled performance standard.  One of the first things you would notice when using this Iron is its ball workability.

It boasts of superior control and precision–must be the reason why it is in the golf clubs of most top players all over the world.

Adams Ovation 460cc Driver


The Adams Ovation 460cc Driver has been made following the principle applied to the Ovation line of fairway woods and that is: high launch, low spin and more forgiveness.  The fairway woods series is an award-winning line so expect much from the new Adams Ovation 460cc Driver.

So what drives up the forgiveness quotient in the Ovation Driver?  This is made possible primarily through a tungsten plug in the driver’s rear sole which is responsible for creating both a high MOI and a low gravity center.

The Ovation drive’s high launch will surely elicit admiration not only from mid and low but also high handicappers.  The Ovation Driver is available in two models, namely the standard and the offset.

Callaway Forged+ Wedges By Roger Cleveland


Roger Cleveland, the chief designer of Callaway has come up with a new wedge with a larger head size—the Callaway Forged+ Wedges. The introduction of the new wedge does not mean death for the original Forged Wedges as it will still be included in the product line.

The new Callaway Forged+ Wedges is expected to appeal to all golfers no matter what skills levels they are in. It has a classic look but with a new sole grind that is tour-inspired as well as multiple bounce angles.  Both the original and the new wedges are forged from 1020 carbon steel.  However, the Forged+  wedges boast of new design elements as a result of a collaboration among the touring pros in Callaway.

Cleveland said the new wedges came as a result of the request of various tour professionals for a traditional wedge with more face area for more ball contact.

Nike Black OZ T130 Mallet Putter


If you want the highest MOI,  twisting resistance in the OZ putter line and added stability then choose the Nike Black OZ T130 Mallet Putter.  It boasts of two 65-gram tungsten weights positioned in the clubhead’s extreme heel and toe, providing that much needed stability.  These features reduces skidding, provides stability and keeps the putts on the intended line.

This Putter has an aluminum body (that is so lightweight it is lighter than steel by 65%) and tungsten weight plugs which moves the weight away from the clubface, thus reducing putt skidding. 

It also has a soft polymer insert  so you can expect that the ball is kept in contact with its face thus promoting a roll.  Polymer is 63% lighter than aluminum so it increases the stability of the clubhead.

Ping G10 Drivers


Ping has always been known as a brand that has sucessfully combined maximum forgiveness and power.  The new all-titanium Ping G10 Drivers are no exemption.

The Ping G10 driver stands out in the looks department even when placed alongside other brands. It5 has a polished chrome finish sole with hints of orange.  The black paint of the driver is enough to get anyone staring.

Performance-wise, the Ping G10 Drivers have improved a lot thanks to the change in weight distribution of the club.  Some areas of the crown are now made of thinner material resulting to an increased launch and lower spin which translates to an overall higher moment of inertia.  

Nike SQ Sumo Irons


It’s all about gravity.  The Nike SQ Sumo Irons gives you a chance to improve your game through the power of gravity. It boasts of the Cryo Steek face and the Nike Power Bow design that delivers high MOI as well as expanded COR. This is also made possible through the wide sole and long blade neck.

The long irons #4 and #7 boasts of the Cryo Steel Face Insert so you can expect incresed firgiveness and maximum distance.

The Nike PowerBow Weighting is responsible for moving the center of gravity deep and low enough resulting to an iron that is more stable at impact.