1. Adams A70S Hybrid Review – New and Used - Adams A70S Hybrid Long irons are quickly becoming a relic of the past with the introduction of hybrid clubs in the game of golf.  Instead of having to hit difficult shots with a high iron, one can instead get the ball in the air much easier using a hybrid.  There is only one company on […]
  2. Mizuno CLK-FLI-HI Hybrid with Steel Shaft - The Mizuno CLK-FLI-HI Hybrid is a wood type hybrid that makes use of the latest design tehnology and modern materials to come up with a golf club that can afford maximum forgiveness and a high launch resulting to an overall unsurpassed performance. This golf club has a titanium crown that is ultra thin and brazed […]
  3. Nike Lady SQ Sumo Squared Hybrid w/ Graphite Shaft - The Lady SQ Sumo Squared Hybrid w/ Graphite Shaft is one of Nike’s best selling golf clubs for ladies. It is dubbed as Geometry’s marvel considering its ability to stand beside you and help you out in the most difficult situations in the course. The Lady SQ Sumo was designed in such a way that […]
  4. Ping G20 Hybrid Golf Club Reviews - Ping G20 Hybrid Review One brand that has really been climbing the ranks in my book over the past few years is Ping, especially with their hybrids.  They don’t have the same airtime as Callaway and Taylormade do, but don’t let that take away from the fact that they have some really solid golf clubs.  […]