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Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag Review

Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag

For those of us who like to walk when playing golf, there are a few characteristics in a golf bag that are a must.  The first is that it must be lightweight.  The golf bag must also have sturdy pockets to store items in as well as a comfortable straps and a durable stand.  With that said I came across the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag and decided to try it out for awhile since there was a sale on it.  Does it stand up to what a walking golfer really needs?

General Information

The Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is made mostly of nylon and polyester to make it supposedly last for years.  It features around 10 club dividers along with multiple pockets throughout.  They are various sizes and include ones for a scorecard, valuables, garments, golf balls, you name it.  As far as the straps there is one for each shoulder, constructed with an “o” ring to add comfort.


When it comes to a walking (or stand) bag having a good amount of pockets is a must, and this golf bag certainly provides everything that is needed.  Another great positive going for the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is its weight; it is one of lightest bags that I have used in this price range (around $100).  It is very easy to walk eighteen holes using this golf bag.  I also found it to be a great bag to use when playing golf with a cart, as the club dividers make it easy to take the clubs out and put them back in, along with the strategically places pockets providing added convenience.  The straps on the golf bag are very plush and provide a great amount of comfort when carrying the clubs from hole to hole.    The stand comes right out every single time and is not like other stand bags that always seem to get caught up in something from time to time.



The main negative for the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is its overall durability.  Having only played with it for a couple of months there seem to be durability issues when it comes to the zippers for the pockets as well as the straps themselves.  In regards to the zippers, they seem to get stuck very easily if you pull them up or down quickly.  It can be a hassle trying to get a zipper unstuck when out on the golf course, especially if there are impatient golfers playing right up on you.  In fact, one of them even broke off when trying to get it unstuck.  The quality of the zippers overall is suspect, along with mentioning the shoulder straps.  For some strange reason every stand bag I get that has an “o” ring construction does not last for very long until some problems start arising, whether it is the straps getting caught up or the ring looking like it is going to break at any moment.  Finally, while there are many different pockets, they are of various sizes and it can difficult trying to figure out what each one is exactly for.

Overall Consensus

My overall consensus of the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is that it is an average stand bag for its price.  There is nothing that really separates itself from any other stand bag, and there are in fact some negative aspects to it that should be taken into consideration before purchasing it.  If you are one of those who plays a lot this may not be the bag for you, but if you play off and on and like to use a cart every once in a while it may work out if you can find the golf bag for a good value.

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