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Callaway X-18 Graphite Iron Set


If you’re looking for a gift for dad or for your special friend who plays golf then the Callaway X-18 Graphite Iron Set is an ideal gift. This iron has more forgiveness due to the weight distribution in the clubhead perimeter as well as the use of SH2 technology. This is also due to the club’s 360-degree undercut design.

The Callaway X-18 Graphite Iron Set has more moments of inertia and less twisting. Thus, you can expect straighter shots and more distance. This iron measures 35 inches.

Cleveland 588 RS Wedge with Steel Shaft

  • August 12, 2008, 9:09 pm
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The Cleveland 588 RS Wedge with Steel Shaft has a low COG resulting to more stability. No unwanted vibrations with this golf club thanks to the back cavity which doe snot only keep the unenecessary weight away from the club face but which also absorbs all the unwanted vibrations.

This is among the most popular golf wedge profiles and has a great balance. For players who always have to struggle escaping in your bunkers, the Cleveland 588 RS Wedge with Steel Shaft is a nice try.

TaylorMade Rac Wedges


The TaylorMade rac Wedges – Chrome is ideal for club players who intend to get pitches with lower trajetories. This is is a specialty lob wedge with thin sole that features an additional amber. This feature provides you crisp contact and exceptional performance.

The TaylorMade Rac Wedges is a beautiful and durable piece o chrome plated golf club with milled dual-draft grooves that provides a consistent and outstanding backspin. Plus, it boasts of the rac technology and that classic teardrop shape.