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New Golf Laser Rangefinder with PinSENSOR - Automatic Target Acquisition Technology ...... A must-have feature for all golfers!

The biggest problem with laser rangefinders is that they preferentially acquire larger objects (like trees, shrubs, houses, etc) behind the pin and provide inaccurate distance readings. This is not surprising considering a golf flag is only a mere 0.75 inches in diameter. Steadiest of hands are required to obtain accurate measurements from 150+ yards out.

PinSENSOR technology simplifies target acquisition by automatically honing in on the pin. Complex computer algorithms automatically eliminate signals from background objects and displays only the exact yardage to the pin. This rangefinder will work on any golf flag or target. A reflective prism is NOT required. This rangefinder works on any solid object (tree, bunker, hazard marker, golf cart ...etc).

We are so confident that you'll be 100% satisfied with this purchase that we offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee! You have nothing to lose!

Summary of Features

(Don't buy a rangefinder just because it has a higher max. ranging distance. What really matters is how efficiently a rangefinder acquires the flag from 150-300 yards out.)

• Max. ranging distance: 5-800 yards (5-700m) .... More than sufficient range for golf
• Accuracy: +/- 1 yd (m)
• Measures in yards and meters
• 6x magnification
• Adjustable diopter
• Fully multi-coated, 25 mm objective lens
• Bak4 roof prism
• Fast measurement readouts
• Automatic shut-off after 30 secs
• Super compact and Ultra lightweight - only 5.7 ounces and 4.3" x 1.6" x 2.9"
• Durable, impact resistant design
• Water and dust resistant
• Easy to use - simple one button operation
• Low battery indicator

Measuring Range:

• Maximum range: 800+ yards (700+ meters)
• House: 550+ yards (500 meters)
• Tree: 450+ yards (410 meters)
• Golfers on the green: 380+ yards (350 meters)
• Golf flag: 300+ yards (275 meters)

Included with your purchase

• BRAND NEW PS-800xD Golf Laser Rangefinder with PinSENSOR Technology
• A padded case and straps, lens cleaner, user manual
• A 30-day no hassle return policy (returned item must be in original, new condition)
• A 90-day product replacement guarantee - the best on ! (if the unit fails within 90 days of purchase, we will send you a brand new unit free-of-charge)
• A full 12-month factory warranty (if the unit fails after 90 days, we will take care of your warranty claim - including all shipping costs)
• 6-page supplementary user guide on "How to get the most out of your new laser rangefinder"
• FREE CR2 (3V) Lithium battery (a $7 value)

About Us

Q*VALUE specializes in selling high quality, laser rangefinders comparable in specs to name-brand counterparts at significantly lower prices. We've sampled and tested dozens of rangefinders from multiple manufacturers and sell only those that have passed our strict criteria for quality and value.

QUALITY and VALUE .......... that's what we stand for!

We are a Fully Registered Company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We believe in honesty and integrity when it comes to doing business. To ensure risk-free purchase experience, we offer all our customers a 30-day no hassle return policy, a 90-day product replacement guarantee and a full 12-month factory warranty. If there are any problems with the item you've purchased, we will refund you 100% and even pay for return shipping. We have over 800 response scores and have a 100% customer satisfaction record. We will continue to work hard to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase experience.

We sell a wide variety of different rangefinders for golf and hunting so please check out all of our other models. If you need help choosing the right laser rangefinder, please feel free to contact us and we will ensure you find the best rangefinder for your specific need and budget. Our aim is to provide you with honest, accurate answers so that you can make an informed decision and be 100% happy with your purchase.

Here are some recent feed back from our satisfied customers:

• Great seller! Super Fast Shipping!!!! just as described! would buy from again! vintagemom328 (159)
• Excellent seller, polite, punctual communication. Asset to community. ph0bos (87)
• Highly recommended - best service I have encountered on . foddyfo (430)
• This seller is AWESOME! Great product, price and service. No one ships faster! kfp211 (28)
• Great buy, will do business anytime with you, prompt delivery, always positive. tigerbaman (15)
• Incredible service, delivered promptly all that was promised, couldn't be happier. 7656wendy (35)
• Prompt delivery, accurate listing. I recommend this seller. sgosai (1)
• Excellent product, easy to use, well worth price, fast shipping, A+for seller. waitakere52 (2)

Shipping InfoFREE USPS Priority Mail Service for U.S. Customers
$6.99 USPS First-Class International Mail Service for Canadian Customers
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$24.99 for USPS Priority International Mail Service (Faster, Parcel Tracking Service) or
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International buyers please note: Import duties, VAT, taxes or other charges may be imposed on this item by your country's customs office. These charges are collected by your country (not us) and are the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact your country's customs office for more information.

Pennsylvania residents: We are required by state law to collect 6% state sales tax on all items shipped to a Pennsylvania address.

Frequently Asked Questions:Q: Is a reflector (or reflective prism) required for PinSENSOR to work?
A: No, a reflective prism is NOT necessary for PinSENSOR to work. PinSENSOR will work on any golf flag. In fact, it will work on any target (e.g., trees, golf carts, people, hazard markers, bunkers, ... etc).

Q: Why is the PS-800xD rangefinder so cheap?
A: We purchase these rangefinders directly from the manufacturer in bulk and pass the savings on to you. There are no marketing or advertising costs built into the price.

Q: Can I trust the quality?
A: Absolutely! These rangefinders were made by a company that manufactures laser rangefinders for name-brand companies. They are made in the same factory and built with the same quality optics and electronic components as their name-brand counterparts.

In our field tests, the PS-800xD rangefinder with PinSENSOR - Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA) Technology performed on par with other models costings hundreds more and consistently acquired the flag with amazing accuracy. Here are some actual responses from our recent customers:

• As good as my buddies Bushnell at a way better price, Thanks. puttman43 (207)

• This read faster and longer distance for 1/2 money than my friends Nikon. captainr (36)

• Great product. Works better than any range finder I have owned. Very fast!!! aliadroamy (229)

Dear q*value,i just got my new rangefinder last night and took it out today. it worked perfectly. im not really sure how much it had to do with it, but i shot a 76, 1 of my best rounds ever. it is so easy to use and was unbelievably accurate. my hands shake like crazy and i can not hold it still to get a yardage, but with the pinsensor feature, i had no trouble getting very accurate readings. my playing partner had a $400 bushnell rangefinder and each and everytime we measured from the same point, we came up with the same number. this is a must have product for any golfer and with the ridiculously low price compared with other brands, every golfer should own 1. i couldnt be happier!

- 619cazaam619

Q: If I have a problem with the rangefinder, who will handle my warranty claims?
A: We are fully qualified to take care of any warranty issues. In addition to the 12-month factory warranty, we offer our customers an unrivaled 90-day new product replacement guarantee on all the rangefinders we sell. If an item fails within 12-months of purchase, we will take care of your claim and pay all shipping costs.

Please read the email below from one of our recent customers:

"Thanks so much for sending me the replacement rangefinder so quickly. Thanks also for refunding me for the return shipping. It was unnecessary but I do appreciate you keeping your word. Finally, thank you for the gift you will come in handy when I go out to play golf next time. I am new to and I must say that I am very happy with my first experience. I will recommend all my golf buddies to you. Thanks for your honesty and excellent customer service. Good luck with your business!" member: golfmike (Mike E., Delaware, OH)

Customer Satisfaction Assurance

• All orders are processed and shipped within 24 h after payment confirmation
• Fast Shipping via USPS Priority Mail (2-4 business days) or First-Class International Service (5-21 days depending on the country)
• We specialize in shipping to WORLDWIDE
• All products are new and in factory packaging
• All items are guaranteed to be as pictured and as described
• We want you to have a perfect experience when buying from us. If you are pleased with our product and customer service, please leave us a positive response. Your 5-star response is very important to us. If for whatever reason you feel we do not deserve a 5-star rating, please contact us and we will do everything within our power to resolve your issue.

Return Policy

Returns are accepted and refunds provided upon receipt and inspection of the original item. Customers must contact us to obtain return authorization prior to shipping the item back. Customers who return their item because of a manufacturing defect, will be issued a 100% refund (including return shipping costs). Customers who return their item for any other reason will be issued a full refund minus shipping costs. All returned items must be in original (new) cosmetic condition to qualify for the full refund. Returns with visible signs of wear and tear, including but not limited to scratches, scuffs, stains and blemishes of any sort, will be sent back to the buyer at the buyer's expense.

A note on the 90-day product guarantee: In order to qualify for the 90-day product guarantee, you must first contact us to obtain a return authorization. The defective unit will then be sent to a qualified technician who will determine the cause of defect. If the defect is deemed to be in a faulty component, we will send you a brand new unit free-of charge. Damage caused by the user is not covered by the 90-day guarantee.

A note on 12-month limited factory warranty: In order to qualify for the 12-month factory warranty, you must produce a PayPal receipt as proof of purchase and contact us to obtain a return authorization. The defective unit will then be shipped back to the manufacturer to determine the cause of defect. If the defect is deemed to be in a faulty component, the manufacturer will repair the unit and have it shipped to the customer free-of-charge. Damage caused by the user is not covered by the 12-month factory warranty.

Thank you for your interest in our products!

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