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Mizuno Black Carbon Putters


The new black carbon putter is a product of the collaborative effort of Mizuno and Bob Bettinardi. The Black carbon putter series recently won a Silver in the Golf Digest Hot List of 2008.

The Mizuno Black Carbon Putters boasts of a one-piece construction milled face and yet it has that softness and insert-like feel without the inserts. Like all the other Bettinardi putters you can find the Honeycomb face milling on this one but it is a bit different thanks to the additional face milling used in the club.

While these putters look like they have inserts, these putters have no inserts at all. Even the honeycomb miling which is a signature of Betinardi has undergone an intesne milling process which makes it possible for 30% of the face materials to have contact with the ball during play thus giving you a more responsive and softer roll.

The putter boasts of the FIT or Feel Impact Technology Face which makes use of a yellow border surrounding the face creating the illussion that the putters have an insert although once again they don’t. It also has a black chrome finish that reduced glare when playing on a sunny day.

Mizuno has bragging rights to the Mizuno Bettinardi Black Carbon Putter not only because it was developed by  Bob Bettinardi, who is famous the world over as a putter creator, but because it has a lot of features that golfers will be salivating about.

This steel putter boasts of being ultra consistent having been milled a hundred percent from carbon. It has a solid and soft feel due to the patented Feel Impact Technology Face or FIT Face.

The FIT Face technology provides an enhanced feel everytime you putt. The area where the technology is applied makes sure the surface area in contact with the ball and the face is reduced so that you get a solid feel when putting.

The Mizuno Black Carbon Putter has a black chrome finish that is not only elegant but also lessens glare when you are on the greens. It also has temper steel shafts and Winn AVS Honeycomb Sun grips.

Bettinardi designed the putter with two thigns in mind and that is to give the golfer that confidence to putt and to get an enhanced feel for every stroke he makes.