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TaylorMade Rac Wedges


The TaylorMade rac Wedges – Chrome is ideal for club players who intend to get pitches with lower trajetories. This is is a specialty lob wedge with thin sole that features an additional amber. This feature provides you crisp contact and exceptional performance.

The TaylorMade Rac Wedges is a beautiful and durable piece o chrome plated golf club with milled dual-draft grooves that provides a consistent and outstanding backspin. Plus, it boasts of the rac technology and that classic teardrop shape.


The TaylorMade Golf Tour Burner Individual Iron with Steel
The TaylorMade Tour Burner Individual Iron comes with a Steel Shaft that will help you improve your game. You can expect faster speed of the ball thanks to the inverted cone clubface.

The thin and fast clubface measing 2.2mm will also deliver longer distance at any course. This iron boasts of a revolutionary face that maximizes the center of gravity. Plus, you get the TaylorMade rubber grip.

If you want faster ball speed with great distance then try the TaylorMade Tour Burner Individual Iron With Steel Shaft