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The Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons are among the most forgiving golf clubs developed by Callaway. These clubs are made of cand innovative technologies to ensure improvement in your game. The designers and engineers behind the Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons have redefined the way Irons should be made to pave the way for a club that delivers great distance and optimal trajectories.

The Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons boasts of a lower CG and maximized perimeter weighting thanks to the 360-degree undercut channel. These Irons are also more stable and have higher moments of inertia. These Irons are downright durable and provides maximum forgiveness. Discretionary weight is also increased thanks to the S2H2.

Callaway has engineered these Irons using the VFT Technology so you can expect faster ball speed. On the other hand, the modified Tru-Bore design provides you an enhanced feel and better performance.

Callaway X-Forged Vintage Wedge


The Callaway X-Forged Vintage wedge is another incredible output from designer Roger Cleveland. The wedge is made of 1020 carbon steel which is preferred by most players since it has that anti-glare vintage finish and delivers an incredible feel.

This wedge boasts of Mack Daddy grooves that are aggressively-sized and are designed for tour level spin. You will know you have the Mack Daddy grooves by looking at the MD etching on the hosel. The grooves will also provide more distance control and trajectory levels.

Take your wedge to the greens and experience that feel that can only be delivered by a forged 1020 carbon steel.


The Callaway X20 Individual Iron With Steel Shaft promises to give your performance a boost. This golf club has maximum forgiveness giving you confidence whenever you are in the course. It is a mix of innovation, technology and playability working together to help you move on to the next level.

This iron boasts of core technologies that have been patented by Callaway such as the VFT Technology that is responsible for giving you maximum balls speed as well as more distance and forgivenes. You get more control and an improved feel of your clubhead thanks to Try-Bore. On the other hand, the club’s perimeter weighting is maximized thanks to the 360-Degree Undercut Channel.

Callaway X460CC Driver


The Callaway X460CC Driver is an all-titanium driver with
deeper drives and can deliver better ball speed. Everything that the Callaway golf engineers know about drivers that are made of titanium have been included into the make-up of this driver inluding the S2H2 and Tru-Bore technologies that makes for better clubhead control.

It boasts of a 460cc club head, an alignment sole that is consistent to the technologies used by Callaway and a CT/VFT face. It also boasts of a sole design that is unique and can accomodate a larger face and a club head that’s more stable.

Callaway Lady Hyper X Driver


The Callaway Lady Hyper X Driver is an innovative club that is a product of the Callaway Golf engineer’s search for break through in the enhancement of ball speed. This driver aims to set a new standard in the prevailing all-titanium clubsin the market today.

The Lady Hyper X driver boasts of the Hyperbolic Face Technology. Thsi technologyhad redefined not only the look of the driver but also the pace and the feel of the golf balls when leaving the clubface.

This driver took almost eight years to perfect but the engineers but no waste of time here since the engineers have come up with a club face that is more efficient resulting to greater distance. It has a 460cc head shape so expect a higher center of gravity


The Callaway Big Bertha ’08 Iron Set 3-PW With Steel Shaft comes with lots of features that will be welcomed by golfers who want to improve their game including the i-brids which make sure the irons have both control and accuracy as well as more forgiveness and the versatility and distance possessed by the hybrids.

The mid and short irons is characterized by a more effective hitting, a constant width sole and ultimate forgiveness. You can expect seamlesss performance and optimal trajectories with the fully integrated set design.

It boasts of VFT, the Extreme Notch Weighting Technology and the 360 degree Undercut Channel Modified Tru-Bore that enhances the club’s feel and performance.

With the Callaway Fusion FT-i Squareway Wood you get higher moments of inertia because of the positioning of the disretionary weight right to the extreme corners of the club. The Squareway Inertial Design thus provides twisting resistance that is as yet unmatched.

The Callaway Fusion FT-i Squareway Wood has more forgiveness and can deliver straighter shots. It was constructed using Fusion Technology which is a combination of lightweight and composite crown on the sole and the body as well as a stainless steel face. The gold boasts of better stability and greater distance.

You also get an increased MOI and more forgiveness because of the overshizes head shape of the club. Plus, the club enables a maximized ball speed due to the VFT Technology. All these is guaranteed to result ot maximum driving performance in the fairway woods.