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Lady golfers will have more reason to enjoy the course these days with the Lady FT-i Neutral Driver with Graphite Shaft. It boasts of a clubhead design that bears the mark of the latest technological evolution in clubheads as shown in the longer and wider face of the 460cc head. It is thus more capable of higher moments of inertia and straighter drives.

The club makes use of the Callaway Fusion Technology that creates a discretionary weight of 50 grams, ositioned for high moments of inertia and a more precise center of gravity.

It has a Carbon Fiber Body and an OptiFit Weighting System for that perfect center of gravity. With the CT/VFT Titanium Cup Face you can expect greater ball speed.


The Callaway Lady FT-5 Neutral Driver with Graphite Shaft boasts of a new clubhead design that makes use of the revolutionary Fusion Technology by Callaway.

This driver provides the user with the perfect center of gravity position thanks to the OptiFit Weighing System that is made possible by a Carbon Fiber Body. This technology creates 50 gams of discretionary weight that is positioned strategically to get higher Moment of Inertia. You can thus expect an optimal performance in the course since you get exceptional stability on your hits. At the back of the driver stands a 25-gram weight that lowers the center of gravity for optimal trajectory.

The user can expect increased ball speeds, more distance and maximum forgiveness with the CT/VFT Titanium cup face. This is definitely the largest and hottest face Callaway can be proud of.