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The Adams Golf DiXX BLU Digital Instruction Putter can make golf easier as this is a computerized training system. You get to know a lot of things about your playing style including your swing path, face angle and impact position. This putter keeps track of and analyzes the three most important elements in a golfer’s swing namely the impact position, path and face angle.

The Adams Golf DiXX BLU Digital Instruction Putter comes with a playing module that has been approved by the USGA as well as a computer module that will help you use the putter efficiently. With this highly advanced putter, you can review your putting habits and correct them if there is a need to do so.

You can choose between the Standard Mode or Pro Mode, whichever your skill level is. After putting, the screen will display the words “NICE PUTT” if you met all the three elements or indicate which of the three was not followed efficiently.

Adams 2008 Watson Wedge Pack


The Adams 2008 Watson Wedge Pack is an ideal tie up between Adams and champion golfer Tom Watson. This wedge has a teardrop shape, shallow heel and a high toe. Watson is particularly fond of the grind which provides extra bounce, allows easy hitting and provides a lot of versatility no matter where you are playing.

The Adams Wedge combines style and performance, characteristics for which Watson is known for. You also get the guarantee that this wedge has been tour-tested and has passed Watson’s high standards when it comes to gold and golf clubs.

This wedge boasts of a USGA groove volume, PVD process or premium physical vapor deposition which results to a soft feel and a glare-reduced finish. You can also expect a deeper center of gravity as well more control.


The Adams RPM LP Fairway Wood with Exotic Shaft are perhaps the easiest to hit fairway woods that boasts of a low positioned 28 grams of weight that is responsible for a high launch.

This club boasts of the Upside Down Technology resulting to a lower center of gravity and increased moments of inertia. The RFM Fairway Woods is a beauty but it does not end there because the shape encourages maximum forgiveness.

It has a twin-rail sole design that is flared and thus have the capability to reduce by as much as 54% the ground interference. It is not only easy to hit but offers high ball flight leading to maximum distance.


The Adams Senior A3 OS 4-SW Iron Set with Graphite boasts of the Boxer Technology, considered a breakthrough in the shaping of hybrids. And it is no surprise that this new innovation is coming from Adams Golf, an innovation leader in the golfing industry.

With the new Irons, golfers can expect their ball flights to the longer and straighter than before. The new technology has made possible an ultra-high moment of inertia which is amazingly higher by 30 to 70 percent compared to the other hybrids.

This hybrid has a cambered sole that will get the ball into the air by cutting through turf intereference. Expect every swing to have smooth feel consistently.


The Idea A3 OS Women’s Iron Hybrids is not only stylish but easy to hit as well. This is ideal for women golfers whether just starting out or already an expert golfer.

This hybrid iron will help you get that perfect shot that has been elusive all this time. That’s why this iron hybrid is called easy-to-hit Idea a3 OS.

It boasts of the Boxer Technology for maximum enjoyment. Buy a set and you get teh Boxer Hybrids 4,5 and 6 which are designed to give you the highest MOI for straighter shot and maximum forgiveness.

Hybrid Irons 7. 8 and 9 have a wide sole design which allows you more accurate swings by helping cut through variosu turf interferences.

Adams Dixx Putter


Beginners and pros alike can benefit from this computerized training system by Adams.  The Adams DiXX Putter comes complete with the latest technology that is able to recognize the impact position as well as track the swing path of the player, the tempo, speed balance and face angle .

Utilizing a micro Inertial Navigation System (INS), the DiXX Putter can identify the putter face position in relation to the ball at impact and display the information immediately on the vibrant color LCD. Additionally, a Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) monitors several key factors of the swing motion, including path, tempo, speed and hand vibration levels. All of the information can be collected into usable data (personal statistics) that can be analyzed to correct bad putting habits. The DiXX Putter includes the computer terminal that can be removed and replaced with a practice weight for recreational use. Not USGA approved.

Adams Idea Irons For Women


A woman beginner golfer who wants to upgrade equipment should go for the Adams Idea Irons For Women.  At a starting price of $499 it is quite a bargain considering that it includes the 4 & 5 hybrids which gives enough confidence for a player hitting balls in the rough.

The irons have a solid impact when it hits the ball while the hybrids allow you to hit the ball straighter. The irons have a thicker base and you can feel that it adds more weight to the club, resulting to a straight swing.  It also has a light graphite shaft and a solidly-built head.