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Mizuno MX-560 Driver


The Mizuno MX-560 Driver has an unbelievably large head shape so you don’t miss out on anything. It has an HEMI geometric head shape for maximum moment of inertia or MOI and extreme forgiveness.

The cortech design of this driver is CNC milled and plasma-welded cortech. It make suse of multiple face thickness to allow hitting in extreme distance. This driver is a loud one no matter what type of shot you use. The sound is not a problem though except that it will definitely get the attention of onlookers who may look at you while on the course.

At $299.99, you can expect a 90/90 playability guarantee from this club.

Mizuno MP-600 Driver


The Mizuno MP-600 Driver is a product of years of long work, research and development.  It boasts of Fast Track Technology that allows players maximum distance and control by letting them find that perfect ball flight. This technology will also allow you to use this 460cc Titanium Driver to tweak your ball.

This driver has two eight gram weight that is easily adjustable so you can choose one of the 15 available settings for the ball flight. By fine tuning the COG you can now get the ideal ball flight to get maximum control. It has a CORTECH face insert that is plasma wielded and CNC milled.

This driver also has unsurpassed forgiveness that meets the 460cc maximum allowable USGA volume. The classic headshape of the driver will also give players an opportunity to play with a new driver with that old familiar look.