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There are plenty of companies making quality golf shoes in today’s market, but ECCO just might be doing it as well as anyone. The ECCO brand has long held the respect of many golfers for their durable, comfortable, and great looking golf shoes. If you are a player who likes to be comfortable on the course while looking good at the same time, investing in a pair of ECCO’s is something you should strongly consider.

Comfort First and Foremost

Rounds of golf routinely take four hours to complete, if not longer. With that in mind, you want to be in comfortable shoes whether you are riding or walking the course. The ECCO Men’s BIOM G2 is designed with eccoshoescomfort in mind, including a number of features which help the shoe feel great around your foot. Also, the shoe is 20% lighter than the previous version of the BIOM, meaning that you will be carrying less weight around the course with you as the round wears on. The comfort of a shoe is a highly personal decision, so make sure to try on the BIOM G2 for yourself before deciding if it is the right option for you.

Keep the Water Out

Unless you play golf only under perfect conditions, your feet are bound to get wet from time to time. When you head out onto the course in the rain, it is a great benefit to have waterproof shoes to keep your feet as dry as possible throughout the round. The ECCO BIOM G2 shoes deliver on this point as well. With their HYDROMAX treatment, you can expect the water to stay out of your shoes even in lousy conditions. Not only is it uncomfortable to play golf with wet feet for hours on end, it can also affect your performance. By using the BIOM G2 to keep your feet dry you can improve both your enjoyment of the game and your scores at the same time.

Invest in Quality

There is no question that the ECCO brand of golf shoes can come along with a hefty price tag – but quality rarely comes cheap. Beyond all of the practical features that they include, the BIOM G2 is also offered in six different colors so you can choose the look that is right for your own personal style.  If you wish to own a high-quality pair of shoes that will allow your feet to be both dry and comfortable on the course, this is a pair that is certainly worthy of consideration.

The New FootJoy Hyperflex

When it comes to the production of new and trendy shoe styles for the golf market, it is hard to do much better than FootJoy. They are responsible for many of the shoes that you will see during a given day on the links, and their models run from affordable shoes for beginners to high-end pairs found on the feet of the best golfers in the world.

Meet the Hyperflex

The latest design from FootJoy to hit the market is known as the Hyperflex. The first thing you will notice about the design of these shoes is what is called the ‘FlexGrid 2.0’ technology which makes up the upper and is meant to conform to your foot all the way through your swing. The golf swing is an athletic motion, and stiff golf shoes can make it difficult to swing your best as you make your way around the course. Using technology like that found in the Hyperflex is a great way to be more hyperflexcomfortable on the course and hopefully perform better at the same time.

Another design element that is import to note is the stabilized heel section which should help to keep your planted on the ground throughout the swing. Despite what many amateurs might think, good footwork is crucial to making a repeatable golf swing – and that all starts with keeping your feet firmly on the ground throughout the swinging motion. The Hyperflex shoes have been designed in a way that focuses on making that easier than ever.

Stay Dry

As you might expect from a quality FootJoy product, the Hyperflex model includes a 2-Year limited waterproof warranty to protect your purchase. Even if you don’t play golf in an area that is usually wet, having waterproof golf shoes is nice insurance on those damp mornings when the sun hasn’t quite yet dried the dew up off the course. And when you do venture out on the odd rainy day, you will be prepared to handle what the weather has to dish out.

Getting a good pair of golf shoes is almost as important as getting the right driver or playing the right ball. Every piece of your equipment plays a vital role in putting together your overall game, and that includes your shoes. Considering FootJoy models during your shoe search is always a good idea, and the Hyperlink is the latest in a long line of great models from this trusted brand name. Before you make your next golf shoe purchase, give these new shoes a try and see if they feel just right to accompany you to the first tee.

FootJoy Men’s D.N.A. Golf Shoes

For many golfers, buying a new pair of golf shoes means looking for another pair of FootJoys. The brand name is almost synonymous with golf shoes at this point, and most golfers have owned at least a pair or two over the years. FootJoy offers a product line thatfootjoydna ranges from affordable to luxury, and everything in between. Before you buy your next pair of golf shoes, you should at least try on the latest FootJoy models to see if you find something that fits just right.

One of the exciting new models that FootJoy has to offer is the D.N.A. line. These shoes are lighter than the rest of the FJ line, weighing just 14.8 ounces. That lightweight design makes these shoes comfortable to walk in all day long. If you are a golfer who loves to stroll the fairways rather than ride in a cart, you should take a closer look at the new D.N.A. shoe.

Designed to Breathe

All golfers are familiar with the feeling of overheated feet after a long day playing under warm skies. Even if the weather is completely dry, you can end up with soggy socks simply from perspiration that has accumulated throughout the round. With that problem in mind, the MicroVent technology used on the D.N.A. shoes is designed to help your feet breathe during the day and limit the heat that builds up inside your shoes. Also, the shoe features a shaped tongue which enables an easy of movement for your feet so you can make the swings you want without your shoes getting in the way.

Think Minimal

Some high-end golf shoes can feel bulky or heavy when walking around the course. That is not the case with the D.N.A. from FootJoy. Instead, everything about this shoe feels like it was designed to be minimal and sleek. The cleats are low to the ground, and the whole profile of the shoe feels clean and understated. This makes for a shoe that is both great to wear, and great to look at. If you are a golfer who takes your appearance seriously on the course, you will be pleased with the way these shoes look with the rest of your wardrobe.

There is a reason that FootJoy has carved out such an impressive profile within the golf shoe market – because they make quality products that work for a wide variety of players. The new D.N.A models are the latest in that tradition, and you would be wise to try some on for yourself at your local golf store.

NIKE Men’s Grillroom Slip On Shoes

Every golfer has at least one pair of golf shoes that they love to put on when they head to the course. Having a comfortable pair of shoes is an important element to not only playing good golf, but staying comfortable on the course as well. As you play more and more rounds, you will probably find that you prefer one specific brand or style of golf shoe, and will stick with it for years to come.

That is fine for on the course footwear – but what about when you are on the way to and from the course? What do you wear then? You don’t want to walk around all day in your golf shoes because they are usually at least a little dirty, and you will wear out the traction on the bottom of your golf shoes by walking on pavement too often. You need something that can be easily worn to and from the golf course that will keep your feet nikesandalcomfortable and save your golf shoes from premature wear and tear.

Slip On Shoes are Perfect

A pair of slip on shoes is a great choice for this task. Instead of having to lace up a pair of tennis shoes, or trying to walk very far in flip-flops, slip ons give you the best of both worlds. You get the comfort of a shoe instead of a sandal, but you don’t have to bend down to tie or untie them when you get to the course.

The NIKE Men’s Grillroom Slip On shoes are a perfect option for golfers who need off-course footwear, but still want to look stylish at the same time. This shoes have a low-profile design and are easy to get on and off your feet quickly. When you arrive at the course, just slide these shoes off and lace up your golf shoes for the round. When you get back to the car, remove your sweaty golf shoes and slide these back on. .

Away from the Course, Too

You don’t have to limit these shoes to just days when you are heading to the golf course. They will look good in a variety of situations, so you will probably find that you start to wear them more and more often. It is always good to purchase products that you can use as part of your golf gear, but also get some use at other times too. This way, you don’t feel as guilty spending money on golf-specific gear, but still get to add some to your collection.

The NIKE Men’s Grillroom Slip On shoes make for a great addition to your game-day equipment because you won’t have to wear your golf shoes to the course, or tie up regular tennis shoes when changing in and out of your golf shoes. Convenient, comfortable, and good-looking – what else do you need? Take a look at these Grillroom Slip Ons for yourself and see if they might be the right addition to your golf wardrobe.

FootJoy Mens GreenJoys Golf Sandals

With summer fast approaching, the weather is warming up and more and more golfers are getting their clubs out of the garage and putting them back into use. If you are looking forward to a great summer of golfing under the sun, consider the FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys Golf Sandals as a great way to get the traction you need on the course while still having a more casual feel than traditional golf shoes. Depending on your style on the course, these sandals could be just the right item to complete your golf wardrobe.

Give it a Try

You might think that it wouldn’t be comfortable to play golf in sandals, but you need to try these for yourself before making that decision. Once your feet are strapped into these well-built sandals, you just might forget that you aren’t wearing traditional golf shoes. On the bottom of the soles are Softspikes just like you would find footjoysandalson any other FootJoy shoe so you can get a grip on the turf while making your swings. There is no reason you have to sacrifice performance on the course while wanting to be a little more comfortable and achieve a more relaxed look.

Tightened and held into place with a strap around the heel, you can put these sandals on in just seconds and be ready to hit the links. Beyond playing rounds of golf in these sandals, they are also great for practice sessions when you just want to get out quickly and hit a few balls. Leave these sandals in your car or in the office and you will always have a good option to get out onto the tee line and work on your swing for fifteen or twenty minutes. If that practice session turns into an impromptu round of golf, you will be ready for that as well.

Not For All Conditions

Of course, these sandals aren’t appropriate for all conditions or circumstances. If you are playing golf in rainy conditions, or on a course that has seen a lot of rain recently, then you probably want to opt for a more traditional shoe during that round. Also, if you are going to walk a couple of rounds of golf in the same day, a traditional golf shoe may be the smart choice to keep your feet protected from the elements. However, for the average round of golf on a dry and sunny day, these FootJoy sandals are a comfortable option.

Just because there are many traditions in the game of golf doesn’t mean that all of your clothing and accessories have to stick specifically to those traditional styles. Don’t be afraid to be yourself on the course, and use items that are a little less common. Give the FootJoy golf sandals a try for yourself and see if you just might have a new favorite piece of footwear to take you around the course.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the style and look of golf shoes that many players prefer. As opposed to the more ‘traditional’ look that lasted for so many years, a more casual approach is now a common sight on courses all around the country. Casual models usually combine an appearance that is similar to a tennis shoe with a comfortable fit that golfers won’t mind wearing all day long. Beyond that, many of these casual models are including a spikeless design on the sole, where a series of bumps and textures replace the usual ‘softspikes’.

The FootJoy Men’s Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe is a perfect example of this trend. This shoe doesn’t look much like the golf shoes most players are used to, but it can get the job done just the same. In fact, many wearers of these shoes have found that they are more comfortable than other models, and still allow them to grip the turf while making a swing. The shoe has a rubber outsole with a series of bumps that work to give you traction, yet may be more comfortable to walk on all day long than the shoes you are wearing now.

Of course, you need to be able to maintain balance and traction when you are swinging the club, so you will want to try on footjoyspikelessthese shoes and make sure that they do the job for your swing. Everyone uses slightly different footwork when they are making a swing, so what works for one person isn’t going to be right for another. There are many golfers that are pleased with the way these shoes grip the turf during their swing, but you will be well-served to make sure that you are among that group.

When it comes to style, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a great looking pair of shoes to one person might be less-desirable to another. The look of these FootJoy Men’s Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes is similar to many casual tennis shoes you might see on the market. If that is a look that you enjoy and will work well with your usual golf attire, then you definitely want to give this pair some consideration. For the golfer who likes to own many pairs of shoes and rotate them through, you could add this pair to your collection for the times when you want to go for a more casual look – or when you are going to be on the course all day and what to maximize comfort.

Shoes are a very personal choice, so no online review can ever completely capture what you are going to find important in the shoe. FootJoy is one of the most-respected brands in the game, and these casual, spikeless shoes are certainly garnering attention from a large number of players. Take a look at them for yourself see if they might make a nice addition to your golf footwear collection.