1. Nike SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges - The Nike SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges is preferred by tour professionals due to the wedges’ resistance to glare thanks to its black satin finish. The club boasts of the Nike Crossline grips and a U groove design thatr delivers increased spin. Nike came up with the SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges based […]
  2. Adams 2008 Watson Wedge Pack - The Adams 2008 Watson Wedge Pack is an ideal tie up between Adams and champion golfer Tom Watson. This wedge has a teardrop shape, shallow heel and a high toe. Watson is particularly fond of the grind which provides extra bounce, allows easy hitting and provides a lot of versatility no matter where you are […]
  3. Callaway Forged+ Wedges By Roger Cleveland -   Roger Cleveland, the chief designer of Callaway has come up with a new wedge with a larger head size—the Callaway Forged+ Wedges. The introduction of the new wedge does not mean death for the original Forged Wedges as it will still be included in the product line. The new Callaway Forged+ Wedges is expected […]
  4. Callaway X-Forged Vintage Wedge - The Callaway X-Forged Vintage wedge is another incredible output from designer Roger Cleveland. The wedge is made of 1020 carbon steel which is preferred by most players since it has that anti-glare vintage finish and delivers an incredible feel. This wedge boasts of Mack Daddy grooves that are aggressively-sized and are designed for tour level […]
  5. Callaway X-Tour Chrome Wedge - Take the lead of the champions and try the Callaway X-Tour Chrome Wedge. The Wedge was inspired by Phil Mickelson who is a two-time major golfing champion. This wedge is ideal for the accomplished golfer as it has a precision that’s been tested and proven on tour. The Callaway X-Tour Chrome Wedge was designed by […]
  6. Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel - The Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel is the newest wedge design from the best forged wedge company in the world, Mizuno.  This is a welcome addition to Mizuno’s popular MP series which makes of the company’s patented grain flow forging. This ensures that Mizuno wedges have that consistent, soft and solid feel. The same […]
  7. Nike SV Tour Black Satin Wedge - The Nike SV Tour Black Satin Wedge and the original Nike SV Tour wedge both have the same classic profile and bounce that spells versatility. This black satin wedge boasts of getting more accurate shots in the course thanks to consistent response offered by the CNC milled face. It is made of 8620 carbon steel […]
  8. Ping I5 Lob Wedge Review - Ping I5 Lob Wedge Ping I5 irons have been widely regarded as for their craftsmanship and playability.  They are also one of a select few golf manufacturers that are well known for their wedges, whether they are 48, 52, 56, or 60 degrees.  With this in mind I decided to try out the Ping I5 […]
  9. Puglielli Wedge By Adams -   The Puglielli Wedge has been designed by Mac Puglielli, an industry veteran and golf tour representative of Adams.  Thie wedge is designed for both amateur players who are becoming better in their games as well as for the tour professionals who need to maintain their game. This wedge is an ideal for use in the Champions […]
  10. TaylorMade ATV Wedges - Of all the equipment in a golf bag during a given round, the wedges might get the least attention paid to them. Unlike other clubs, it doesn’t much matter what kind of shaft you have in your wedges, and many golfers just pick whatever brand they have for the rest of their irons and just […]
  11. Taylormade TP xFT Wedge Review - We had some time to review the Taylormade TP xFT Wedge this past weekend for a few rounds of golf. These high tech wedges are equipped with xFT which stands for Exchangeable Face Technology. This allows the golfer to change out the face with as they wear with just a couple of screws. Having fresh […]
  12. TaylorMade Z TP Wedge - The TaylorMade Z TP Wedge makes possible a higher spin thanks tot he aggressive edges macthed with an increased volume. The milled Z grooves also makes possible more stopping power. Golfers willlove the smoked PVD finish that’s responsible for reducing the glare attracted by the club thsu getting more focus on the shot with minimal […]
  13. Terrific Tool at a Terrific Price, the Mizuno MP T Wedge - There are not a lot of wedges out there that offer so much quality and style at such an affordable price. However, the Mizuno MP T Wedge is one of the rare golf clubs that gives you both, and more for under $100.00. The Mizuno MP T Wedge features a teardrop head, solid steel shaft, […]