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When you think of TaylorMade golf clubs, you might think of drivers first – and that isn’t too much of a surprise. TaylorMade has dominated the driver market in recent years, thanks largely to their moveable weight technology and the great variety of clubs that they have put onto the market. With that said, they still produce some high quality irons that deserve consideration as well. If you are in the market for a well-rounded set of clubs that can work for a wide range of players, the new SpeedBlade irons are worth a closer look.

Starts with the Speed

TaylorMade claims that these irons have the fastest face of any that they have ever produced. That can mean great things for the average golfer, as getting enough distance on mid and long iron shots is frequently a challenge. While irons are usually more focused on accuracy than distance, both components are important if you are going to take your game to a new level. In addition to offering more speed off the face, these irons are impressive because of the forgiveness that they offer across a large area of the tmspeedbladeclubface. For clubs that look more like blades than game improvement irons, you might be pleasantly surprised at the forgiveness that you find.

Slow it Down on the Short Irons

One problem that many golfers run into is finding the right combination between power in the long and mid irons, and control with the short irons. While you probably want to maximize how far you can hit a four or five iron, you are going to be less concerned with distance when hitting a nine iron or pitching wedge. With those short clubs, distance control and accuracy are paramount. For that reason, TaylorMade has left the ‘Speed Pocket’ out of the 8-PW in order to keep the distance under control. Instead of launching your pitching wedge too high and too far on a regular basis, you should be able to keep it under control and get the ball closer to your target – which is the goal in the first place.

Having to choose between a set of game improvement irons, and a set of blades, might be a thing of the past. This set of SpeedBlade irons from TaylorMade offers many of the best qualities from both worlds to allow you step up your game no matter what kind of player you are. Of course, you always want to hit any set of irons for yourself before deciding if they are right for you, but there is a good chance you will find the SpeedBlade set to your liking. With a background as rock-solid as that which comes with TaylorMade clubs, the only thing left to do is try them for yourself.

PING Men’s G30 Driver

PING is a golf company with as much history and tradition as any other. PING clubs, specifically putters, have a notable place in the history of the game, and generations of golfers have sworn by their PING clubs. From the iconic Anser putter to the Eye wedges and more, PING clubs are almost instantly recognizable by many golfers. If you have every owned or used a PING club throughout your golf experience, you know the quality and care that goes into the PING brand of clubs.

With that in mind, the G30 is something of a departure for PING. Sure, it is still a well-made driver with some of the elements that make PING clubs what they are. However, it has a unique feature on the top of the club head that is noticeable immediately when you put the club down behind the ball. Called ‘turbulators’, these small aerodynamic additions are meant to allow the club to cut through the air faster as it speeds down toward the ball.

It’s a New Look

The presence of these raised spots on the top of the club is sure to make some golf purists raise an eyebrow – after all, golfers are not used to having anything raised on the top of the club head. Many golfers were just getting used to the idea of different colors and pingg30designs on the top of the club, so the introduction of the turbulators may throw some for a loop. However, golfers have proven they will adapt quickly if the technology helps them play better, so it will ultimately come down to the performance of the club. If golfers find that the club is moving faster through the hitting zone – and that speed is leading to more distance in the end – golfers are sure to love the G30.

Other Modern Features

Like most of the other drivers on the market, this 460cc model has an adjustable hosel that allows the player to add or subtract a degree of loft with just a quick adjustment. While one degree might not sound like much, it can have a large effect on the trajectory that you achieve with your drives. By spending some time experimenting with the different hosel positions and what they mean for your ball flight, you should be able to settle on one that works best for your swing.

Those who play PING clubs tend to be quite loyal to the brand, and they aren’t likely to be disappointed by this latest product. However, even those who aren’t typically drawn to PING clubs should consider giving the G30 a try because of the unique technology it brings to the market. Find a place to demo the G30 for yourself and see if it might be able to beat out your current driver and earn a spot in your bag.

The New Vokey Wedges are as Good as Ever

The name Vokey has, in many ways, become synonymous with wedges in the golf world. For years, the Vokey line of Titleist wedges has been the gold standard in the game with countless tour pros and amateurs alike loyal to their great looks and impressive performance. When looking for a classic wedge that maintains a traditional look while still incorporating new technology and innovation, the Vokey line is probably where you shopping trip will end. The new SM4 Tour Chrome wedges from Titleist continue on this tradition beautifully, and are sure to create a whole new legion of loyal fans.

Simply the Best

So – what is it that makes these wedges so good? Above all else, it is the simple fact that they don’t have any weaknesses. They are thoughtfully designed with a variety of loft and bounce options, they look great, they are well-built, and they last. Where you might find other wedges that you like except for one or two small problems, you will be hard pressed to find such issues on a Vokey wedge. They are simply great wedges, and there is a reason that so many professionals trust them above all other options.

The SM4 wedges are specifically designed to increase spin – something just about every golf would be able to benefit from. Whether youvokey are playing a full shot into the green from back in the fairway, or are just chipping onto the green from the rough, being able to put spin on the ball means added control. When you hit shots that have a low amount of spin, you lose control over the shot and will be lucky to get the ball close to the hole. With the SM4 wedges, you can add spin to your shots and have a better chance of controlling where the ball ends up on the green.

Get the Bounce and Loft Right

Before you order some Vokey SM4 wedges for your bag, make sure you understand all of the bounce and loft options and select the right specs for your game and the courses that you play. The loft of these wedges is offered in increments from 48* all the way up to 62*, and there are eight different bounce angles offered as well. Higher bounce wedges are generally better in soft conditions, whereas most golfers will benefit from a lower bounce angle on firm turf. Think about the courses that you generally play and pick out the right combinations of bounce and loft for your game.

Picking Titleist Vokey wedges for your bag is actually one of the easiest choices you should have to make when assembling your set of clubs. With the tradition as one of the most-trusted clubs in golf, and the quality that they offer, the only thing left to do is decide exactly which Vokey is best for you.

As the calendar makes its way into October, many sports fans across the country turn their attention to the baseball playoffs. Even if you are a die-hard baseball fan, however, you will still be looking for any opportunity you can find to get out on the golf course a few more times before winter sets in and the clubs get put away – or at least don’t get used quite as much. With these MLB Shaft Gripper Utility Headcovers, you can represent your favorite baseball team while out on the course with your friends.

The New Wave of Utility

There hasn’t been a golf club in recent memory that has changed the game quite like the utility club. Where most golfers used to carry just one or two fairway metals in addition to their driver, and then the rest of the set made up of irons and a putter, now most golfers have at least one utility club in the bag – if not more. Utility clubs are given a variety of names by different manufacturers, but they are i-chicagocubsall meant to do the same thing. They have the weighting and club head size to get the ball up into the air easier than an iron, but they have a thinner profile than a fairway metal to cut through the grass and provide a more-versatile experience. If you haven’t yet added a utility or hybrid club to your bag, make sure to stop by your local golf shop and try one out for yourself – you might not know what you are missing out on.

Easy-to-Use Headcover

When you do purchase a utility club, it will probably come with a headcover of some kind. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase a new headcover to display your favorite MLB team. Additionally, you can gain some benefits from using an after-market headcover instead of the one that is included by the manufacturer. Often those original headcovers can be awkward and difficult to use, which is the last thing you want to have to fiddle with while you are trying to play good golf. These MLB Shaft Gripper Utility Headcovers are easy to remove from the club with just one hand, and will stay securely in place when the club is not being used. Of course, if your favorite team happens to have an exciting October and advance deep into the playoffs, your new headcover will give you a piece of bragging rights over your buddies.

Utility clubs are one of the best options for amateur golfers who want to hit higher and longer shots from the fairway and are unable to make that happen with their long irons. If you have one or two utility clubs in the bag, consider these fun headcovers as a way to support your favorite team, and protect your club at the same time.

Patrick Reed Stands Out for Ryder Cup Team

While the United States team obviously had a disappointing appearance in the Ryder Cup recently, there were a few bright spots that stood out during the loss to the European team. One of those bright spots was the play of young Patrick Reed, who is quickly making a name for himself on the pro tour. Not one to back down from pressure or the spotlight, Reed is a confident player and appeared to love the pressure that the Ryder Cup brings. If the U.S. is going to be able to take back the Ryder Cup from the European team in 2016, it will likely need more players with the attitude and confidence of Reed.

Ryder Cup Standout

Paired with Jordan Spieth during the team portion of the competition, Reed and Spieth were one of the few pairings that Captain Tom Watson could rely on to push the European players. Although he is not a big man, Reed manages to generate impressive power in his swing along with a well-rounded set of skills around the course. Already the owner of one World Golf Championship title in his young career, it seems to be a good bet that Reed will be a fixture for the U.S. team in the Ryder Cup for many years to come.

Another Bertha

When Reed reached for the driver this season on Tour, he was grabbing a Callaway Big Bertha V driver – the latest in the classic Big Bertha line. While it is fitted with many of the newest technologies in club building, the V series driver still maintains the classic Big berthaBertha shape and look that so many golfers have loved through the years. It provides a more-forgiving face that allows shots hit off the sweet spot to still achieve good distance – something that pros like Reed and amateurs alike can benefit from. The hosel is adjustable in order to allow the player to customize just the ball flight and shot shape that they are looking for. While this driver might not suddenly turn you into Patrick Reed off the tee, it is certainly worth your time to try one out for yourself and see what it can do for your game.

Fans of the United States Ryder Cup team would be wise to keep an eye on the career of Patrick Reed as the calendar turns closer and closer to the next playing of the matches in 2016. While Reed can’t win the cup all on his own, his name is one that the next captain will be keeping a close eye on to see how his results in 2015 and 2016 position him in terms of points for the next team selection. With Reed and perhaps more like him, maybe the U.S. will be able to take the cup back after all.

TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si Putter

If you are looking for a traditional, blade-style putter that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, the TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si is not the right choice for you. However, if you want to try out the latest in putter technology and see what it can do for the way you roll the ball, this putter is worth a closer look. A unique head shape, along with a ‘PureRoll’ Surlyn insert make for a putter that TaylorMade Spider Sicertainly will get attention from your playing partners.

Modern Mallet Design

A far departure from the mallets of days gone by, the Spider Si has something of a high-tech look when you stand over the ball at address. This will appeal to some golfers, and not to others. If you get the opportunity, try one out in your local pro shop and decide how you feel about the look for yourself. If it inspires confidence and helps you line up your putts accurately time after time, then you might be a good candidate for this putter. Also, notice how the head behaves through impact – specifically on putts that aren’t quite hit on the sweet spot. You will likely notice that the blade remains stable through the ball even if you miss the center of the putter face. This difference will be even more noticeable if you are currently putting with a traditional ‘blade’ style putter.

Counterbalanced Grip

One of the most-popular trends in putters is adding weight to the grip to achieve a counterbalanced effect that can help the player to have more feel and control of the putter head through impact. The Spider Si is included in that trend, with a 15’’, 130 gram grip attached to the shaft of the putter. Again, just as with the head design, this is a feature that will appeal to some players and not to others. If you do decide to make the Spider Si your next putter, make sure to spend plenty of time on the practice green getting used to the feel that this club offers.

The Si is available for both right and left-handed golfers, and is offered in 35’’ and 38’’ lengths. While 38’’ might seem long for a putter, it would be a good idea to try both lengths before you choose one to add to your bag. With the counterbalanced grip, you might find that you can stand more upright at address and make a comfortable stroke without bending over as much as you would with a shorter putter.

For the golfer looking for a new putter to help the ball find the bottom of the cup more often, the TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si putter is a club that is worth giving some strong consideration. As long as you appreciate the modern styling of the club, you could stand to benefit from all of the technology this putter brings to the table.

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Sometimes, something as simple as the grip on your putter can make all the difference in the world. If you struggle with your putting, as so many golfers do, you have probably tried everything to get yourself on track and make more of those short-to-medium putts from round to round. It is no secret that making more putts is the fastest way to lower scores, and you will never reach your full potential on the golf course until you sharpen your skills with the putter. For golfers who have tried everything and still can’t find the range with the flat stick, the SuperStroke Slim 3.0 putter grip is an excellent option.

What makes this grip unique?

SuperStroke has gained notoriety in the golf business for producing ‘fatter’ putter grips that are usually found on most putters. These grips conform to the rules of golf, but can help you to get a better feel for your stroke and actually can improve your technique. In fact, if you watch golf on TV on a regular basis, you have probably already seen the SuperStroke grips in action, because they are used by some of the best players in the world. That in itself should serve as some measure of proof to how well they can work.

As the name indicates, the ‘slim’ model of the SuperStroke putter grips is smaller than some of their other models, making it a good transition from a traditional putter grip that you likely use currently. If you were to switch for your normal grip to the largest grip in the SuperStroke line, the superstrokechange might be too severe and you could find yourself giving up on it quickly. Instead, try this slim model and see what it is able to do for your game.

Why does a fatter grip help putting technique?

Active hands are the enemy of a good putting stroke. If you want to hit quality putts hole after hole, you should be engaging your big muscles (shoulders, back) and not your hands during the putting motion. With a small grip, it is easy to make your hands to active and start to have small twitches during the stroke – especially right at impact. This is what is commonly known as the ‘yips’.

With a larger putter grip in your hands, you will not be able to have these yips as easily. You will naturally want to move the putter more with your big muscles since your hands won’t have as easy a time manipulating the putter head during the stroke. You will need to practice on the putting green with this larger grip to get comfortable, but it will be worth your time and effort.

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 putter grip is not just for players who have no options left when it comes to putting – it is a piece of equipment that is worthy of the consideration of any player. If you want to putt better, and who doesn’t, try this grip out for yourself and see what it can do for your stroke.