Cleveland 2015 Smart Square Putters

Putting is all about alignment. If you can get properly aligned with your target time after time on the greens, you are going to make more than your share of putts. Most amateur golfers think their stroke or a bad read is to blame for missing a putt, but often it is a simple case of bad alignment. Have you ever missed a straight putt when you were sure you made a good stroke? Most likely, you were lined up to the left or right of the hole to begin with and you never even knew it.

To help golfers improve on this crucial area of putting, Cleveland has introduced the t2015 Smart Square Putters. This series of putters comes in a variety of head shapes, including mallets and blades, so you can pick the one that looks just right to your eye. The idea behind these putters is simple – there are two squares which are meant to be lined up with the ball at address. If you can line up the two squares with your ball and the target line that you have picked out, you can be confident that your alignment is correct. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that you will make the putt, but you will be a big step closer to knocking the ball in the back of the hole.

It Looks Familiar

Most golfers will see the Smart Square putters and immediately be reminded of the Two Ball putters produced by Odyssey. Those putters have two circles that are meant to be aligned with the ball, rather than two squares. The different is subtle, but Cleveland claims that the squares will be more successful for alignment purposes (you will have to decide for yourself). Putters are a highly individual club – meaning that a putter which works great for a specific golfer might be terrible for another player. Before buying any putter, it is best to try it out for yourself.

Get the Right Length

It is crucial to but the right length putter, no matter which model you decide is right for you. The Smart Square putters are offered in a variety of lengths, so have yourself fitted for a putter and then use those measurements to make your selection. You want to be able to bend out over the ball in a relaxed posture with your arms hanging freely from your shoulders. If you feel cramped over the ball, the putter is too long. If you have to bend over uncomfortably far, the putter is too short. Finding the right balance will help you putt your best.

Will the Cleveland Smart Square putter help you make more putts? That is for you to decide. However, it is an interesting design that is certainly worthy of a closer look. Even if it doesn’t change anything about your stroke itself, simply aligning your club better with the target each time will allow you to make more putts – and that is the only thing that matters in the end.

Garmin vivoactive GPS Watch

As you probably already know, there are tons of golf GPS products on the market today. You can pick from a variety of styles, functions, colors, price points, and more. If you have decided that you are going to use a GPS unit to get your yardages from now on, finding a quality unit on the market won’t be a problem. In fact, your biggest issue might be narrowing down your choices to a final winner.garmin

However, spending a couple hundred bucks on a golf GPS unit might not sound like all that much fun – or a great investment. After all, unless you get to play a lot of golf throughout the year, the cost of a $200+ GPS product is going to be hard to justify. But what if it did plenty of other things? That is exactly the idea behind the Garmin vivoactive GPS Watch. This is not a product focused specifically on golf, but rather, it is focused on bringing you many different functions which are powered by GPS technology.

It Starts with Golf

As a golfer, you certainly want to make sure this watch can help you put the right club in your hands. Rest assured, it has that part of the job taken care of nicely. Course maps are available for more than 38,000 golf courses across the globe, meaning there is a great chance that your favorite tracks are included in the library. You can measure shot distances, get yardages to the green, keep your score, and more. As far as golf GPS watch goes, this unit will do what you need and then some.

So Much More

Do you like to be active away from the course as well? The vivoactive watch will help you there, too. This product includes tracking for running, biking, walking, swimming, and more. Also, it can pair up with your smart phone to give you alerts when you have a call, text, email, etc. More than just a golf watch, this is a GPS product that can track an amazing number of things that you do on a daily basis. Fitness tracking is a trendy topic these days, and the Garmin vivoactive watch can help you monitor your activity to make sure you are keeping yourself in great shape for those upcoming rounds of golf.

It makes sense to consider a product that will do more than just get you a yardage on the course. While that is a great feature, you can get even more bang for your buck if you buy something that functions when you aren’t out on the links as well. You might find that you like the watch so much that you end up wearing it on a daily basis regardless of whether or not golf is in your plans.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular within the last few years. The developments in technology across the board, specifically in mobile devices, has made it more and more realistic to place pieces of technology on various parts of your body to study movement. While this development has plenty of serious scientific purposes, it also has more casual uses – like helping you improve your golf swing.zepp

The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is a great example of just such a product. This small device clips onto the back of your golf glove and allows you to track a variety of statistics related to your golf swing. The information gathered by the device is sent to your smart phone where it can be analyzed in order to make corrections to your technique as soon as possible. You can set personal swing goals and chart your progress over time to see how you are improving your game.

See Your Success

Often golfers will feel like they are making progress with their swing technique, but they won’t really have any way to tell for sure. That problem can be eliminated by using something like the Zepp sensor. With a plethora of swing information at your fingertips, you can make sure that your swing is getting better – and not worse – when you make changes intended to make you a better player. It would be a waste of time and energy to make changes that actually harmed your swing, so don’t allow that to happen. Take the step to track your swing using wearable technology and you can see for yourself how your game is changing.

Take the Information to a Pro

It is possible that you won’t know exactly what to do with the information that you glean from this device. However, a teaching pro will, so you could always take the data with you to a lesson with your local pro. Show them what the monitor is telling you, and then have them help you put together a practice plan to improve your swing. With the combination of technology and teaching experience on your side, better golf should be right around the corner.

Many golfers fail to improve over time simply because they don’t know what they should be working on. You can eliminate that problem by acquiring all the information you will ever need through the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer. Provide yourself with a clear picture of your current game and the path to a better game should quickly become easy to see.

Voice Caddie VC300 Voice GPS


You probably don’t have your own personal caddie to tell you the yardage for each of your shots as you move around the course – that is a luxury that is usually only enjoyed by tour pros. However, with the Voice Caddie VC300 Voice GPS, you can experience a similar service during your own rounds. This impressive new GPS device can provide you with audible voicecaddieyardages to the front, middle, and back of each green with just the swipe of a finger. Quick and easy to use, the Voice Caddie is an innovative way to receive the yardages that you need to hit great shots.

Clip-On Design

Most of the GPS units on the market today fall into two categories – handheld, or watches. Both of these can work nicely, and plenty of golfers are loyal to the units that they already own. The Voice Caddie VC300 falls into a new category, with a clip-on design that can be attached to a variety of places – including your hat. Since all you need to do in order to receive the yardage is swipe your finger across the surface of the device, you can place it wherever you find most convenient as you make your way around the course.

Ready to Go

With 30,000 courses already loaded onto the device, there is a great chance that your favorite courses are already included in the Voice Caddie VC300. That means all you will need to do is take it with you to the course, power it up, and get ready to tee off. It is designed to automatically recognize the course you are playing and the hole you are on, so there is nothing that you need to do in order to get started on your round. Getting your yardages should be as simple as possible, and that is the case with the VC300.

Control Your Volume

Golf is a quiet game, so anything that makes noise is going to raise some eyebrows at first. With that in mind, the VC300 comes with seven different volume levels so you can choose the setting that is just right for your needs. When playing alone, you can leave the volume as high as you like to hear the yardages nice and clear. When playing in a group, you may choose to turn it down out of respect for your playing partners. No matter what volume you choose, you will love the simplicity of having the ability to listen to your yardages from anywhere on the course with just a quick swipe of a finger.


Any golfer who enjoys walking the course as opposed to riding in a cart needs a great bag to help get them from the first tee to the last green. Walking the course is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the beauty of the course, and spend time talking with your playing partners. However, if you are trying to drag around a heavy bag with uncomfortable straps, the charms of walking the course may quickly wear off. Find a great stand bag like the TaylorMade Purelite and you might find yourself choosing to use a golf cart less than ever before.

Lightweight and Comfortable

As the name would indicate, this is a lightweight carry bag that starts at just 5.5 pounds. Considering how many different items you may want to tmcarrybagplace in the bag prior to your round, having it start at a low weight is a great attribute. Also, the bag comes with a four-point strap which will allow you to find just the right position for the bag on your back so you don’t have to strain as you walk down the fairway. You want to keep your body fresh as late into the round as possible so you can keep your swing working properly – using a comfortable bag with a great strap is a step in that direction.

Plenty of Pockets

The TaylorMade Purelite includes seven pockets where you can hide golf balls, gloves, towels, snacks, or just about anything else you may need during your round of golf. Also included is an insulated cooler sleeve, as well as a removable ball pocket. While it is a bag that is meant for carrying around your favorite course, the base of the bag is also suitable for being placed on a cart for those rounds when you would rather ride.

Keep the Legs Under Control

If there is one complaint that comes up more than all others with regard to carry bags it is that the legs will split too far apart from time to time. TaylorMade has solved that issue in the Purelite, however, by adding an anti-split system which is designed to prevent the legs from getting too wide as you set it down. Another feature that is helpful when setting the bag down, or moving it from place to place, is the molded handle that is placed at the top of the bag. If you don’t need to put the bag on your shoulders for a long walk, simply pick it up by the handle and move it to where it is needed. Convenience, comfort, and function are all words that accurately describe the TaylorMade Purelite Stand Bag.

There are plenty of companies making quality golf shoes in today’s market, but ECCO just might be doing it as well as anyone. The ECCO brand has long held the respect of many golfers for their durable, comfortable, and great looking golf shoes. If you are a player who likes to be comfortable on the course while looking good at the same time, investing in a pair of ECCO’s is something you should strongly consider.

Comfort First and Foremost

Rounds of golf routinely take four hours to complete, if not longer. With that in mind, you want to be in comfortable shoes whether you are riding or walking the course. The ECCO Men’s BIOM G2 is designed with eccoshoescomfort in mind, including a number of features which help the shoe feel great around your foot. Also, the shoe is 20% lighter than the previous version of the BIOM, meaning that you will be carrying less weight around the course with you as the round wears on. The comfort of a shoe is a highly personal decision, so make sure to try on the BIOM G2 for yourself before deciding if it is the right option for you.

Keep the Water Out

Unless you play golf only under perfect conditions, your feet are bound to get wet from time to time. When you head out onto the course in the rain, it is a great benefit to have waterproof shoes to keep your feet as dry as possible throughout the round. The ECCO BIOM G2 shoes deliver on this point as well. With their HYDROMAX treatment, you can expect the water to stay out of your shoes even in lousy conditions. Not only is it uncomfortable to play golf with wet feet for hours on end, it can also affect your performance. By using the BIOM G2 to keep your feet dry you can improve both your enjoyment of the game and your scores at the same time.

Invest in Quality

There is no question that the ECCO brand of golf shoes can come along with a hefty price tag – but quality rarely comes cheap. Beyond all of the practical features that they include, the BIOM G2 is also offered in six different colors so you can choose the look that is right for your own personal style.  If you wish to own a high-quality pair of shoes that will allow your feet to be both dry and comfortable on the course, this is a pair that is certainly worthy of consideration.


When you think about the major players in the golf equipment market, there are probably four names that come to mind right away – TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, and Ping. While those are all big players in the market, Adams is another brand that should not be forgotten. They have been producing quality equipment for many years, and one of their latest offerings is the Men’s Tight Lies Hybrid.

Continuing a Tradition

The Tight Lies line of clubs is probably the most recognizable in the history of the Adams golf brand. The Tight Lies fairway woods have long been popular among golfers of all skill levels for their easy-to-hit design and clean looks. With this new hybrid, many of those same features and adamshybridbenefits are now available in a club that can bridge the gap between your other fairway woods and your long irons. Hybrids have become popular because they can replace harder to hit long irons, and that is exactly what this club is designed to do.

A Variety of Lofts

To make sure that you are able to find a Tight Lies Hybrid that perfectly fits within your set, this club is available in five different lofts. The options include 17*, 19*, 22*, 25*, and 28*. When assembling your set and picking out the perfect hybrid to add to your bag, you want to think specifically about carry distance. How far can you hit your longest iron? How far can you hit your shortest fairway wood? The hybrid that you purchase should slide nicely between the yardages for those two clubs. Additionally, the Tight Lies Hybrid is offered in right and left-handed models, as well as four different shaft flexes.

Plenty of Technology

Adams has always been one of the leaders when it comes to putting new technology into their clubs, and that tradition continues with the Tight Lies Hybrid. The ‘Ghost Slot Technology’ used in this club hides the crown slot while still offering added forgiveness over a hybrid club with a traditional design. With a slot on the crown and the sole of the club, the face of the hybrid is able to deliver higher ball speeds from a wider-range of locations across the face. That means that even when you don’t quite hit the ball on the sweet spot, you can still enjoy plenty of distance on your shots.

If you haven’t yet added a hybrid club to your bag, now is the time to try one for yourself. Too many golfers struggle with hitting a three or four iron for no reason when easy-to-hit hybrid clubs are readily available. Check out the Adams Men’s Tight Lies Hybrid and you just might wave goodbye to your long irons forever.