NIKE Men’s Grillroom Slip On Shoes

Every golfer has at least one pair of golf shoes that they love to put on when they head to the course. Having a comfortable pair of shoes is an important element to not only playing good golf, but staying comfortable on the course as well. As you play more and more rounds, you will probably find that you prefer one specific brand or style of golf shoe, and will stick with it for years to come.

That is fine for on the course footwear – but what about when you are on the way to and from the course? What do you wear then? You don’t want to walk around all day in your golf shoes because they are usually at least a little dirty, and you will wear out the traction on the bottom of your golf shoes by walking on pavement too often. You need something that can be easily worn to and from the golf course that will keep your feet nikesandalcomfortable and save your golf shoes from premature wear and tear.

Slip On Shoes are Perfect

A pair of slip on shoes is a great choice for this task. Instead of having to lace up a pair of tennis shoes, or trying to walk very far in flip-flops, slip ons give you the best of both worlds. You get the comfort of a shoe instead of a sandal, but you don’t have to bend down to tie or untie them when you get to the course.

The NIKE Men’s Grillroom Slip On shoes are a perfect option for golfers who need off-course footwear, but still want to look stylish at the same time. This shoes have a low-profile design and are easy to get on and off your feet quickly. When you arrive at the course, just slide these shoes off and lace up your golf shoes for the round. When you get back to the car, remove your sweaty golf shoes and slide these back on. .

Away from the Course, Too

You don’t have to limit these shoes to just days when you are heading to the golf course. They will look good in a variety of situations, so you will probably find that you start to wear them more and more often. It is always good to purchase products that you can use as part of your golf gear, but also get some use at other times too. This way, you don’t feel as guilty spending money on golf-specific gear, but still get to add some to your collection.

The NIKE Men’s Grillroom Slip On shoes make for a great addition to your game-day equipment because you won’t have to wear your golf shoes to the course, or tie up regular tennis shoes when changing in and out of your golf shoes. Convenient, comfortable, and good-looking – what else do you need? Take a look at these Grillroom Slip Ons for yourself and see if they might be the right addition to your golf wardrobe.

Titleist DriHood Towel/Bag Hood

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Playing golf in the rain might not be the perfect scenario, but it is usually better than not playing golf at all. If you are familiar with playing the game while the rain comes down, you know that there are a couple of challenges which you must conquer if you are going to play a good round in the less-than-ideal conditions.

First, you must keep your clubs as dry as possible. Wet golf clubs are slippery golf clubs, and that isn’t conducive to playing good golf. Also, you need to keep your hands dry as much as possible. Obviously, wet hands are just as big of a problem as wet clubs and grips, so having a way to dry titleist hoodyour hands all round long is vital.

Most golfers use the same method for keeping their clubs dry during a round, assuming they are walking the course. They simply drape a towel over the top of their bag, and walk around with an umbrella in the air. While the umbrella is a great idea, placing the towel over your clubs isn’t going to do a lot of good. Sure, it might help a little, but the towel will just soak up water throughout the day and eventually become saturated. At that point, it won’t be doing much good trying to keep your clubs dry, and it won’t help you dry your hands at all.

A Better Solution                                                                    

Titleist has developed a product which offers a great solution to this problem. The Titleist DriHood Towel/Bag Hood is waterproof on one side, and cotton terrycloth towel on the other. That means you can drape the DriHood over your clubs with the waterproof side up, and actually succeed at keeping them dry. At the same time, the towel will be staying dry underneath so you can use it to dry your hands and clean off your clubs all day long.

Keep the Umbrella

Despite the brilliant design and execution of this product, it is still a good idea to keep an umbrella in your bag and use it when the rain starts to fall. While the DriHood will protect your clubs and make sure you have a dry towel to use all day long, it won’t do anything to keep you dry. Using an umbrella makes playing in the rain far more enjoyable, as you can avoid getting soaked through and potentially getting cold as a result. A round of golf isn’t very much fun when you are soaked from head to toe, so use an umbrella in conjunction with the DriHood for a great water-fighting duo.

There are plenty of gimmick products on the market for playing in rainy conditions, but this isn’t one of them. The Titleist DriHood Towel/Bag Hood is an excellent idea backed up by quality construction to create a product that every golfer who plays in the rain can benefit from. Before you head out for your next soggy round of golf, make sure the DriHood is in your bag and ready to go to work.

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Sometimes, something as simple as the grip on your putter can make all the difference in the world. If you struggle with your putting, as so many golfers do, you have probably tried everything to get yourself on track and make more of those short-to-medium putts from round to round. It is no secret that making more putts is the fastest way to lower scores, and you will never reach your full potential on the golf course until you sharpen your skills with the putter. For golfers who have tried everything and still can’t find the range with the flat stick, the SuperStroke Slim 3.0 putter grip is an excellent option.

What makes this grip unique?

SuperStroke has gained notoriety in the golf business for producing ‘fatter’ putter grips that are usually found on most putters. These grips conform to the rules of golf, but can help you to get a better feel for your stroke and actually can improve your technique. In fact, if you watch golf on TV on a regular basis, you have probably already seen the SuperStroke grips in action, because they are used by some of the best players in the world. That in itself should serve as some measure of proof to how well they can work.

As the name indicates, the ‘slim’ model of the SuperStroke putter grips is smaller than some of their other models, making it a good transition from a traditional putter grip that you likely use currently. If you were to switch for your normal grip to the largest grip in the SuperStroke line, the superstrokechange might be too severe and you could find yourself giving up on it quickly. Instead, try this slim model and see what it is able to do for your game.

Why does a fatter grip help putting technique?

Active hands are the enemy of a good putting stroke. If you want to hit quality putts hole after hole, you should be engaging your big muscles (shoulders, back) and not your hands during the putting motion. With a small grip, it is easy to make your hands to active and start to have small twitches during the stroke – especially right at impact. This is what is commonly known as the ‘yips’.

With a larger putter grip in your hands, you will not be able to have these yips as easily. You will naturally want to move the putter more with your big muscles since your hands won’t have as easy a time manipulating the putter head during the stroke. You will need to practice on the putting green with this larger grip to get comfortable, but it will be worth your time and effort.

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 putter grip is not just for players who have no options left when it comes to putting – it is a piece of equipment that is worthy of the consideration of any player. If you want to putt better, and who doesn’t, try this grip out for yourself and see what it can do for your stroke.


Naturally, to win the U.S. Open in commanding fashion as Martin Kaymer did at Pinehurst, all of the club in the bag need to be working nicely. There is no way to win the national championship easily over the best players in the world without getting contributions from the driver through the putter. However, it was that putter specifically that helped Kaymer stay on track all week long and put his second major title in the books.

Huge Par Saves Kept Him on Track

The lack of bogies that appeared on Kaymer’s card during the four rounds he played at Pinehurst were nothing short of amazing. In a field where anser 2only three players managed to break par for the whole week, Kaymer kept his cards mostly clean by holing out beautiful par putts whenever he did get in trouble. His success should highlight the importance of putting for the average amateur golfer. Even if you hit a couple poor shots on a given hole, all can be forgiven with one great roll on the green.

The Club That He Trusted

In steamrolling his way to the U.S. Open title, Kaymer used the PING Karsten 1959 ANSER 2 putter. It is a classic looking putter that stands in contrast to many of the other flat sticks that could be seen in use around Pinehurst #2. The 1959 ANSER 2 is a traditional design with heel and toe weighting to help golfers achieve a true roll and a great feel putt after putt. There are no tricks or gimmicks involved in this club – it is simply a well-designed, solidly built putter that allows the player to let his or her true ability shine through.

One of the great attributes of this style of putter is the wonderful visual that it gives the golfer at address. It is easy to align this putter properly behind the ball thanks to a thin top line and bright white alignment line. It is hard to imagine that any golfer would object to the appearance of this putter as it sits behind the ball.

Where Does Kaymer Go From Here?

With two majors under his belt, not to mention a huge putt in the Ryder Cup, Martin Kaymer is certainly full of confidence and has the game to back it up. With two more majors to be played this season, and another Ryder Cup, it won’t be a surprise if we see him back at the top of the board sometime very soon. He also secured the Player’s Championship this season, so the big stage is clearly not something that causes him to shy away.

Likely, the success the Kaymer experiences will be closely tied to how well he continues to roll the ball on the greens. His swing is impressive and seems to hold up under the most intense pressure. As long as he continues to hit great putts with the PING Karsten 1959 ANSER 2 putter, there is no reason to believe Kaymer won’t continue to contend for major championships for many years to come.


FootJoy Mens GreenJoys Golf Sandals

With summer fast approaching, the weather is warming up and more and more golfers are getting their clubs out of the garage and putting them back into use. If you are looking forward to a great summer of golfing under the sun, consider the FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys Golf Sandals as a great way to get the traction you need on the course while still having a more casual feel than traditional golf shoes. Depending on your style on the course, these sandals could be just the right item to complete your golf wardrobe.

Give it a Try

You might think that it wouldn’t be comfortable to play golf in sandals, but you need to try these for yourself before making that decision. Once your feet are strapped into these well-built sandals, you just might forget that you aren’t wearing traditional golf shoes. On the bottom of the soles are Softspikes just like you would find footjoysandalson any other FootJoy shoe so you can get a grip on the turf while making your swings. There is no reason you have to sacrifice performance on the course while wanting to be a little more comfortable and achieve a more relaxed look.

Tightened and held into place with a strap around the heel, you can put these sandals on in just seconds and be ready to hit the links. Beyond playing rounds of golf in these sandals, they are also great for practice sessions when you just want to get out quickly and hit a few balls. Leave these sandals in your car or in the office and you will always have a good option to get out onto the tee line and work on your swing for fifteen or twenty minutes. If that practice session turns into an impromptu round of golf, you will be ready for that as well.

Not For All Conditions

Of course, these sandals aren’t appropriate for all conditions or circumstances. If you are playing golf in rainy conditions, or on a course that has seen a lot of rain recently, then you probably want to opt for a more traditional shoe during that round. Also, if you are going to walk a couple of rounds of golf in the same day, a traditional golf shoe may be the smart choice to keep your feet protected from the elements. However, for the average round of golf on a dry and sunny day, these FootJoy sandals are a comfortable option.

Just because there are many traditions in the game of golf doesn’t mean that all of your clothing and accessories have to stick specifically to those traditional styles. Don’t be afraid to be yourself on the course, and use items that are a little less common. Give the FootJoy golf sandals a try for yourself and see if you just might have a new favorite piece of footwear to take you around the course.

Mizuno Men’s WindLite Sweater Vests

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You might make the mistake of thinking that, with summer approaching, you can put away your warm clothes for a few months when heading out to the golf course. While you shouldn’t need the rain gear or stocking cap for a while, that doesn’t mean that it will be all shirt sleeves and shorts for the foreseeable future. In fact, early summer mornings can be quite crisp and often require a little more mizunovestto keep your comfortable while getting ready for your round of golf.

Sweater in the Summer?

The Mizuno Men’s WindLite Sweater Vest is a great item to have in your bag for summer rounds of golf because it offers flexibility to help you stay comfortable. If you get out to the course early in the day and the sun hasn’t yet warmed up the air, you can slide on this vest and stay warm for the first hour or two of the day. Since it is a vest, you shouldn’t overheat, and will still have freedom of movement in your arms and shoulders to make your swing. Once the weather warms up enough, you can remove the vest and store it easily in your bag until the next time it is called upon.

Since it is a lined garment, this vest is also a good choice when the wind comes up and makes the air feel cooler than it is. Even a warm summer day can take on a chill when the wind starts whipping and blows right through your golf shirt. The protection this vest offers is just enough to prevent you from getting cold while also not making you too hot to be comfortable on the course. A good sweater vest finds the right balance so you can worry about your golf game and not your clothes – and this Mizuno product is successful in that effort.

Pick Your Color

Offered in a variety of colors, you can pick up more than one if you like to be able to coordinate with your various golf shirts and pants. Golf is a game that is almost as much about style and dress as it is about the shots you hit, so use this vest to make sure your style game is up to the same level as your drives and putts.

While this item is very useful in the summer months for cool mornings and evenings, it is also ready to be put to use when the calendar turns back to winter. If you are a year-round golfer like so many others, you can use this vest over top of your long-sleeve turtle necks and other undergarments you use to stay warm on cold winter days.

Whether used in summer or winter, you will enjoy this garment because of the flexibility and comfort that it offers. It won’t take up much space in your bag, but can come in handy when you really need it.

TaylorMade Spider Blade Putters

The original TaylorMade Spider putters have been a popular model with pros and amateurs alike for several years. The mallet-head design feels stable through impact with the putt, and the face makes for an easy time to get the ball rolling  quickly. In short, there is a lot to like about the original spider putters.

However, they are mallets, and some players just aren’t comfortable using a mallet putter. spiderbladeWhether it is the look or the feel of the putter that they just can’t get past, many golfers will never come to a point where they put a mallet into their bag. For that reason, TaylorMade has designed the Spider Blade, meant to give many of the same performance aspects of the original Spider to players who want to use a blade-style head.

A Variety of Materials

By using numerous different materials in the construction of the putter head, TaylorMade was able to remove weight from the center of the putter head and place it further out toward the toe and heel. The result is a feel that is more-reminiscent of a mallet putter despite still looking like a blade. This putter is steady through impact and allows for slight mishits without the ‘punishment’ that a normal blade putter might dole out. If you aren’t able to strike your putts perfectly in the center of the face each time, the Spider Blade is going to offer you some forgiveness that many other putters would not.

Not the Only Difference

Besides moving the weight around within the head of the Spider Blade, TaylorMade has also made a change to the length of the putter – they have made them longer. No, they are not long putters or belly putters (which are being banned soon enough) – rather, they are just longer shafts that are meant to be used just as a traditional putter would be. Offered in 35′ and 38′ lengths, these putters are designed with choking-down the shaft in mind. So, for example, if you normally prefer to use a 35′ putter, you would purchase the 38′ and hold the club a couple inches down the grip. This is meant to give you some amount of counter-balance during the stroke and make it easier to achieve the steady, rocking motion that so many golfers are striving for.

Whether or not you will enjoy that style of putting is for you to try out and decide for yourself. There are already a few players on the professional tours using this approach, so it is not like it is without merit. Rather, it is an individual feeling that you will have to try out and see what you think. If you find that you enjoy this style of putting and it gives you added confidence to roll good putts hole after hole, the TaylorMade Spider Blade putters might just be the right addition to your bag.