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If you seek to promote your distance-enhancing draw, the TaylorMade r5 Dual D TI Driver is the ideal driver for you. It boasts of permanent TLC or TaylorMade Launch Control cartridges that are widely-spaced and pre-configured. With this feature you no longer have to position the weight anymnore since it ideally done by the TLC.

You also get high moments of inertia, maximum forgiveness and provides a draw. It has a 450cc titanium clubhead that gives you confidence and solid contact with the ball.

Expect high ball velocity with the new TaylorMade r5 Dual D TI Driver thanks to the revolutionary Inverted Cone Technology.

Callaway X460CC Driver


The Callaway X460CC Driver is an all-titanium driver with
deeper drives and can deliver better ball speed. Everything that the Callaway golf engineers know about drivers that are made of titanium have been included into the make-up of this driver inluding the S2H2 and Tru-Bore technologies that makes for better clubhead control.

It boasts of a 460cc club head, an alignment sole that is consistent to the technologies used by Callaway and a CT/VFT face. It also boasts of a sole design that is unique and can accomodate a larger face and a club head that’s more stable.

TaylorMade Burner Draw Driver


If you want a driver that can deliver faster speed and longer distance then the TaylorMade Burner Draw Driver may be the ideal driver for you.

The TaylorMade Burner Draw Driver has a 460cc head that’s bullet shaped, that pulls the center of gravity that launch the ball higher and super deep. Compared to the other TaylorMade drivers, this one boasts of a number of slice-correcting features as as well as Superfast technology. With this, the total club weight has been reduced from the average 320 grams to 299 grams.

The driver has moment of inertia that is over the 5800 moi that conforms to USGA standard, Higher eMOI in TaylorMade drivers results to faster ball speed compared to the MOI alone.


The TaylorMade Burner Driver GRPH is perfect for those who have a competitive streak. This driver is speedy and makes use of TaylorMade’s SuperFast club technology thus allowing longer club length and lighter weight. This gives you faster swing speeds which is ideal if you love to crush balls.

The TaylorMade Burner Driver GRPH has 460 cc clubheads that are bullet-shaped and crown markings. It boasts of an Inverted Cone technology that increase your moment of inertia thereby giving you maximum forgiveness.

Swing the TaylorMade Burner Driver GRPH and realize that it may just be the most forgiving driver you will ever have.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver


You can now save on $150 on the TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver.  It used to be priced at $299.99 but is now being sold on the net for only $149.99.

If you need help in hitting your ball straighter, longer and higher then you need the TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver. Turn your chronic fades and gain extra distance by using this driver.

The TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver boasts of Taylormade’s Draw-Weighted technology as well as the most modern construction techniques and materials to help you bid goodbye to the right side of play. You also get straighter drives as it is specifically weighted for this purpose.


Your purchase of a Callaway Lady Limited Edition FT-i Driver will not only mean better performance in the course but such purchase will also go a long way in helping women and their health problems.

A portion of the earnings from the Callaway Lady Limited Edition FT-i Driver will be used to support the Callaway Golf Foundation Women’s Cancer Initiative. This means you will have the chance to help fund a group of experts looking for a cure for ovarian cancer.

Being humanitarian aside, this driver is really a gem of a purchase considering that only a thousand drivers will be produced by Callaway, each one with its corresponding number making each driver a collector’s piece.

Just like the other Calloway drivers, it will have features like the draw weighting. Each driver boasts of the ovarian cancer color that goes with a teal accent on the clubhead. It will also have a Fujikura Sakura shaft for women as well as a Winn grip.


The Callaway Lady FT-5 Neutral Driver with Graphite Shaft boasts of a new clubhead design that makes use of the revolutionary Fusion Technology by Callaway.

This driver provides the user with the perfect center of gravity position thanks to the OptiFit Weighing System that is made possible by a Carbon Fiber Body. This technology creates 50 gams of discretionary weight that is positioned strategically to get higher Moment of Inertia. You can thus expect an optimal performance in the course since you get exceptional stability on your hits. At the back of the driver stands a 25-gram weight that lowers the center of gravity for optimal trajectory.

The user can expect increased ball speeds, more distance and maximum forgiveness with the CT/VFT Titanium cup face. This is definitely the largest and hottest face Callaway can be proud of.