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Golf Shag Bag Reviews

If you’re practicing your chipping and pitching around the green you’ll need one of these shag bags. Designed for picking up and storing balls easily and quickly after practice, these bags will save time and your back! These shag bags typically store between 75 and 100 golf balls and have a zipper to easily access and dump out all of the golf balls after you’re done collecting them all. Prices range between $15 and $60 depending on the construction materials and brand. Some have clear windows or nets that allow you to see how many balls you have picked up so far.

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Taylormade TP xFT Wedge Review

We had some time to review the Taylormade TP xFT Wedge this past weekend for a few rounds of golf. These high tech wedges are equipped with xFT which stands for Exchangeable Face Technology. This allows the golfer to change out the face with as they wear with just a couple of screws. Having fresh grooves on the wedge is very important for generating the right amount of backspin on the ball for those close approach shots at the green.

On the course the wedge feels very solid, we couldn’t tell it was actually two pieces. The amount of backspin was decent with our 56 degree and 12 degree bounce and it felt soft and responsive when striking the ball. For a normal weekend golfer we’re not sure if you need interchangeable faces as you could probably get away with a simple groove sharpener and save a lot of money.

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