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Ping G25 Irons Reviews

Ping-G25-ironsPing continues to step it up a notch with every new iron model they come out with, and the G25 model is no different.  In fact, it is probably their best iron set to date with all of the great features that it contains, including progressive sole widths, a re-engineered custom tuning port, and thinner faces.  All of these improvements lead to an iron that the company says provides added forgiveness, playability, and control, but can that really be true?  What follows is my overall review of the irons.


The Ping G25 Irons certainly live up to the hype, starting with the appearance.  One of the more frustrating things when it comes to new irons these days is the amount of glare they have at address, and the G25 Irons have solved this with a non-glare matte finishes that help the clubs to look both modern and sleek.

When it comes to performance, I would say that the Ping G25 irons provide the best forgiveness out of any iron set out on the market today, hands down.  A lot of it has to do with the thinner faces and lower custom tuning port, which provide a redistribution of weight throughout the clubface.  This allows for shots that are not hit on the sweet spot every time to still get amazing distance and accuracy.  It didn’t matter whether it was the 3I or PW, one can still get a really good amount of forgiveness out of these irons, and that should appeal to many golfers who may struggle with inconsistency out on the golf course.

As far as playability and control are concerned, I found both to be very similar to other iron sets out on the market today such as Callaway X-Hot or Titleist API 712.  It is fairly easy to shape the ball either way when necessary, and the spin control on both the short and long irons was very good if using a decent ball with them.


The only real negative that I found when it comes to the Ping G25 Irons is the high launch that they offer.  For someone who has a high ball launch as it is, it may be best to look elsewhere, because golf balls with these clubs just shoot up in the air.  On the flip side, it could be beneficial for those who have a lower trajectory and are looking for added height, so it really depends on one’s game more than anything else.


Overall Ping hit the nail on the head when it comes to their G25 irons.  They can appeal to practically any golfer looking for added forgiveness and playability, and have a great design and appearance as well.  They may not be the best irons for those who naturally have a high ball flight, but other than that it is hard to find fault with them.  If you haven’t given Ping irons a try for whatever reason, make sure to at least give these a demo run before purchasing a new set.  You may be glad that you did.