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Callaway HX Bite Golf Ball Review


A great golf ball for its price, recommended for those who struggle on and around the green.

Callaway is known for having great golf clubs, but what about its golf balls? As a near-scratch golfer, I thought I would give the Callaway HX Bite golf ball a try to see how it stacked up against other golf balls, notably the Titleist Pro V1. According to their website, the HX Bite is supposedly known for having great control around the greens as well as long and accurate distance. After playing a few rounds with it, here is my impression.

Long Game

As far as the long game, the Callaway HX Bite lived up to its name, being both long and accurate. The trajectory of most of my drives was mid-flight (using a 9.5 degree driver), and there was a lot of roll after the ball hit the ground. Irons shots with this golf ball were great as well when it comes to accuracy. If you are hitting a 7 iron or lower, expect the golf ball to stop fairly quickly when it hits the green.

Short Game

What is most surprising about this golf ball is how well it spins around the green. I like to do a lot of bump and run chips around the green, where I aim for a spot several feet below the hole and let the ball check and run up to it. Nearly every chip I hit with this ball did that, very similar to a Pro V1. In regards to putting, the golf ball runs true practically every time, going exactly where I aimed.


The Callaway HX Bite is a great golf ball for its price (roughly $30). I found the ball to be especially useful for the weakest part of my game, the short game. Try this golf ball out if you are facing similar problems. I would especially recommend this golf ball to those golfers shooting in the low 80s or high 70s, as the green control it offers will make a profound difference.

Ryan Kekoufksi is a three handicap golfer who has both played and watched the sport for over a decade. He covers sports for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, and currently resides in Virginia.