Callaway Xtreme Golf Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses are something of a divisive issue among golfers. Some golfers won’t hit the links without them – even if it doesn’t seem likely that the sun will be making an appearance anytime soon. On the other side of the coin, some golfers swear that they can’t play the same while wearing glasses and will never pull them down from the top of their hat. However, when spending 4+ hours outdoors, hopefully in the sun, it is a good idea to have glasses at your disposal even if you choose to not actually hit your shots with them on. The Callaway Xtreme Golf Sunglasses are designed for use on the course and bring a little bit of style to your outfit at the same time.

Semi-Rimless Design Perfect for Golf

One of the big problems that causes some golfers to swear off sunglasses forever is bulky frames that interfere with the golfers vision as they address the ball and make a swing. With sunglasses that have frames that wrap all the way around the callawaysunglasseslenses, the bottom portion of the frame can get into your line of sight slightly while looking down at the ball. This is why it is important to get sunglasses like the Callaway Xtreme that are specifically designed for use on the course. These glasses are only rimmed on the top half of the frame, so there should be no issues with the frame getting into the field of vision. For players who like to keep the glasses on throughout the day, this design will be much appreciated.

 Rubber Nose Pads Can Help

Some high-end, design sunglasses have nose pieces that are made from other materials than good old-fashioned rubber. While this is fine for casual glasses that are designed for appearance first, it doesn’t work as well on the golf course. Think about what you do when you are playing golf – there is a lot of bending over involved. Whether you are bent over a par putt, or reaching down to mark your ball on the green, you don’t want your glasses sliding off your face time and time again. With a rubber nose pad, you will have more gripping power on your side to help keep those glasses in place.

Durable Construction for On Course Performance

Another difference between casual sunglasses and golf sunglasses is the wear and tear that you will be putting on the glasses when you use them on the course. They will probably get taken on and off a lot, have to deal with some warm or cold temperatures, and might get dropped a time or two. While no sunglasses are going to live to tell about a trip underneath the golf cart tire, the Callaway Xtreme Golf Sunglasses are more durable than other, non-golf models.

Getting some golf-specific sunglasses to add to your bag is an investment that will likely be worth your time and money. You don’t even have to hit your shots with the glasses on to appreciat