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Cleveland HiBORE Driver Review

  • December 17, 2010, 7:07 pm
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I have a 9.5 degree HiBore with a stiff Aldila NV65 shaft, each time I hit this club, the more fascinated I am. In my earlier review, I mentioned about how straight the club is, regardless of considerations like distance or ability to work the ball left or right. I’m now completely convinced that, not only is the club impressively long, but it’s absolutely able to work the ball left and right if you identify how to make those swings. In fact, I would say that the HiBore’s tendency to hit straight simply makes hooks and slices behave more like draws and fades; in other words, its relatively tight dispersion comes from lessening the mistakes we make when we get “handsy.”

I truly have nothing bad to say about this club. I guess if you’re someone who really likes to tee the ball high, the HiBore’s face isn’t quite as deep top-to-bottom as some of the other large clubs around these days, so you might be somewhat more likely to hit a “sky-ball” with the HiBore than a deeper-faced club. Personally, I like the looks and proportions of this club a lot, and I envision that’ll only increase the more rounds I play with this driver. I think there’s a tendency to dismiss this club because of its odd shape; I also think to not take one out for a try is a real missed opportunity.

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Weighing in at just 284 grams, the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver is the lightest, fastest driver TaylorMade has ever created. Designed to deliver boosted clubhead speed and excellent distance, the SuperFast also holds the largest clubface of any TaylorMade Driver. The bigger face gives the golfer more area to strike the ball with, which is a distinct advantage.

The updated club face features a different bulge and roll design that works with the higher moment-of-inertia head to assist with off-center strikes.The 460cc club head of the Burner SuperFast is sleeker and more aerodynamic than the previous Burner driver, allowing it to slip through the air more quicker and help the golfer swing the club head faster.

The Burner SuperFast comes with a 46.5-inch Matrix Ozik XCon 4.8 shaft, which is both extremely lightweight. This grouping helps launch drives on a superior trajectory with added spin thereby improving the distance for slower-swinging golfers.

Take a look at some great prices on TaylorMade Burner Superfast Drivers and report back with your own reviews.

TaylorMade Superfast Driver Picture

Cobra ZL Driver Review

  • November 17, 2010, 7:07 pm
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The ZL in the Cobra ZL name stands for Zero Limits. To reach this goal when designing the new ZL driver, the project team pooled the 9 point face technology, with Multi Material construction, Stainless steel Weight screw technology with Adjustable Flight Technology, “AFT”. The objective was the built the BEST driver for the most distance, the best ball flight for every golfer, and overall best performance.

Adjusting the face angle is simple as the driver comes with a wrench to loosen the set screw in the sole of the club at the end of the hosel. The shaft adapter fitted on the shaft is marked with the 3 letters, N, C, and O, for easy alignment with the index mark on the hosel of the head. By the easy adjustment, you can adjust the face angle for 1 degree Open, to .5 degree closed to a full 2 degrees closed.
Along with being able to adjust the face angle, the strategy also allows for quick and easy shaft exchange. The Cobra ZL is not restricted to ONE factory standard shaft, but a large assortment of aftermarket elevated quality custom shafts.

The Cobra ZL comes in 4 choices of loft. 8.5* , 9.5*, 10.5* and 11.5*. The 8.5* driver is only available in Right hand version. A light weight composite crown and sole, and a weight screw to fine tune the CG and ball flight. Each shaft comes with an aluminum shaft adapter for speedy and easygoing custom fitting of the driver to the purchaser.

Callaway Mens FT-i Tour Series


The Callaway Mens FT-i Tour Series is touted to be the straightest driver in the world with a 460 cc Complete Inertial Design, a CT/VFT Titanium Cup Face and an OptiFit Weighting System.

This driver is the personification of modern driver design that has pushed the boundaries of rules and shape to the limits. The design positions the weight to the clubhead’s extreme corners thus producing higher MOI or Moments of Inertia. With this driver you can expect more forgiveness, greater distance and an increased ball speed.

Expect more stability due to the precise positioning of the Center of Gravity. The body is made of carbon composite material making it lighter and with a discretionary weight placed in the areas where it is most needed.


The Big Bertha Titanium 454 Driver by Calloway is not only the biggest Big Bertha driver in terms of size but in terms of features as well. This driver is bigger in distance and forgiveness thus providing the user the biggest confidence and performance. The Big Bertha 454’s extra large head means more stability and more accuracy off the tee. It has a higher MOI or Moment of Inertia matched with an ultra-thin face and can thus deliver faster ball speed.

David Mobley, who used the Big Bertha Titanium 454 when he won in the World Long Drive Championship, can attest to the driver’s ability to deliver an explosive performance.

This driver boasts of the S2H2 or Short Straight Hollow Hosel design and the Tru-Bore technology, both of which are patented by Callaway.

Callaway ERC Fusion Driver


‘The Callaway ERC Fusion Driver boasts of more forgiveness thanks to its extreme perimeter weighting. It is a light but durable driver that is made of a combination of carbon composite and titanium materials. This is made possible through the fusion technology.

Thus, compared to the all-titanium clubs, this driver is 75% lighter and has more discretionary weight. Expect more accurate and straighter ball hits from a more stable driver like the Callaway ERC Fusion Driver.

Expect greater consistency from this driver as it comes with a bore-through shaft which is a trademark of Callaway gold clubs. Thus, there is less twisting of the clubhead resulting to a more consistent hit. This driver’s face is made using the Variable Face Thickness or VFT technology so it has more distance.

Nike SQ SUMO 5000 Driver


If you are made to choose just one driver for a game then choose the Nike SQ SUMO 5000 Driver, a club that’s capable of delivering excellent performance for any shot.

The Nike SQ Sumo 5000 Driver boasts of the SQ Sumo geometry that allows you to play a good game in any course. This driver’s center of gravity has been strategically centered givign you more leeway to work the ball.

Thanks to the PowerBow design by Nike, you can hit the ball long and straight. With this design, the club’s weight is positioned in the head for an optimal center of gravity.