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For most golfers, it is important to look good on the golf course. Also, it is important to be comfortable throughout the day as well. When a piece of clothing like these shorts from Puma can help you accomplish both goals, that is an item that deserves a second look. The Puma Men’s Dry Cell Ombre Plaid Tech Shorts have a striking plaid design available in a variety of colors. Beyond that, they are made from a lightweight fabric which features Dry Cell technology to help the shorts pull sweat away from your body.

Technology in Your Outfits

So-called ‘tech’ materials have become more and more popular in recent years as they help you keep your more comfortable while you are working your way around the course. As pumashortsmentioned above, the Dry Cell technology used in these shorts can draw sweat away from your body and help keep your drier throughout the day. Also, the material offers UPF 50+ sun protection. The advantages that technology can offer don’t have to be limited to your clubs and golf balls – it can work its way into your clothing as well.

Looks Great Off the Course

Even if you were purchasing these shorts mostly for the purpose of wearing them while you play golf, they can certainly be put to use in many more situations. They make for great casual wear in the summer, and are just as well-suited to pairing with sandals and a T-shirt as they are a polo and golf shoes. No matter what circumstances you choose to wear these shorts in, you can still count on the same comfort and style that you enjoy from them on the course.

Pockets for a Golfer

As a golfer, you understand how many times you have to reach into your pockets during a round of golf. Whether you are retrieving your ball, a tee, a ball marker, pencil, or any other item, there are probably hundreds of trips to your pocket per round for the average golfer. With that in mind, the pockets on golf pants or shorts should be easy to access quickly and without hassle. The pockets on the Puma Men’s Plaid Shorts are angled so that it is easier to reach in and find what you need. Golf is hard enough on its own – you shouldn’t have to battle your pockets along the way.

A good pair of golf shorts for the warm summer months will help you be able to hit the links in style whenever you get the chance. Sure, you could just wear a standard pair of tan shorts out onto the course next time you play, but that wouldn’t help you stand out from the crowd. Opt for some style like that found in the Puma Men’s Dry Cell Ombre Plaid Tech Shorts and get noticed for both your game, and your wardrobe.

PING Ketsch Putters

  • May 7, 2014, 8:08 am
  • Matt
  • In Putters

One of the newest additions to the PING lineup, the Ketsch series of putters are designed to be more well-suited to your own personal putting stroke, while still delivering the quality feel that players expect from PING products. The Ketsch is a mallet-style putter with a low profile grooved face. Thanks to some unique design elements, this is a mallet putter that should be considered even by players who have traditionally only used blade-style models. Of course, PING is one of the original names in the putter-making business, so they have a long history of success at even the highest levels of golf.

Three ‘Arc’ Models Available

As more and more golf club manufacturers try to tailor their products to the specific needs of individual golfers, the Ketsch follows along in that pattern. There are three models available in this putter, each with a different amount of ‘arc’ built in. The arc refers to how much you arc the putter during your stroke, from straight back to a more-rounded motion. ping putterThe options when ordering the Ketsch are ‘Straight’, ‘Slight Arc’, and ‘Strong Arc’.

This is an exciting development for some golfers because mallet putters have usually been designed with the ‘Straight’ putting stroke in mind. Most golfers who arc their putting stroke have had a difficult time using mallet putters in the past, so they have been stuck with only using blade putters. If you are a golfer with an arc in your putting stroke and have always wanted to try a mallet, this one would be a good place to start.

Traditional Options As Well

In addition to having the ‘arc’ choices when you select your Ketsch putter, there are also the standard options that you would expect to find with any putter purchase. The Ketsch is offered in both right and left-handed models, as well as an assortment of lengths ranging from 33 inches on up to 36 inches. By selecting the right arc and length for your game, you should have a putter that feels fairly natural right out of the box and takes very little time to adjust to.

Variable Depth Grooves

Another interesting feature on the Ketsch putter in the variable depth grooves that are seen across the face. The idea behind these grooves is that by varying the depth, the putter is able to deliver a more-consistent speed to the roll of the ball, regardless of where along the face the ball is struck. A common problem among amateur golfers is hitting putts either on the heel or the toe of the club, causing the putt to lack speed and come up short. While it is still ideal to hit the center of the putter face, the grooves on the Ketsch can help to minimize the effect of your miss-hit.

Putters are a very personal choice, so trying one out is always a great idea. There are a lot of good elements to the Ketsch series, so it is worth your time to take a closer look and decide if one would be a good addition to your bag.