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Callaway Lady Hyper X Driver


The Callaway Lady Hyper X Driver is an innovative club that is a product of the Callaway Golf engineer’s search for break through in the enhancement of ball speed. This driver aims to set a new standard in the prevailing all-titanium clubsin the market today.

The Lady Hyper X driver boasts of the Hyperbolic Face Technology. Thsi technologyhad redefined not only the look of the driver but also the pace and the feel of the golf balls when leaving the clubface.

This driver took almost eight years to perfect but the engineers but no waste of time here since the engineers have come up with a club face that is more efficient resulting to greater distance. It has a 460cc head shape so expect a higher center of gravity


The Hyper X Driver by Callaway is revolutionizing the look and feel of drivers from the traditional titanium drivers to the new set of drivers that boasts of the Hyperbolic Face Technology.

This technology, which took Callaway engineers more or less eight years to perfect, has changed the speed with which your golf balls leave the clubface.   With this technology expect new golf drivers that are more efficient and with strokes that are of greater distance.

The Callaway Hyper X Driver boasts of a 460cc head shape and advanced Fujikura shaft.