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Nike SQ SUMO 5000 Driver


If you are made to choose just one driver for a game then choose the Nike SQ SUMO 5000 Driver, a club that’s capable of delivering excellent performance for any shot.

The Nike SQ Sumo 5000 Driver boasts of the SQ Sumo geometry that allows you to play a good game in any course. This driver’s center of gravity has been strategically centered givign you more leeway to work the ball.

Thanks to the PowerBow design by Nike, you can hit the ball long and straight. With this design, the club’s weight is positioned in the head for an optimal center of gravity.

Nike NDS Graphite Iron Set

The Nike NDS or Nike Distance Series Graphite Iron Set is made of 431 stainless steel that is 25 percent softer compared to the 17-4 stainless. This is a dream come true for most golfers who want control but better feel of their clubs.

The NDS Irons boasts of a low CG which offers more forgiveness and reduces fat shots. These Irons are attractive and modern-looking but more importantly they can help improve your game. They have a reasonable price tag too.

Any golfer belonging to any level will love the feel and the performance and the swing of the Nike NDS Irons. These Irons have a high trajectory but the club’s head is somehow heavy.

Nike CCI Iron Set 4-AW

Nike CCI Iron Set 4-AW with Dynalite Gold steel shaft allows you to enhance your game thanks to the new clean design and new technologies incorporated in the making of these irons.

It has maximum forgiveness enhanced by the Composite Cavity Insert Technology. Vibration is further dampened due to the two sole ports that have been filled with polymer.

With the Nike CCI Iron Set, you get uniform ball compression resulting to predictable shot patterns and distances as a result of the CNC milled flat faces.

These Irons have been made from 431 stainless that are 25 percent softer than the 17-4 stainless.

Nike SV Tour Black Satin Wedge


The Nike SV Tour Black Satin Wedge and the original Nike SV Tour wedge both have the same classic profile and bounce that spells versatility.

This black satin wedge boasts of getting more accurate shots in the course thanks to consistent response offered by the CNC milled face. It is made of 8620 carbon steel thus giving you that solid feel and provides glare resistance.

While the Nike satin wedge has been receivign a lot of positive feedback from golfers, some however complain about the shots as they seem to be a little difficult to control compared to the competitor.

Nike SasQuatch Sumo Squared 5900 Driver


Nike engineers have infested a lot of effort in making the Nike SasQuatch Sumo Squared 5900 Driver one of the straightest and most accurate drivers available in the market today. At $399.99 you get a driver with high moments of inertia and with an efficiency that responds to the USGA limits.

The speed and accuracy of the SQ Squared Sumo 5900 Geometry is faster thanks to a redefined body and its convex crown. The clubface us thick enough thus allowing faster speed of your ball no matter what face angle.

This driver also boasts of the Nike PowerBow Weighting which has optimized its accuracy and stability.


The Nike Golf SQ Sumo Squared Hybrid with Graphite Shaft can be a reliable partner in the course even in the most difficult situations.

It has a generous offset and square head design. It is a hybrid with the highest moment of inertia design which allows you to accomplish high launches and stability even at impact. 

This hybrid has a cryo steel face which is light enough but combines a thick middle and thinner edges.   This combination allows a more consistent speed of the ball and high forgiveness even at a maximum distance.

Suffice it to say that aside from being solid this sqyared head hybrid is more forgiving even when compared to the Nike Slingshot hybrids.

Nike Black OZ T130 Mallet Putter


If you want the highest MOI,  twisting resistance in the OZ putter line and added stability then choose the Nike Black OZ T130 Mallet Putter.  It boasts of two 65-gram tungsten weights positioned in the clubhead’s extreme heel and toe, providing that much needed stability.  These features reduces skidding, provides stability and keeps the putts on the intended line.

This Putter has an aluminum body (that is so lightweight it is lighter than steel by 65%) and tungsten weight plugs which moves the weight away from the clubface, thus reducing putt skidding. 

It also has a soft polymer insert  so you can expect that the ball is kept in contact with its face thus promoting a roll.  Polymer is 63% lighter than aluminum so it increases the stability of the clubhead.