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Nike SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges


The Nike SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges is preferred by tour professionals due to the wedges’ resistance to glare thanks to its black satin finish. The club boasts of the Nike Crossline grips and a U groove design thatr delivers increased spin.

Nike came up with the SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges based on the feedback of the staff of the Nike Golf Tour so you can expect that it pretty much conforms to the needs of a tour golfer. It boasts of a consistent golf ball response thanks to a CNC milled face so you get more accurate shots.

This golf club is made of 8620 carbon steel which is softer by 45% than the 17-4 stainless.

TaylorMade Z TP Wedge


The TaylorMade Z TP Wedge makes possible a higher spin thanks tot he aggressive edges macthed with an increased volume. The milled Z grooves also makes possible more stopping power.

Golfers willlove the smoked PVD finish that’s responsible for reducing the glare attracted by the club thsu getting more focus on the shot with minimal distractions.

You can also open the wedge face easily in different degrees due to the C Grind Sole that has been tour-proven. And after a day of paying golf, say goodbye to aching hands or even blisters thanks to the rubber grip.

Callaway X-Forged Vintage Wedge


The Callaway X-Forged Vintage wedge is another incredible output from designer Roger Cleveland. The wedge is made of 1020 carbon steel which is preferred by most players since it has that anti-glare vintage finish and delivers an incredible feel.

This wedge boasts of Mack Daddy grooves that are aggressively-sized and are designed for tour level spin. You will know you have the Mack Daddy grooves by looking at the MD etching on the hosel. The grooves will also provide more distance control and trajectory levels.

Take your wedge to the greens and experience that feel that can only be delivered by a forged 1020 carbon steel.

Adams 2008 Watson Wedge Pack


The Adams 2008 Watson Wedge Pack is an ideal tie up between Adams and champion golfer Tom Watson. This wedge has a teardrop shape, shallow heel and a high toe. Watson is particularly fond of the grind which provides extra bounce, allows easy hitting and provides a lot of versatility no matter where you are playing.

The Adams Wedge combines style and performance, characteristics for which Watson is known for. You also get the guarantee that this wedge has been tour-tested and has passed Watson’s high standards when it comes to gold and golf clubs.

This wedge boasts of a USGA groove volume, PVD process or premium physical vapor deposition which results to a soft feel and a glare-reduced finish. You can also expect a deeper center of gravity as well more control.

Nike SV Tour Black Satin Wedge


The Nike SV Tour Black Satin Wedge and the original Nike SV Tour wedge both have the same classic profile and bounce that spells versatility.

This black satin wedge boasts of getting more accurate shots in the course thanks to consistent response offered by the CNC milled face. It is made of 8620 carbon steel thus giving you that solid feel and provides glare resistance.

While the Nike satin wedge has been receivign a lot of positive feedback from golfers, some however complain about the shots as they seem to be a little difficult to control compared to the competitor.

Callaway X-Tour Chrome Wedge

Take the lead of the champions and try the Callaway X-Tour Chrome Wedge. The Wedge was inspired by Phil Mickelson who is a two-time major golfing champion. This wedge is ideal for the accomplished golfer as it has a precision that’s been tested and proven on tour.

The Callaway X-Tour Chrome Wedge was designed by Roger Cleveland, himself a legendary clubmaker. Callaway claims that Cleveland’s wedge design is perhaps the best performing and best looking wedges produced by Callaway.

The wedge has an exeptional touch and feel when used in the greens as it is forged from 1020 soft carbon steel. You can choose from several combinations of loft and bounce depending on your preferences.

Try the 58° and 60° versions, both with the special Phil Mickelson Grind and Mack Daddy Grooves for maximum distance control and ultimate spin and trajectory.

Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel

The Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel is the newest wedge design from the best forged wedge company in the world, Mizuno.  This is a welcome addition to Mizuno’s popular MP series which makes of the company’s patented grain flow forging. This ensures that Mizuno wedges have that consistent, soft and solid feel.

The same technology has been used for the MP T Series Black Nickel so you can expect the same quality. It has deep U grooves so expect a more optimum spin from the club. You also get more consistent ball striking even from any lie on the course due to the lie responsive sole design. It is computer milled so expect perfect quality and design.

The Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel has a classic teardrop head shape. The black nickel finish is both aesthetic and functional as it reduces flare and increases durability.