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Nike Black OZ T130 Mallet Putter


If you want the highest MOI,  twisting resistance in the OZ putter line and added stability then choose the Nike Black OZ T130 Mallet Putter.  It boasts of two 65-gram tungsten weights positioned in the clubhead’s extreme heel and toe, providing that much needed stability.  These features reduces skidding, provides stability and keeps the putts on the intended line.

This Putter has an aluminum body (that is so lightweight it is lighter than steel by 65%) and tungsten weight plugs which moves the weight away from the clubface, thus reducing putt skidding. 

It also has a soft polymer insert  so you can expect that the ball is kept in contact with its face thus promoting a roll.  Polymer is 63% lighter than aluminum so it increases the stability of the clubhead.


Finally, a golf club collection from Mizuno geared specifically for women golfers. The new Mizuno Sora Women’s Collection golf clubs is a product of years of intensive research and interview with women golfers.

The club specification of the collection aims to help women golfers improve their game, promote ease of play and an increased enjoyment of the game. 

The collection includes a 460cc Titanium Driver, a matching stainless steel 3 wood, 5 wood and 7 hybrid.  The stainless steel  6-SW boasts of the extreme pocket cavity design for maximum forgiveness as well as easy and high launch.  It also includes an over-sized mallet putter that is easy to align and deliver thanks to the soft polymur face insert.

The collection includes a nine-inch lightweight and functional SORA cart bag.  The cart bag is very trendy with light blue accent and but is nevertheless functional with seven pockets and a detachable pouch to carry all your golfing essentials.