Gear Up for Winter with a Ping Umbrella

As summer fades into the rear-view mirror and the sunny weather goes with it, you probably aren’t ready for golf season to end. The good news is that, unless you live somewhere with heavy snowfall, golf can be a year round activity if you are geared up for it appropriately. Having the right clothing and accessories at your disposal makes playing golf in the rain and cold a much more enjoyable experience than you ever thought possible. In fact, you just might enjoy playing in the off season even more than the middle of summer because the courses are less crowded, the rates are lower, and conditions are perfect for shooting low scores.

Stay Dry at All Costs

One of the most key pieces of equipment for an all-weather golfer is a quality umbrella. If you try to play golf in the rain without appropriate cover, you will quickly become wet, cold, and disinterested. A good umbrella can shield you from the elements and keep you dry even on the ugliest of days. Quality golf umbrellas are large so as to keep you protected even from sideways rain, and will not turn inside out after a gust of wind. If you can sport one that represents your favorite golf brand and looks good at the same time, all the better. ping umbrella

This umbrella is sure to please Ping lovers, although it will make a nice addition to any golfer’s bag. The Ping Double Canopy Tour Umbrella has everything you should be looking for in an umbrella. To start with, it is positively huge. Measuring 68″ across, you will be able to fit an entire foursome under neath the canopy – although you should probably tell your playing partners to go buy their own cover. It collapses down to a manageable size when the weather improves, and will easily fit inside your golf bag when all wrapped up.

While the size is a great advantage, the ‘double canopy’ portion of this umbrella is what really sets it apart from the crowd. The double canopy design allows wind to pass through the umbrella while keeping water out. The end result is an umbrella that you don’t have to worry about turning inside-out while you are walking up the fairway in a rain storm. Built to last, this umbrella is reliable in the worst of conditions – if there is too much wind for this umbrella to handle on the course, you probably should just call it a day and head to the 19th hole.

All-Season Accessory

Not only relegated to winter duty, the Ping Double Canopy Tour Umbrella also provides excellent shade from the sun during those blistering July afternoons. With a push button opening mechanism and high-density fiberglass ribs, you will be able to rely on this addition to your bag for many years to come. Simply purchase this umbrella, place it in your bag, and forget about it. When the time comes to put it into action, it will be right there waiting for you.


**BRAND NEW** Ping Golf 62
**BRAND NEW** Ping Golf 62" Large umbrella - single canopy - Black/grey

Ping 68
Ping 68" Tour Umbrella Double Canopy Golf White/Black/Grey 2017 New

Lot of 2 Karsten Ping Hoofer Logo Golf Umbrella Black & White 54” picture
Lot of 2 Karsten Ping Hoofer Logo Golf Umbrella Black & White 54”


PING Tour 62
PING Tour 62" Umbrella Ladies Navy/Mint Style #33422 - NEW for 2018

NEW Ping White/Black/Gray 68
NEW Ping White/Black/Gray 68" Tour Umbrella

PING Tour 68
PING Tour 68" Umbrella 2017 White/Black/Gray

PING Tour 68
PING Tour 68" Umbrella 2017 White/Black/Gray

Ping Ladies 62
Ping Ladies 62" Umbrella, Double Canopy, Navy/Mint

NEW Ping Black/Gray 62
NEW Ping Black/Gray 62" Single Canopy Umbrella

Ping 62
Ping 62" Single Canopy Golf Umbrella Black/Grey 2017 New

PING Tour 68
PING Tour 68" Umbrella 2017 White/Black/Gray