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TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si Putter

If you are looking for a traditional, blade-style putter that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, the TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si is not the right choice for you. However, if you want to try out the latest in putter technology and see what it can do for the way you roll the ball, this putter is worth a closer look. A unique head shape, along with a ‘PureRoll’ Surlyn insert make for a putter that TaylorMade Spider Sicertainly will get attention from your playing partners.

Modern Mallet Design

A far departure from the mallets of days gone by, the Spider Si has something of a high-tech look when you stand over the ball at address. This will appeal to some golfers, and not to others. If you get the opportunity, try one out in your local pro shop and decide how you feel about the look for yourself. If it inspires confidence and helps you line up your putts accurately time after time, then you might be a good candidate for this putter. Also, notice how the head behaves through impact – specifically on putts that aren’t quite hit on the sweet spot. You will likely notice that the blade remains stable through the ball even if you miss the center of the putter face. This difference will be even more noticeable if you are currently putting with a traditional ‘blade’ style putter.

Counterbalanced Grip

One of the most-popular trends in putters is adding weight to the grip to achieve a counterbalanced effect that can help the player to have more feel and control of the putter head through impact. The Spider Si is included in that trend, with a 15’’, 130 gram grip attached to the shaft of the putter. Again, just as with the head design, this is a feature that will appeal to some players and not to others. If you do decide to make the Spider Si your next putter, make sure to spend plenty of time on the practice green getting used to the feel that this club offers.

The Si is available for both right and left-handed golfers, and is offered in 35’’ and 38’’ lengths. While 38’’ might seem long for a putter, it would be a good idea to try both lengths before you choose one to add to your bag. With the counterbalanced grip, you might find that you can stand more upright at address and make a comfortable stroke without bending over as much as you would with a shorter putter.

For the golfer looking for a new putter to help the ball find the bottom of the cup more often, the TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si putter is a club that is worth giving some strong consideration. As long as you appreciate the modern styling of the club, you could stand to benefit from all of the technology this putter brings to the table.

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls

One of the most-common mistakes that amateur golfers make is playing a golf ball that they are not yet good enough to use. Many amateurs simply reach for the same box of balls that their favorite pro golfer uses, not thinking about the fact that the ball might not be a good match for their game. In fact, for any player with a handicap above 10 or so, using a tour-level ball is almost certainly a mistake. By playing a ball intended for the average golfer, most amateurs could improve their game and save money all at the same time.

Cost = Spin

This is not a hard and fast rule, but it applies more often than not. When evaluating which golf ball to purchase, you can usually tell how much it will spin just by looking at the price tag. The discount model balls that are in the $10-$20 range per dozen usually will not produce very much spin on srixon Q-starany of your shots. At the same time, tour-level balls that are over $40 per dozen will often be the highest spinning models you can find. Again, that rule is not 100% accurate, but it is a good guideline to start from.

With that in mind, you need to think about how much spin you want on your ball. Remember, spin not only means backspin to stop the ball on the green, but also sidespin that can send your ball far offline. If you struggle with a hook or a slice on your full shots, you aren’t going to want to play a ball that makes those problems worse. In this case, you would want a lower-spinning ball that helps straighten out your shots – and doesn’t make them worse.

Q-Star is a Good Option

The Srixon Q-Star is a good example of just the kind of ball that most amateur golfers should be looking for. This ball is designed to maximize your distance from the tee without putting too much spin onto the golf ball. Also, Srixon has added something they call ‘Spin Skin’, which is meant to help give you more feel around the greens than some of the other balls in this category. That means you can reap the benefits of having a lower-spinning ball for your full swing, while still having some touch and control while chipping and putting.

Before you go purchasing a full dozen of any new golf ball, try picking up a sleeve first and see how the ball performs for your swing. Every golfer is different, so trying out the ball in actual on-course conditions is the only real way to know how you will like it. The good news is, because the Q-Star is a moderately priced ball, you won’t have to make a significant investment to give it a chance and find out if it is the one that will find a home in your bag.

NIKE Men’s Storm-FIT Rain Pants

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A good pair of rain pants is something that every golfer should have in their bag ‘just in case’. Even when you think the weather should be nice for a day out on the links, having your rain pants tucked away in your golf bag is a good idea. Whether you need them when it comes on to rain – or just because it is a little cold in the morning or evening, having a pair of rain pants to slip on can help to nike rain pantskeep you comfortable throughout the round.

The NIKE Men’s Storm-FIT rain pants have all of the basic features that you should be looking for in a pair of rain pants. They are weatherproof thanks to their Storm-FIT technology, and feature a stretch fabric to permit ease of movement so you can still make your swing even while wearing these pants. Some golf rain pants can be so bulky and heavy that it is hard to maintain your normal swing – but that is not the case with this pair. The hand pockets have zippers so you can keep the contents of your pockets dry while you are walking up the fairway or riding in the cart. With 10’’ zippers on the sides of the legs down at the bottom, you shouldn’t have any trouble sliding these rain pants on and off – even without taking off your golf shoes.

Comfort is Key when playing in the Rain

Given the choice, almost every golfer should prefer to play under dry conditions than have to deal with the rain. However, if you are a serious golfer, chances are good that you will encounter some rainy conditions from time to time out on the course. The key to keeping your golf game on track in the rain is staying both dry and comfortable throughout the round. If you start to feel wet – or restricted by your rain gear – you might lose your patience and focus along the way. Good rain gear should allow you to mostly forget about the rain that is falling and keep your mind focused on hitting good shots and getting the ball in the hole.

While the name ‘rain pants’ indicates that this garment is meant for wet conditions, it also can be very useful in the cold as well. Specifically, when you tee off early in the morning and are expecting a warm, sunny day ahead, your rain pants can be the perfect way to stay warm until the sun heats things up. If you are wearing shorts, simply slip your rain pants on for the first couple holes until the temperature gets to a point that you are comfortable with. Then, just tuck the rain pants away in your bag and go on enjoying a beautiful day on the course.

FootJoy Men’s Rain-Grip Golf Gloves

If you live in a part of the world that gets more than its share of rain, being prepared for wet conditions on the golf course is essential. You will miss out on many chances to play the game you love if you aren’t prepared to deal with a little rain – so add a few simple items to your bag and you can take on the course even when it is a bit damp outside. The FootJoy Men’s Rain-Grip golf gloves rain glovesare a good example of just such a piece of equipment.

Unlike a regular golf glove, where most players only where one, these rain gloves are sold as a pair so both hands can have a better chance to grip the wet club. If you are going to be able to make your normal swing and play a good round even in the bad weather, you will need to have a solid grip on the club. Typical golf gloves work great when they are dry, but start to struggle as they get wet. Instead of fighting all day to keep your regular glove dry, just put it away and save it for a better weather day. Put on this pair of rain gloves and put the focus back on playing your best golf.

Breathable and Flexible

As part of the design of these gloves, the material on the back of the glove is meant to offer breathability so your hands are able to dry out a little bit throughout the day. The material is also flexible so you should be able to take your normal grip without having to make too many accommodations for the gloves that you are wearing. While it might not feel exactly the same as playing with one regular glove and one bare hand, it will offer a good compromise to help you battle the rain.

Make Sure to Practice

Before you put these gloves into use on the golf course, try using them for a period of time on the practice range. Even if it is dry on the range, hit a few shots wearing both gloves just to get comfortable with how they feel. Making swings while wearing two gloves instead of one has a different feel, and you will be better prepared to make the adjustment if you have used them during some of your practice sessions.

The golfer that is prepared to deal with the weather that comes their way is the one that has the best chance to play well even in less-than-ideal conditions. If you add these rain gloves to your bag, along with some other rain-related items, you can shrug off the showers and pay attention to the task at hand.