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Even for the best golfers in the world, shooting 59 is nearly an impossible task. When Jim Furyk managed to shoot that magical number recently at Conway Farms as part of the PGA Tour Playoffs, he was only the sixth man in PGA Tour history to do so. Greats like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer have all seen the highest points in the game – but never laid claim to that milestone in official competition. In order to shoot such a ridiculous score, a golfer needs not only to hit great shots, but to make nearly every putt he or she looks at for the entire round.

Furyk’s Weapon of Choice

In order to reach 59, Furyk made a whopping 11 birdies and 1 eagle, along with a bogey during his round. Obviously, he was putting extremely well to record 12 under par holes during an 18 hole round. Naturally, golfers will quickly be looking to find out what putter he employed during this magical performance. The club in question is the Odyssey Versa #1 Wide, in the White finish. Odyssey has been the well-known putter division of Callaway for many years, and this accomplishment is just another feather in the cap of this popular putter line. Jim Furyk Putter - Odyssey Versa #1 Wide White

If you are considering adding this putter to your own bag and trying to capture some of the magic that Furyk has experienced, you will find that is offers many benefits for the average player just as the tour professional. First, the Versa #1 has a great classic shape that more traditional players will enjoy. It is a heel-shafted putter that uses the White Hot insert to provide a smooth and effortless roll. The putter releases nicely through the ball, and doesn’t have the ‘pushing’ feeling of some modern mallet designs. If you have a short, aggressive putting stroke (much like the one Furyk uses), you are very likely to enjoy putting with this model.

One look at the Versa #1 will make it clear that the traditional design is left behind when it comes to the paint finish on the head of the putter. A contrasting white-black-white finish is used to create distinct lines on the putter head. This is not only for style – it serves a real purpose when you are trying to line up your putts. Standing over the ball, your eyes will naturally be drawn to the parallel lines on the putter head created by the paint job. If you are able to orient those lines perpendicular to your intended target line, you will know quickly and easily that you are aimed correctly. That process isn’t as confusing as it sounds – in fact, many users report their aim to be improved without even consciously thinking about it.

Putt Your Way to New Heights

If the white-black-white finish isn’t exactly for you, the putter is also offered with the inverse black-white-black paint. Either way, you will be getting a putter that feels great at contact and gets the ball rolling quickly on your intended line – what else could you ask for? While you might not post a 59 like Jim Furyk, you will be well on your way to improved putting when the Odyssey Versa #1 Wide makes its way into your bag.


PING Karsten 1959 Putter

  • February 26, 2013, 1:01 pm
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PING-Karsten-1959-PutterThe Ping Karsten 1959 Putter has a great look and feel from the moment it is placed behind the ball. With a thin, satin-finish top line that offers a clean look along with easy alignment, this putter inspires a true hit every time.

This putter has an elastomer insert behind the face softens the feel and delivers a solid response and feedback that golfers can rely on every time. This grip is solid and sticky and as a result we felt better using the putter without a glove.

I have struggled finding a good putter to cure my yips over the past few months, until I decided to try a Ping Karsten Series Putter.  Ping has traditionally been known as a great golf brand going all the way back to the 1960s.  It was 1967 to be exact, when founder Karsten Solheim created a putter that made a “ping” sound upon the club being in contact with the golf ball.  From then on it has been success after success with Ping putters, winning over 2,000 tournaments since its first putter was introduced.  Recently (as far back as a few years ago) Ping introduced a new line of putters named the Karsten line.  According to Ping, the Karsten line is the “perfect answer for the golfer seeking the performance of a steel face with and insert feel. An elastomer insert provides enhanced feel while maintaining the solid response of a steel-face putter.”  For this article the putter I am reviewing is the Ping Karsten C67 Putter.


With a price point under $100 ($89 when I bought it recently at Golf Galaxy), it seemed like a steal compared to the $200+ Scotty Cameron putters that everyone seems to rave about.  Don’t look at it as being just another under-$100 putter, because when you start putting with it you will think it should be worth more.  What made me attracted to it first was the bottom-heavy design of the putter.  This is extremely useful when having to deal with the yips, and I found myself making a lot more short putts out on the golf course with this putter as opposed to more expensive ones I have tried.  The alignment of the putter is very easy on the eyes, with one simple white line going down the middle.  The shaft of the putter also goes down the middle as well, which may seem awkward at first but it only took a short time getting used to.

What is also great about the Ping Karsten C67 Putter is in regards to its consistency.  Whether it was a five foot putt or a twenty-five foot putt, the golf ball always went on the line that I intended it to go on.  This is important, because many recreational golfers may know how a putt breaks out on the golf course but they don’t have a putter that can consistently go on the line they want it to.  If you are struggling with this problem you should definitely consider getting this putter.  Having a putter like this can only increase confidence when out on the golf course, and it certainly helped me shave some strokes off of my golf game.


As far as any negatives concerning the Ping Karsten C67 Putter go, it was hard initially for me to find any.  After playing awhile with the putter I did find one negative that is worth mentioning.  The putter seems to me to take a lot longer getting used to when playing on faster greens as opposed to slower ones.  Because it is a bottom-heavy putter there is a tendency for putts to go farther than usual on fast greens, and thus it may take longer to get used to them.  In other words, make sure to hit some practice putts before going out to play or you may find yourself having a few too many three putts out on the course.


Don’t let the price of the Ping Karsten C67 Putter fool you.  It is a fantastic putter that has a bottom-heavy, simplistic design.  It will greatly reduce the yips and provides consistency on the putting green that is comparable to any of the top putters on the market today.

Check out some deals on new and used Ping Karsten putters.

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport Putter Review

  • December 3, 2010, 2:02 pm
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The Scotty Cameron Studio Select is a family of precision milled 303 Stainless Steel Newport-style putters featuring a bold red tour graphic apperance, an improved high toe profile, and heel & toe circular sole weights that allow for multiple length options in each model. The Studio Select also features a stepless shaft for a clean look at address and soft but solid feel, as well as a new red Cameron cord grip.

The circular heel-toe weights provide increased stability by reducing head rotation on off-center impacts for a larger sweet spot. The factory adjustable weights are set to provide the proper headweight-to-shaft length combination. The improved high toe profile of Studio Select helps eliminate the tendency to raise the toe at address thereby causing the player to aim left of target. Same round, “full” body of the Newport, but with a flared neck for less offset at address.

My previous putter was a zebra teardrop which in my opinion is a great lower cost club. I was very pleased with it but when I had a go of the scotty it blew it away which was a surprise as I felt that the zebra was perfect for me. So if your like me in the way that you think your putter is good but there might be a better one out there then give the Scotty a go, you might be surprised. The price is steep but you definetely get what you pay for with this club.

Retail prices are close to $500, be sure to check out some better deals on the Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5.

Gold Golf Putters

  • November 29, 2010, 1:01 pm
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There are now more than 2,500 putters in what is referred to as “The Gold Putter Vault”. The oldest belongs to John Barnum, who won the 1962 Cajun Classic with a model 69. The collection includes putters from 47 major championships, including all four majors in 1988. The PING Anser occupies the most space in the vault, with more than 500 wins to its credit. You’ll even find a few gold-plated wedges in the collection, including a replica of the Eye2 sand wedge used to win the 1986 PGA Championship with a dramatic hole-out from the green-side bunker.


The Adams Golf DiXX BLU Digital Instruction Putter can make golf easier as this is a computerized training system. You get to know a lot of things about your playing style including your swing path, face angle and impact position. This putter keeps track of and analyzes the three most important elements in a golfer’s swing namely the impact position, path and face angle.

The Adams Golf DiXX BLU Digital Instruction Putter comes with a playing module that has been approved by the USGA as well as a computer module that will help you use the putter efficiently. With this highly advanced putter, you can review your putting habits and correct them if there is a need to do so.

You can choose between the Standard Mode or Pro Mode, whichever your skill level is. After putting, the screen will display the words “NICE PUTT” if you met all the three elements or indicate which of the three was not followed efficiently.

Nike Unitized Tiempo Putter


The Nike Unitized Tiempo Putter gives you a consistent performance on the course thanks to the stainless club head that’s been CNC milled and welded by laser to the shaft to form a single unit. And since there is no bond between the shaft and the head, you get better control of the distance. Traditional putters that are bonded produces vibration that’s beyond the normal sensitivity range.

This putter from Nike can transmit vibrations that echo your natural sensory systems so you get unparalleled feel. With the Nike Unitized Tiempo Putter you get better feedback and better play.