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Dunlop Red Neck Putter


The Dunlop Red NeckPutter is no doubt an attractive piece of golfing equipment to start with. It features a red anodized aluminum hosel making it look more attractive than it already is. But there is a reason for the hosel. Dunlop says most standard putters are heel-weighted and imbalanced (causing golfers to pull short putts) because of the hosel’s extra weight.  The Redneck’s ultra light weight hosel make sure that the weight is evenly distributed all throughout the putter. 

In addition to the accurately centered sweet spot, Dunlop says the red anodized hosel also softens the impact of the stroke on the ball, resulting in better feel on both long and short putts.

This putter is made of 100% CNC Milled construction from 8620 soft carbon steel and is ideal for mid-handicappers who want not so pricey equipment.  It has a soft grip though but maybe that’s because it is really reasonably priced at $99.99. 

Dunlop RedNeck Coastal Series Putter


The Dunlop RedNeck Coastal Series Putter is made of stainless steel and has a gunmetal finish.  Golfers will love the heel/toe weighted and three dot alignment design.  Comes in clear polymer insert with a checker flag.  The purchase includes the headcover.

Choosing the right putter is very important if you want to improve your score.  There is really no ABCs of choosing a putter but get one that feels right in your hand.

For $69.99, this putter looks just right for improving your putting game.

Dunlop Individual LoCo Hybrid Irons


The Dunlop individual LoCo Hybrid Irons are very easy to hit but requires more loft.  The Loco Hybrid Iron is made of stainless steel and boasts of the Harrison Striper XL Graphite Shaft.

Depending on your prowess the Loco No. 3 or No. 4 may exhibit mixed resutls when used on course.  It has a spongy and soft grip but some people like these types of grips anyway.

The Loco Hyrbid Irons are affordable at $59.99 (although you can find them at a cheaper price at Ebay) but they are however available in men’s right hand only.