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If you watched the PGA Championship from Oak Hill in Rochester, NY, you saw Jason Dufner calmly stroll his way to his first major title. It was redemption for Dufner, who folded down the stretch of the PGA two years ago when Keegan Bradley stormed back to win. Despite a putter that looked shaky at time, the steady Dufner used incredible ball-striking to outlast the competition on a course that got much more difficult as the weekend wore on.

Titleist-910D3-DriverDrive for Show and Dough

A big part of the success that Dufner saw at Oak Hill was due to his consistent driving of the golf ball. Where other players were missing fairways or backing off and hitting long irons, Dufner was able to fire away with his Titleist 910D3 driver and split the fairway time after time. It was an impressive driving display, although it is something that Dufner does with regularity on the tour. His driving is one of the strongest parts of his game, and the Titleist driver has something to do with that.

Still Big, but Smaller

What makes the 910D3 different than the other driver options available on the market today? To start with, it is slightly smaller than just about every other option for sale in your local pro shop. The maximum club head size allowed under the rules is 460cc’s, but this driver comes in at 445cc. While that might seem like a small difference, it makes for a more compact club head that gives the player a little bit more control over the ball flight. For a great player like Dufner, that slight change can mean the difference between splitting fairways and drifting off into the rough.

Even though the 910D3 is a little bit smaller than normal, it doesn’t lack for power. When the sweet-spot is found on this deep faced driver, huge drives are sure to result. By finding the right combination of club face loft and shaft flex, you will be able to max out your distance with the 910D3 just as you can with any other driver. However, even if you were to sacrifice a few yards in total distance, wouldn’t that be worth it to find the short grass hole after hole?

Another Option

If you like the look of the 910D3 but just aren’t sold on the smaller club head size, you can opt for the 910D2. The D2 version is the same basic club design, but in the full-sized 460cc club head. Some of the gains you get in control will be lost, but the larger club head is more forgiving and will let you regain some lost yards on miss-hit shots.

The Titleist 910D3 driver is a great choice for players of all skill levels that wish to have more control over the flight of their drives and place a high value on finding fairways above all else. You don’t have to be Jason Dufner to reap the benefits that this classically designed club has to offer. Although, if we all adopted Dufner’s relaxed and even-keeled demeanor, we would probably all play a little bit better.