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Technology has changed the world, and that includes the golf course. Today, nearly every golfer has some piece of modern technology with them when they are out on the course – from cell phones to GPS units and much more. If you are a golfer that likes to use your modern technology while you are playing golf, you probably have run into the problem of your devices running out of power during the round. If you are going to invest in a GPS unit to help you get the right yardages, for example, you want to make sure that it has power all round long. With the Gimme Charge phone charger for electric golf carts, you can charge up while you play.charger

Stay Powered Up

For golfers who like to ride in carts when they play, the Gimme Charge is a perfect addition to your bag – as long as you are riding in an electric cart. Many golfers have started to use GPS apps on their phones that are designed for golf instead of buying a separate unit that is only dedicated to the golf course. This is a good option, however running those apps can drain your battery quickly. If you want to make sure your phone can make it through the whole round without running out of juice, having the Gimme Charge available to you is a great advantage. As long as your phone charges through a USB cable, and the cart you are riding is electric and compatible with the Gimme Charge, you will be good to go.

Another good element of this product is the fact that it won’t drain off your batteries in the golf cart itself. Since the amount of battery drawn by the phone is so small in comparison to what the golf cart has to offer, you won’t notice any significant change in the power levels of the cart just because you are using the phone charge while you play. Hopefully, you can just plug your phone in for a couple holes during the middle of the round to top off your power level, and then take the charger out and get back to the business of playing your round.

Increasing Demand

As the years go by, it is likely that technology will play a bigger and bigger role on the golf course. No matter what kind of technology you choose to use in your game, you will need to keep it charged up throughout the day on the course.  If you find that you play most of your rounds in an electric golf cart, consider picking up the Gimme Charge to help you make it through even a long day on the course with plenty of power to spare.

FootJoy Men’s Rain-Grip Golf Gloves

If you live in a part of the world that gets more than its share of rain, being prepared for wet conditions on the golf course is essential. You will miss out on many chances to play the game you love if you aren’t prepared to deal with a little rain – so add a few simple items to your bag and you can take on the course even when it is a bit damp outside. The FootJoy Men’s Rain-Grip golf gloves rain glovesare a good example of just such a piece of equipment.

Unlike a regular golf glove, where most players only where one, these rain gloves are sold as a pair so both hands can have a better chance to grip the wet club. If you are going to be able to make your normal swing and play a good round even in the bad weather, you will need to have a solid grip on the club. Typical golf gloves work great when they are dry, but start to struggle as they get wet. Instead of fighting all day to keep your regular glove dry, just put it away and save it for a better weather day. Put on this pair of rain gloves and put the focus back on playing your best golf.

Breathable and Flexible

As part of the design of these gloves, the material on the back of the glove is meant to offer breathability so your hands are able to dry out a little bit throughout the day. The material is also flexible so you should be able to take your normal grip without having to make too many accommodations for the gloves that you are wearing. While it might not feel exactly the same as playing with one regular glove and one bare hand, it will offer a good compromise to help you battle the rain.

Make Sure to Practice

Before you put these gloves into use on the golf course, try using them for a period of time on the practice range. Even if it is dry on the range, hit a few shots wearing both gloves just to get comfortable with how they feel. Making swings while wearing two gloves instead of one has a different feel, and you will be better prepared to make the adjustment if you have used them during some of your practice sessions.

The golfer that is prepared to deal with the weather that comes their way is the one that has the best chance to play well even in less-than-ideal conditions. If you add these rain gloves to your bag, along with some other rain-related items, you can shrug off the showers and pay attention to the task at hand.

Have you noticed how difficult some of the manufacturer headcovers are to get on and off of your clubs these days? For some reason, headcover design has gotten more and more complex, and therefore harder and harder to put on and take off. Many golfers are giving up on using the headcover that comes from the manufacturer and instead are using after-market headcovers that are easier to use, and offer a little style as well.

One such product is the Team Golf Collegiate Mascot Driver Headcover. These headcovers come in a wide variety of school mascots, so you can show off your college pride while protecting you club at the same time. Unlike some of the headcovers you will get when you purchase a new i-kansasstatedriver, these are easy to pull on and off the club. In fact, they are designed so that you should be able to pull the cover off the club with one hand. Once back on the club, the soft finish protects your driver from scratches and dings that could occur when it bangs into the other clubs in your bag.

Protect Your Investment

As you surely have noticed, drivers are expensive these days. If you are playing a driver from a major manufacturer, there is a good chance you paid $300 or more for the club when you bought it originally. If you are going to protect that club and get the most from it, you will want to keep it inside a headcover at all times when it isn’t in use. The Team Golf Collegiate Mascot Driver Headcovers are up to the task of protecting the head of your driver, while letting everyone on the course know who you will be supporting when Saturday afternoon football rolls around.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Not only are the headcovers that come from the manufacturer hard to get on and off, they also look just like the ones that everyone else on the course has. If you want to stand apart from the crowd and show off a little personality in your bag, these headcovers are a great way to go. Many schools are offered, so there is a good chance that your favorite college is available.

If you aren’t interested in a college headcover, but still like the idea of getting one that is unique and easy to use, there are many more headcovers on the market that you can choose from. Fuzzy animals, professional sports teams, and more are all represented in headcover-form. Check around the web, or at your local golf shop, to see all of the options that you can pick from.

To cover your driver in style and represent your favorite school, check out the assortment of Team Golf Collegiate Mascot Driver Headcovers right away. You won’t miss having to wrestle with that manufacturer’s headcover, and you will probably get lots of comments from playing partners about the stylish way you have covered your driver.

For most golfers, it is important to look good on the golf course. Also, it is important to be comfortable throughout the day as well. When a piece of clothing like these shorts from Puma can help you accomplish both goals, that is an item that deserves a second look. The Puma Men’s Dry Cell Ombre Plaid Tech Shorts have a striking plaid design available in a variety of colors. Beyond that, they are made from a lightweight fabric which features Dry Cell technology to help the shorts pull sweat away from your body.

Technology in Your Outfits

So-called ‘tech’ materials have become more and more popular in recent years as they help you keep your more comfortable while you are working your way around the course. As pumashortsmentioned above, the Dry Cell technology used in these shorts can draw sweat away from your body and help keep your drier throughout the day. Also, the material offers UPF 50+ sun protection. The advantages that technology can offer don’t have to be limited to your clubs and golf balls – it can work its way into your clothing as well.

Looks Great Off the Course

Even if you were purchasing these shorts mostly for the purpose of wearing them while you play golf, they can certainly be put to use in many more situations. They make for great casual wear in the summer, and are just as well-suited to pairing with sandals and a T-shirt as they are a polo and golf shoes. No matter what circumstances you choose to wear these shorts in, you can still count on the same comfort and style that you enjoy from them on the course.

Pockets for a Golfer

As a golfer, you understand how many times you have to reach into your pockets during a round of golf. Whether you are retrieving your ball, a tee, a ball marker, pencil, or any other item, there are probably hundreds of trips to your pocket per round for the average golfer. With that in mind, the pockets on golf pants or shorts should be easy to access quickly and without hassle. The pockets on the Puma Men’s Plaid Shorts are angled so that it is easier to reach in and find what you need. Golf is hard enough on its own – you shouldn’t have to battle your pockets along the way.

A good pair of golf shorts for the warm summer months will help you be able to hit the links in style whenever you get the chance. Sure, you could just wear a standard pair of tan shorts out onto the course next time you play, but that wouldn’t help you stand out from the crowd. Opt for some style like that found in the Puma Men’s Dry Cell Ombre Plaid Tech Shorts and get noticed for both your game, and your wardrobe.

NIKE Men’s Dri-FIT Sun Bucket Hat

One of the best things about playing a round of golf is that you get to be out in the sun all day enjoy the warm summer weather. Rather than taking up an indoor hobby, golf is so popular in part because it allows players to enjoy the great outdoors while having a good time with their friends. The feel of the sun on your back and the green grass under your feet is a hard thing to forget when once you start to become more and more serious about the game.

However, playing a long round of golf in the sun can have it’s downsides too. Prolonged sun exposure can be dangerous to your health, and cause you to get sunburned, dehydrated, or worse. While you want to be able to enjoy your time in the sun, you want to be smart about it as well.

This is where the NIKE Men’s Dri-FIT Sun Bucket Hat is a wise addition to your wardrobe. This hat has a full brim all the way around, helping to keep the sun from beating down your nike hatyour face and neck. It also, of course, serves the same purpose of any other hat, keeping the sun off the top of your head. These kinds of hats are popular among many people who spend long days in the sun, no matter the endeavor, so it makes sense to bring them to the golf course as well.

Designed For the Heat

Some bucket hats are built more with rain in mind than for sun, but this NIKE model is geared toward being worn throughout the summer months. The popular Dri-FIT fabric helps to pull the sweat away from your body, making you more comfortable throughout your round. Additionally, it has a drawstring so you can tighten the hat to your comfort, and the universally-recognized NIKE Swoosh is prominently displayed on the front.

Use Away From the Course

It is always nice when the items you purchase for your golf game can be used in other walks of life as well. This hat doesn’t have to be limited to the days you hit the links, as it will look good in many other settings as well. For example, if you enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or camping, the Sun Bucket Hat will make for a great shade-provider at that time too. In fact, any time you would like to keep the sun from bearing down on you too severely, this hat should be within reach.

Easy to Store in Your Bag

Not sure if the sun will be out today? Pack this hat away in your bag just in case. It is lightweight and takes up very little space, so you won’t even notice that it has been added to your load. With it stowed away in your bag, it will always be there when you need it most.

Regardless of your fashion tastes, this hat makes good sense for any golfer who plays during the warm summer months.

Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder

These days, one of the most controversial discussions you can have on a golf course is regarding how to measure the distance you have left to the hole – rangefinder or GPS? There are countless products on the market featuring both methods, and the truth is that both can work nicely. Rangefinders are more desirable for getting the exact yardage to the flag because a GPS unit doesn’t know where the hole is located on a daily basis. On the other hand, GPS is easier for some people to use than a rangefinder, which can be tough for certain individuals to hold steady.

There isn’t a right answer in this debate. It comes down to personal preference, as either method can accomplish the goal of telling you how far you need to hit your shot. If you come down in the rangefinder camp, the Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder is one worthy of your consideration. Bushnell has long been one of the leaders in this market, and this model is just another example of the impressive products they can produce.

One of the long-standing issues with using a rangefinder for some people, is determining whether they have measured the distance to the flag, or some object beyond the green. Early models of golf rangefinders were more difficult to use, and would frequently measure things off in the distance – giving the golfer a false reading on how far to hit their shot. With the bushnellrangev3, Bushnell has introduced something they call JOLT technology. The idea is simple – when the golfer successfully ‘shoots’ the flag with the rangefinder, the unit will quickly vibrate to give them positive feedback that they measured the right target. With that confirmation, you can grab the right club and make your swing with confidence.

In terms of range, the Bushnell Tour v3 is capable of measuring much further than any golf shot you are going to hit. It is rated as being able to measure distances up to a whopping 1,000 yards, and to be able to measure the flag from 300+ yards away. It is accurate to within one yard, and provides 5x magnification when looking through the unit. Also, unlike some other rangefinder models on the market, the v3 is a convenient, small size which fits in the palm of your hand.

As an additional option, there is a version of the v3 offered with slope calculating capability. This technology helps you adjust for uphill or downhill shots by providing you with slope numbers along with the raw yardage. While those compensated distances can come in handy, some competitions have outlawed rangefinders with a slope feature, so you will want to make sure you don’t use one when it isn’t allowed (the same goes for basic rangefinders – always make sure they are being permitted in a tournament before you put it to use).

Regardless of how you measure distance, getting the right number is crucial to playing well and lowering your scores. For those partial to rangefinders as opposed to GPS, the Bushnell Tour v3 is certainly one to check out.

Making or missing short putts is the single biggest difference on your scorecard at the end of the round. If you make all of your short putts, you are likely to be satisfied with your score – even if your ball striking isn’t quite up to par. However, if you struggle from short range and miss several putts during the round, there is a good chance you will walk away shaking your head. Instead of just lining up your putts and hoping for the best, prepare for the round with the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat w/ Ball Return and make sure your short putting stroke is ready for the pressure that the course can put on you.

Realistic Putting Practice Indoors

If you are going to get frequent practice on your putting stroke, you probably are going to need to do it somewhere around the house. Most puttingmatpeople just don’t have the time in their schedule to get to the golf course often enough to get consistent putting practice and really improve. With this mat, you can bring quality practice into the house to fine-tune your stroke without having to drive to the course or brave the elements.

Short Putts are All About Technique

Most short putts don’t require much in the way of a read – you can usually play them straight and hole out with a good stroke. With that in mind, the main factor between success and failure on a short putt is the stroke itself. If you give the ball a clean, square stroke from three feet out, chances are good that it will fall into the cup. This mat is perfect for rehearsing just that kind of putting stroke. There are parallel lines on the mat to help with alignment, and the actual-size hole cut into the mat will give you feedback if you are hitting solid putts or not.

Variable Distances for Practice

The mat is marked at 3′, 5′, and 7′ so you can work on strokes of various lengths. It is not only important to fine tune your technique when putting, but also to make sure that technique doesn’t stray as the putts get longer. Many golfers struggle with losing their fundamentals when they start to make longer putting strokes, so backing up to seven feet and trying to hole out is a good test of how your putting stroke is holding up.

Ball Return for High Volume Repetitions

As a general rule, the more practice putts you can hit, the better. As long as you are paying attention to your technique and making sure you don’t get sloppy, fitting in as many reps as possible is a great idea. When the time comes to face a pressure packed three foot putt out on the golf course, you will be able to rely on that practice time to draw confidence from and step up to make a good stroke. With a ball return as part of the SKLZ Accelerator Putting Pro Mat, you will be able to fit in as many repetitions as you wish and get your putting stroke in good condition for your next trip out on the links.