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TaylorMade R15 Driver

The latest in the legendary ‘R’ lineup, the R15 brings all of the high-tech features and great looks that you would expect from a TaylorMade driver. The company that has been at the front of so many developments in the golf club industry over the years continues in that tradition with the R15. The changes in golf club technology in recent years are nothing short of incredible, and the R15 r15represents many of the best features that have been developed during that revolution.

Everything You Would Expect

While the R15 does bring one new, notable piece of technology to the table, there are also all of the features that modern golfers have come to take for granted. That includes the ability to swap shafts out with just a simple tool and a few clicks, a loft sleeve providing up to a four degree range, and a low center of gravity that will help you launch it high with low spin. If you are looking for a driver with all of the latest bells and whistles, look no farther.

The Split-Weight Option

TaylorMade is the company that made moveable weights popular within drivers when they first introduced the ability to swap weights around from heel to toe to chance the feel and performance of your clubs. Now, in the R15, they have a split-weight system on the bottom of the club which allows you to slide the two weights into different positions to find just the right combination for you. For example, a player who struggles with a hook could slide both weights out onto the toe in order to slow it down and hopefully prevent that hook. A player looking for more stability through impact could simply split the weights – one on the toe and one on the heel – to help steady the club through the hitting zone. This kind of customization is what TaylorMade has become known for, and it helps you to get the best possible performance from your driver.

Picking a new TaylorMade driver such as the R15 is among the safest bets you can make in golf. You will be going with one of the most-trusted names in the business, and with a company that has a specific reputation for turning out high-quality drivers that are trusted by some of the best players in the world. If you think the R15 might be the right choice for your bag, try one out at your local golf shop and see for yourself how it performs.

Cleveland Classic 270 Driver

Golf is a game that is steeped in tradition and history. No matter where you go in the game of golf, the memories and feelings of the past will always be with you. This is one of the most interesting elements of the game, and one of the things that keeps so many people coming back round after round. While we are always moving forward with technology, it should be done with an eye to the past and the golfers that came before.

With that in mind, the Cleveland Classic 270 Driver is a beautiful blend of old and new. From the new perspective, it has all of the modern features that you would expect from a driver – 460cc head, graphite shaft, aerodynamic engineering, and more. On the old side of the ledger is the look that Cleveland has given this driver. The paint job and finishing touches are a nod to the time when ‘woods’ were actually made from wood. You probably don’t want to use a wood driver because of the cleveland270distance and forgiveness you would sacrifice, but being able to pay respect to the history of the game with this driver is a nice compromise.

This driver is offered in three different lofts – 9*, 10.5*, and 12* – and also with a variety of graphite shaft flexes. It features the deepest club face that Cleveland has ever produced, which is great for building confidence when you stand over the ball and get ready to swing. Of course, you should try any driver before it becomes your go to club on the course, but don’t expect to be sacrificing anything in terms of performance when you put the 270 into the bag.

Another great thing about this driver is the conversations it can start on the course. If you frequently play alone and get paired with other golfers, this driver has a way of breaking the ice and starting discussions about the ‘good ‘ole days’. Whether you feel like being nostalgic about the past, or talking about how much better clubs are today than they used to be, you will find yourself having more golf chats thanks to the unique appearance of this driver.

A good driver will successfully balance distance and accuracy, and that is something that can change from player to player. To figure out how the 270 will behave for you, pick out the right loft and shaft flex for your swing and give it a try. You don’t need to use a driver for a long time to determine if you are comfortable with it, but be sure to give it a couple weeks to work out the kinks and find a comfort zone.

Also in this line from Cleveland are the 290 model, and the Tour version. So, if one of them isn’t exactly right for you but you still want to give this driver a chance, be sure to test out the other models. If you decide that this club works in your bag, you will have a driver that you can call on to hit fairways and start conversations at the same time.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Review

Taylormade, as a company, has never been shy about bringing new products to the market. In fact, one of the complaints that some golf consumers have regarding the TaylorMade brand is that they bring too many new clubs to the market in too short of a time period. Not long after their latest-and-greatest hits the market, another one is coming right behind it.

The good news for TaylorMade is that they seem to have a knack for producing one quality club after another, so golfers are willing to spend on the latest models because they tend to perform at a high level. Once a golfer decides to add TaylorMade clubs to their bag, they often become a TaylorMade player for life.

The New JetSpeed Driver

The most recent addition to the large TaylorMade line of drivers is the JetSpeed. There are a couple of features that make the JetSpeed unique and give it an edge in the market that many players are likely to want to try for themselves. The most notable design change is the ‘Speed Pocket jetspeedTechnology’ that is found on the sole of the club. The idea behind this channel on the bottom of the club is to provide more forgiveness on balls that are miss-hit low on the face. Normally, a ball hit low on the face will not get a great deal of speed and will spin more than a well-struck shot. This pocket is designed to help reduce spin and allow the ball to travel further when it is hit low on the face.

In addition to the speed pocket, the JetSpeed driver also offers a 25 percent larger sweet spot as compared to the RBZ Stage 2 driver. The shape of the head is shallower and lower, which has moved the center of gravity forward and reduced spin rates. High spin rates rob the golfer of distance off the tee, so lower spin is almost always a good thing.

Popular New Features Still Present

While there are some new aspects of the JetSpeed that set it apart from its predecessors, there are also some popular TaylorMade features carried over from previous models. Most notable among those are the matte black finish and variable hosel that can be adjusted up to 1.5* in either direction. The adjustable hosel allows for the golfer to customize the club to better fit their swing or the playing conditions for the day. The matte black finish on crown of the driver removes glare on bright sunny days and makes the driver pleasant to look at when addressing the ball.

Players who have enjoyed previous TaylorMade drivers are a good bet to appreciate the attributes that the JetSpeed brings to the table. Low-face hits are common off the tee among amateur golfers, so improving the results of those shots is a great way to add distance on less-than-perfect drives. With the traditional TaylorMade quality and durability that golfers have come to expect, the JetSpeed seems likely to become yet another highly-successful driver from this golf equipment leader.


If you watched the PGA Championship from Oak Hill in Rochester, NY, you saw Jason Dufner calmly stroll his way to his first major title. It was redemption for Dufner, who folded down the stretch of the PGA two years ago when Keegan Bradley stormed back to win. Despite a putter that looked shaky at time, the steady Dufner used incredible ball-striking to outlast the competition on a course that got much more difficult as the weekend wore on.

Titleist-910D3-DriverDrive for Show and Dough

A big part of the success that Dufner saw at Oak Hill was due to his consistent driving of the golf ball. Where other players were missing fairways or backing off and hitting long irons, Dufner was able to fire away with his Titleist 910D3 driver and split the fairway time after time. It was an impressive driving display, although it is something that Dufner does with regularity on the tour. His driving is one of the strongest parts of his game, and the Titleist driver has something to do with that.

Still Big, but Smaller

What makes the 910D3 different than the other driver options available on the market today? To start with, it is slightly smaller than just about every other option for sale in your local pro shop. The maximum club head size allowed under the rules is 460cc’s, but this driver comes in at 445cc. While that might seem like a small difference, it makes for a more compact club head that gives the player a little bit more control over the ball flight. For a great player like Dufner, that slight change can mean the difference between splitting fairways and drifting off into the rough.

Even though the 910D3 is a little bit smaller than normal, it doesn’t lack for power. When the sweet-spot is found on this deep faced driver, huge drives are sure to result. By finding the right combination of club face loft and shaft flex, you will be able to max out your distance with the 910D3 just as you can with any other driver. However, even if you were to sacrifice a few yards in total distance, wouldn’t that be worth it to find the short grass hole after hole?

Another Option

If you like the look of the 910D3 but just aren’t sold on the smaller club head size, you can opt for the 910D2. The D2 version is the same basic club design, but in the full-sized 460cc club head. Some of the gains you get in control will be lost, but the larger club head is more forgiving and will let you regain some lost yards on miss-hit shots.

The Titleist 910D3 driver is a great choice for players of all skill levels that wish to have more control over the flight of their drives and place a high value on finding fairways above all else. You don’t have to be Jason Dufner to reap the benefits that this classically designed club has to offer. Although, if we all adopted Dufner’s relaxed and even-keeled demeanor, we would probably all play a little bit better.

Taylor Made’s new R11S Driver

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