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Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball Review

SrixonQ-Star-golf-ballSrixon has really stepped up its game in recent years with its Star line of golf balls, with the Z-Star being highly popular among golfers of practically all handicaps.  2013 presents a brand new version for the Star line, this time with the Q-Star.

The Q-Star golf ball is designed specifically for average golfers (handicaps between 6 and 18) in mind, with more accuracy and distance to help them improve their scores tremendously.  It basically features two technologies that helps set it apart from the competition.  The first is a STAR Performance inner core that adds not only distance but playability as well both off the tee and around the green.  The second is spin skin technology that improves greenside spin without sacrificing distance by improving friction between the golf ball and the golf club surface.  What follows is an overall review of the Srixon Q-Star golf ball.


There are many different positives when it comes to the Srixon Q-Star, as it really lives up to its hype.  The distance on both tee shots and approach shots is above average and can compare to practically any golf ball out on the market today, including well-known brands such as the Titleist Pro V1.  When it comes to tee shots in particular with either a driver or fairway woods, the Srixon Q-Star golf ball is very straight with a penetrating ball flight and very low side spin as well, which can really benefit golfers struggling with hooks or slices.  The golf ball very good overall feel to it no matter which club in the bag is used, and feels very soft especially around the greens; combined with this softness is a great amount of durability as well, as golfers will find that it is difficult to scuff the ball up after playing it for quite a few holes.  Lastly, another positive associated with the Srixon Q-Star golf ball is that iron shots generally have a good amount of spin on them and checkup when they are supposed to.


There are really only two negatives when it comes to the Srixon Q-Star golf ball.  The first is that while the ball flight can be a bit high at times, especially when it comes to the short irons, and this may be a disadvantage for those who naturally hit the ball high and are looking for a ball with a normal or low trajectory to it.  Another negative is that the ball doesn’t seem to really spin that great when coming out of the bunker or rough around the greens.


Overall the Srixon Q-Star golf ball is another winner put out by the golf company and should greatly benefit average golfers.  It doesn’t really excel in any particular area but is above average in all of them, with good distance, accuracy, and feel.  The ball flight may be a bit high and times and may not generate a great amount of spin around the greens in particular, but if one is willing to overlook these they will find a great golf ball that should shave a few strokes off their next golf round.

Adams Super S Irons Review

adams-super-s-ironsWith technology becoming more and more advanced these days within the golfing industry, it is not surprising to find an extra five or ten yards of distance when switching from clubs that are a few years old to new ones on the market today.  However, even though one may find extra distance more often than not it is very inconsistent, mostly due to the fact that one is not hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the clubface every time, and this leads not only to less yardage on iron shots but less accuracy as well.

When it comes to iron sets that truly help one to gain both distance and accuracy on a consistent basis, look no further than the Adams Super S iron set.  On Golf Digest’s Hot List for “game improvement,” the Adams Super S irons is a trademark hybrid iron set with a revolutionary half-hollow construction that allows for greater weight distribution, a thinner face, and an improved launch angle as well.  What follows is an overall review of the Adams Super S iron set.

Long Irons

The long irons feature both a 3 and 4 hybrid along with a regular 5 and 6 iron, and after having played with them they are by far the easiest irons to hit on the market today.  The golf ball just shoots off the clubface whenever hitting them, and the 3 and 4 hybrids are really game-changing clubs for those who may be struggling in the long iron category.  What really makes them stand out is that they have both a high launch and an amazing amount of forgiveness that allows one to still get great distance and accuracy on shots that are not hit on the sweet spot every time.  Speaking of distance, the yardage on the Adams Super S high irons was great and should provide golfers of practically any handicap extra yards both off the tee and in the fairway.

Short Irons

Two things that really stand out when it comes to the Adam Super S short irons are feel and control.  It is not enough these days to have short irons that get good distance or stopping ability on the greens if they feel terrible, and Adams really hit the nail on the head with their short irons in providing a great amount of feel.  One can also get great control out of the short irons as well, whether it is trying to shape the ball a certain way or getting the ball to land in a particular spot on the green.  Both low and high handicappers can find benefits in using these short irons, and the distance and forgiveness is practically the same as the high irons as well.


Adams Golf may be known for having the best hybrids on Tour these days, but they may soon expand into iron sets with their new Super S line.  These irons are well worth it, and certainly deserve to be on Golf Digest’s Hot List in the game improvement section.  The Adams Super S iron set is not only extremely easy to hit, but also very forgiving and packed with distance as well.  It is truly hard to find anything wrong with these irons, and golfers should certainly take them into consideration when looking for a new iron set to purchase.

Taylormade Lethal Golf Ball Review

Taylormade-Lethal-Golf-BallTitleist may have the number one ball in golf as it stands right now, but the competition is getting more and stiff as the years progress, and Taylormade is certainly giving them a run for their money with their newest line of golf balls known as Lethal.  Lethal is basically a redesigned PENTA with great new features.  It is a premium five piece multilayered golf ball comprised of a 322 low drag performance dimple pattern that is supposed to provide added performance in windy conditions, along with progressive velocity, in which the faster layers are located on the outer part of the golf ball to create additional ball speed for more distance and accuracy.  With that said, how does it stack up to the Pro V1?  What follows is an overall review of the Taylormade Lethal golf ball.

Long Game

When it comes to distance off the tee, the Taylormade Lethal golf ball is certainly comparable to the Titleist ProV1.  What was great about the golf ball was the penetrating ball flight that just cut right through the wind; the low drag performance dimple pattern really sets the golf ball apart from the competition and should really benefit golfers who struggle getting good distance in windy conditions.  The playability of the golf ball is above average as well; one can hit fades or draws with the golf ball fairly easily.

When it came to irons and woods, the Taylormade Lethal golf ball actually out-performed the Titleist ProV1 when it came to getting the ball to stop on the green along with distance as well.  We all hate it when our long iron shots hit close to the pin and then keep rolling another 30 feet or so, but with the Taylormade Lethal golf ball the ball had really good spin on it even for high iron and wood shots, along with the distance being about 3-5 yards further as well.

Short Game

Chipping and putting are really the two most important aspects of the game when it comes to shooting lower scores, as chipping allows one minimize mistakes while putting helps to maximize great shots, and the Taylormade Lethal golf ball performs well above average in both of these categories.  Whether it is a bump and run, pitch, flop, or just a normal chip, the ball has exceptional spin and just stops on a dime.  It doesn’t matter whether it is off of the fringe or out of the bunker, the golf ball does exactly what you would expect it to every single time, and it is hard finding very many golf balls that can do that these days.  As far as putting, the ball feels great coming off of the putter head and it takes little to no time at all to get the distance control down.


Overall Taylormade has created a fantastic golf ball that can help practically any golfer shave a few strokes off their game, especially when it comes to distance and approach shots.  Low handicap golfers can certainly benefit from the tremendous amount of spin that the ball offers along with its penetrating ball flight in windy conditions, and high handicap golfers should be able to find a few extra yards off the tee and into the green at the very least.