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Adams Speedline Fast10 Driver Review

I recently upgraded from my old Callaway Steelhead 10.5* to the Adams Speedline Fast10 and am overall impressed. I have always had a left to right movement on my ball with the driver and the speed line draw turned my 240-260 yrd slice into a 250-285 yard draw that looks perfect. One thing i find about the speedline though is, that you have to hit pretty close to the sweetspot every time or it isnt going to be pretty. I actually dont mind the sound of it at impact either, kinda sounds like an aluminum bat. Ive definatly heard worse sounds from a driver.

The club head and shaft was extremely light and I really had to slow things down. Most important, the sound off the driver face was impossible to tolerate. After all of the failures with the Nike’s, Calloway square drivers, etc and the horrible sounds they made, I was shocked to see such a reputable company would not have done their homework and given a more solid feedback and sound off the club face. My 17 year old son hit it and almost threw it in a lake after 2-3 shots before going back to his old R7. Their R & D department needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Cleveland HiBORE Driver Review

  • December 17, 2010, 7:07 pm
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I have a 9.5 degree HiBore with a stiff Aldila NV65 shaft, each time I hit this club, the more fascinated I am. In my earlier review, I mentioned about how straight the club is, regardless of considerations like distance or ability to work the ball left or right. I’m now completely convinced that, not only is the club impressively long, but it’s absolutely able to work the ball left and right if you identify how to make those swings. In fact, I would say that the HiBore’s tendency to hit straight simply makes hooks and slices behave more like draws and fades; in other words, its relatively tight dispersion comes from lessening the mistakes we make when we get “handsy.”

I truly have nothing bad to say about this club. I guess if you’re someone who really likes to tee the ball high, the HiBore’s face isn’t quite as deep top-to-bottom as some of the other large clubs around these days, so you might be somewhat more likely to hit a “sky-ball” with the HiBore than a deeper-faced club. Personally, I like the looks and proportions of this club a lot, and I envision that’ll only increase the more rounds I play with this driver. I think there’s a tendency to dismiss this club because of its odd shape; I also think to not take one out for a try is a real missed opportunity.

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Weighing in at just 284 grams, the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver is the lightest, fastest driver TaylorMade has ever created. Designed to deliver boosted clubhead speed and excellent distance, the SuperFast also holds the largest clubface of any TaylorMade Driver. The bigger face gives the golfer more area to strike the ball with, which is a distinct advantage.

The updated club face features a different bulge and roll design that works with the higher moment-of-inertia head to assist with off-center strikes.The 460cc club head of the Burner SuperFast is sleeker and more aerodynamic than the previous Burner driver, allowing it to slip through the air more quicker and help the golfer swing the club head faster.

The Burner SuperFast comes with a 46.5-inch Matrix Ozik XCon 4.8 shaft, which is both extremely lightweight. This grouping helps launch drives on a superior trajectory with added spin thereby improving the distance for slower-swinging golfers.

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TaylorMade Superfast Driver Picture

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport Putter Review

  • December 3, 2010, 2:02 pm
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The Scotty Cameron Studio Select is a family of precision milled 303 Stainless Steel Newport-style putters featuring a bold red tour graphic apperance, an improved high toe profile, and heel & toe circular sole weights that allow for multiple length options in each model. The Studio Select also features a stepless shaft for a clean look at address and soft but solid feel, as well as a new red Cameron cord grip.

The circular heel-toe weights provide increased stability by reducing head rotation on off-center impacts for a larger sweet spot. The factory adjustable weights are set to provide the proper headweight-to-shaft length combination. The improved high toe profile of Studio Select helps eliminate the tendency to raise the toe at address thereby causing the player to aim left of target. Same round, “full” body of the Newport, but with a flared neck for less offset at address.

My previous putter was a zebra teardrop which in my opinion is a great lower cost club. I was very pleased with it but when I had a go of the scotty it blew it away which was a surprise as I felt that the zebra was perfect for me. So if your like me in the way that you think your putter is good but there might be a better one out there then give the Scotty a go, you might be surprised. The price is steep but you definetely get what you pay for with this club.

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