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Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood

Tired of mishitting long irons every golf round? I know I am, and that that is why I decided to try out some hybrid woods recently. One hybrid that has been getting rave reviews is the Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood, so I decided to give it a try and see if it could replace my long irons. The exact club I tried out for this product review is the Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood 23 degree loft with a Callaway regular flex shaft.

If you are looking to replace some of your high irons with hybrid woods, I would strongly suggest that you consider checking out the Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood. I have nothing negative to say about it at all, that is how good it really is. The first thing that I noticed about the club was its elongated, narrow clubface. What is great about the clubface is that it, along with a low center of gravity, it makes it easier to get more distance out of mishits. The Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood feels fantastic on every shot, no matter if it is off the tee or on the ground.

Another great feature that I found especially useful for low handicap golfers is its versatility. Not only is it great to use on long par three’s, but in many other situations as well. For longer shots, I found that when I choke down and hit it easy out of a bunker, it can easily replace my mid iron for the same kind of shot. Another great situation to use it in is around the green. Out of the rough it feels like pure butter when I hit it, and just seems to fly off of the golf club no matter how deep the rough seems to be.

For shorter shots, the Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood can be great to use when chipping or pitching. When you are chipping with the flag on the opposite side of the green simply choke down on this club and make a similar chipping motion than you would using a sand wedge; in other words, it can be used like a Texas wedge. It will take a couple of skips and roll right up to the hole every time. If the golf ball is caught between the fringe and the rough, simply play the ball in the back of the stance using this club and it will roll out straight practically every time.

There are two other positive aspects of the golf club that I found when playing a few rounds with it. First, the hybrid has a great ball flight out of virtually any lie imaginable. It gets right up in the air every single time, and I cannot say the same when using a three or four iron. Also, the Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood is very easy to shape the ball with. If there is a shot where I need to get around a tree or a tee shot on a dogleg hole, I can use an inside-out or outside-in swing path and curve the ball any way I like. This can be especially useful for low handicap golfers, as situations come up on the golf course from time to time that require a long iron shot that must be shaped around something.

In conclusion, I found the Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood to be a fantastic replacement for my long irons. I don’t have to struggle anymore trying to get the ball up in the air or shaping a shot around a tree. What makes this golf club especially useful is its versatility. You can be a lot more creative out on the golf course using this club, and it could aid you tremendously in cutting strokes off of your golf game.

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