In recent years, there has been a shift in the style and look of golf shoes that many players prefer. As opposed to the more ‘traditional’ look that lasted for so many years, a more casual approach is now a common sight on courses all around the country. Casual models usually combine an appearance that is similar to a tennis shoe with a comfortable fit that golfers won’t mind wearing all day long. Beyond that, many of these casual models are including a spikeless design on the sole, where a series of bumps and textures replace the usual ‘softspikes’.

The FootJoy Men’s Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe is a perfect example of this trend. This shoe doesn’t look much like the golf shoes most players are used to, but it can get the job done just the same. In fact, many wearers of these shoes have found that they are more comfortable than other models, and still allow them to grip the turf while making a swing. The shoe has a rubber outsole with a series of bumps that work to give you traction, yet may be more comfortable to walk on all day long than the shoes you are wearing now.

Of course, you need to be able to maintain balance and traction when you are swinging the club, so you will want to try on footjoyspikelessthese shoes and make sure that they do the job for your swing. Everyone uses slightly different footwork when they are making a swing, so what works for one person isn’t going to be right for another. There are many golfers that are pleased with the way these shoes grip the turf during their swing, but you will be well-served to make sure that you are among that group.

When it comes to style, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a great looking pair of shoes to one person might be less-desirable to another. The look of these FootJoy Men’s Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes is similar to many casual tennis shoes you might see on the market. If that is a look that you enjoy and will work well with your usual golf attire, then you definitely want to give this pair some consideration. For the golfer who likes to own many pairs of shoes and rotate them through, you could add this pair to your collection for the times when you want to go for a more casual look – or when you are going to be on the course all day and what to maximize comfort.

Shoes are a very personal choice, so no online review can ever completely capture what you are going to find important in the shoe. FootJoy is one of the most-respected brands in the game, and these casual, spikeless shoes are certainly garnering attention from a large number of players. Take a look at them for yourself see if they might make a nice addition to your golf footwear collection.


Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder

These days, one of the most controversial discussions you can have on a golf course is regarding how to measure the distance you have left to the hole – rangefinder or GPS? There are countless products on the market featuring both methods, and the truth is that both can work nicely. Rangefinders are more desirable for getting the exact yardage to the flag because a GPS unit doesn’t know where the hole is located on a daily basis. On the other hand, GPS is easier for some people to use than a rangefinder, which can be tough for certain individuals to hold steady.

There isn’t a right answer in this debate. It comes down to personal preference, as either method can accomplish the goal of telling you how far you need to hit your shot. If you come down in the rangefinder camp, the Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder is one worthy of your consideration. Bushnell has long been one of the leaders in this market, and this model is just another example of the impressive products they can produce.

One of the long-standing issues with using a rangefinder for some people, is determining whether they have measured the distance to the flag, or some object beyond the green. Early models of golf rangefinders were more difficult to use, and would frequently measure things off in the distance – giving the golfer a false reading on how far to hit their shot. With the bushnellrangev3, Bushnell has introduced something they call JOLT technology. The idea is simple – when the golfer successfully ‘shoots’ the flag with the rangefinder, the unit will quickly vibrate to give them positive feedback that they measured the right target. With that confirmation, you can grab the right club and make your swing with confidence.

In terms of range, the Bushnell Tour v3 is capable of measuring much further than any golf shot you are going to hit. It is rated as being able to measure distances up to a whopping 1,000 yards, and to be able to measure the flag from 300+ yards away. It is accurate to within one yard, and provides 5x magnification when looking through the unit. Also, unlike some other rangefinder models on the market, the v3 is a convenient, small size which fits in the palm of your hand.

As an additional option, there is a version of the v3 offered with slope calculating capability. This technology helps you adjust for uphill or downhill shots by providing you with slope numbers along with the raw yardage. While those compensated distances can come in handy, some competitions have outlawed rangefinders with a slope feature, so you will want to make sure you don’t use one when it isn’t allowed (the same goes for basic rangefinders – always make sure they are being permitted in a tournament before you put it to use).

Regardless of how you measure distance, getting the right number is crucial to playing well and lowering your scores. For those partial to rangefinders as opposed to GPS, the Bushnell Tour v3 is certainly one to check out.

Making or missing short putts is the single biggest difference on your scorecard at the end of the round. If you make all of your short putts, you are likely to be satisfied with your score – even if your ball striking isn’t quite up to par. However, if you struggle from short range and miss several putts during the round, there is a good chance you will walk away shaking your head. Instead of just lining up your putts and hoping for the best, prepare for the round with the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat w/ Ball Return and make sure your short putting stroke is ready for the pressure that the course can put on you.

Realistic Putting Practice Indoors

If you are going to get frequent practice on your putting stroke, you probably are going to need to do it somewhere around the house. Most puttingmatpeople just don’t have the time in their schedule to get to the golf course often enough to get consistent putting practice and really improve. With this mat, you can bring quality practice into the house to fine-tune your stroke without having to drive to the course or brave the elements.

Short Putts are All About Technique

Most short putts don’t require much in the way of a read – you can usually play them straight and hole out with a good stroke. With that in mind, the main factor between success and failure on a short putt is the stroke itself. If you give the ball a clean, square stroke from three feet out, chances are good that it will fall into the cup. This mat is perfect for rehearsing just that kind of putting stroke. There are parallel lines on the mat to help with alignment, and the actual-size hole cut into the mat will give you feedback if you are hitting solid putts or not.

Variable Distances for Practice

The mat is marked at 3′, 5′, and 7′ so you can work on strokes of various lengths. It is not only important to fine tune your technique when putting, but also to make sure that technique doesn’t stray as the putts get longer. Many golfers struggle with losing their fundamentals when they start to make longer putting strokes, so backing up to seven feet and trying to hole out is a good test of how your putting stroke is holding up.

Ball Return for High Volume Repetitions

As a general rule, the more practice putts you can hit, the better. As long as you are paying attention to your technique and making sure you don’t get sloppy, fitting in as many reps as possible is a great idea. When the time comes to face a pressure packed three foot putt out on the golf course, you will be able to rely on that practice time to draw confidence from and step up to make a good stroke. With a ball return as part of the SKLZ Accelerator Putting Pro Mat, you will be able to fit in as many repetitions as you wish and get your putting stroke in good condition for your next trip out on the links.

NIKE Men’s Reversible Stripe Web Belts

A belt might not be the most exciting piece of golf equipment to add to your arsenal, but it can add style and comfort to your golf wardrobe without breaking the bank. In the case of the NIKE Men’s Reversible Stripe Web Belt, you can actually add two accessories to your golf wardrobe with just one item. The belt has a stripe design on one side, and a solid color on the other, so you can coordinate with different outfits simply by switching the belt around. Also, it can be purchased in several different colors depending on your personal style and taste.

Add Comfort by Wearing a Belt

A belt might not be required clothing when you hit the links, but it can make for a more comfortable experience. There is a lot of bending and twisting on the golf course, much of which can pull your shirt un-tucked or cause your pants/shorts to shift. When you make sure to put on a belt as part of your golf attire, you will likely find that you are more comfortable throughout the day – and you will look a little sharper in the process.nikebelt

The Power of Reversible

Not only can you save money by only buying one belt that accomplishes two looks, but it is more convenient than crowding up a dresser drawer with numerous different colored belts. This NIKE Men’s Reversible Stripe Web model is woven and looks sharp while keeping a casual feel. The brushed metal buckle has the swoosh cut out for a subtle styling of the NIKE brand. There is also a gunmetal tip on the belt to prevent fraying and help in feeding the belt through the loops on your shorts or pants.

No Belt Holes Means More Comfort

Have you ever had a belt that just didn’t seem to have a hole in the right spot? It was either too tight on one hole, or too loose on the next one? That won’t be a problem with this belt. The belt buckle can clasp onto the belt itself at any point along its length, so you can tighten it exactly how you want it each and every time. When comfort is your main consideration, that kind of clasp system is a great benefit over traditional belt holes.

Woven Fiber Holds Up Over Time

While not as elegant or fancy as a leather belt, the woven cloth style like this NIKE offering might be better for the outdoor elements that you will face on the golf course. You don’t have to worry about the belt getting a little wet like you would with a leather belt, yet you will style look stylish and be able to bring together you outfit by adding just the right touch of color to connect your shirt and pants.

If you are in the market for a new golf belt to add to your wardrobe and up the style quotient that you bring to the course with you each round, take a look at the NIKE Men’s Reversible Stripe Web Belt.


Callaway Xtreme Golf Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses are something of a divisive issue among golfers. Some golfers won’t hit the links without them – even if it doesn’t seem likely that the sun will be making an appearance anytime soon. On the other side of the coin, some golfers swear that they can’t play the same while wearing glasses and will never pull them down from the top of their hat. However, when spending 4+ hours outdoors, hopefully in the sun, it is a good idea to have glasses at your disposal even if you choose to not actually hit your shots with them on. The Callaway Xtreme Golf Sunglasses are designed for use on the course and bring a little bit of style to your outfit at the same time.

Semi-Rimless Design Perfect for Golf

One of the big problems that causes some golfers to swear off sunglasses forever is bulky frames that interfere with the golfers vision as they address the ball and make a swing. With sunglasses that have frames that wrap all the way around the callawaysunglasseslenses, the bottom portion of the frame can get into your line of sight slightly while looking down at the ball. This is why it is important to get sunglasses like the Callaway Xtreme that are specifically designed for use on the course. These glasses are only rimmed on the top half of the frame, so there should be no issues with the frame getting into the field of vision. For players who like to keep the glasses on throughout the day, this design will be much appreciated.

 Rubber Nose Pads Can Help

Some high-end, design sunglasses have nose pieces that are made from other materials than good old-fashioned rubber. While this is fine for casual glasses that are designed for appearance first, it doesn’t work as well on the golf course. Think about what you do when you are playing golf – there is a lot of bending over involved. Whether you are bent over a par putt, or reaching down to mark your ball on the green, you don’t want your glasses sliding off your face time and time again. With a rubber nose pad, you will have more gripping power on your side to help keep those glasses in place.

Durable Construction for On Course Performance

Another difference between casual sunglasses and golf sunglasses is the wear and tear that you will be putting on the glasses when you use them on the course. They will probably get taken on and off a lot, have to deal with some warm or cold temperatures, and might get dropped a time or two. While no sunglasses are going to live to tell about a trip underneath the golf cart tire, the Callaway Xtreme Golf Sunglasses are more durable than other, non-golf models.

Getting some golf-specific sunglasses to add to your bag is an investment that will likely be worth your time and money. You don’t even have to hit your shots with the glasses on to appreciat

Cleveland Smart Square Putters

  • January 31, 2014, 2:02 pm
  • Matt
  • In Putters

Alignment is the most significant part of good putter that all too many players overlook. Most golfers get obsessed with their putting stroke mechanics and forget to make sure they are properly aligned with their target. On a flat putt, lining up the putter face with the center of the hole is the goal – on a breaking putt, the goal is to make sure your aim matches up with the line that you have chosen. The problem with working on alignment is that it can be difficult to judge how you are doing, so it is often easier to revert to working on mechanics and technique. Through the years, many putters have cleveland putterattempted to make it easier to properly align for your putts – and the Cleveland Smart Square Putter is another in that category.

Square Instead of Circle

One of the most successful putters of all time – the Odyssey Two-Ball – is a mallet putter that built its popularity on the idea of helping golfers line up their putts more accurately. It features two circles on the top of the putter head that are intended to be lined up with the ball as it rests on the green. In the same vein, the Cleveland Smart Square Putter gives the player two squares that are meant to line up with the ball. Is it easier to line up your putt with squares as opposed to circles? That is for you to decide. Both methods can certainly work – it is up to the individual golfer to decide which look and style they best.

Benefits of a Mallet Putter Head

Along with the alignment aid that this putter provides, it also offers the qualities that have made mallet putters so popular. Most mallet putters have heavier heads than their blade counterparts, giving the golfer a better feel for the swing as it goes back and through the ball. Mallet putters also resist rotation during the stroke, promoting a straighter path – one that some golfers feel is more repeatable and more reliable under pressure. Not all golfers like the feel and look of a mallet putter – but those who do are likely to appreciate what this Cleveland model brings to the table.

Heel Shafted and Center Shafted Models Available

Whether the shaft of the putter goes into the center or heel of the putter actually makes a significant difference in how the club plays. Center shafted putters are mainly geared toward players who want to make a ‘straight line’ putting stroke – such as those who putt cross-handed. A heel shafted mallet putter kind of walks the line between the two styles. It allows a player to swing the putter on more of an arc, but still gain the stability that a large mallet headed putter offers.

Is the two-square alignment method right for you? That is something you will have to decide for yourself. If you feel like you are struggling with your alignment on the putting green, consider giving this square design style a try.


Clicgear 3.5+ Push Carts

There was a time when golf push carts were two-wheeled, rented from the pro shop, and generally not all that convenient to use. Today, however, many golfers own their own carts, which now have three wheels, and are a great option for walking the course without having to lug around a heavy bag. While there are many different brands in the market competing for your push cart business, Clicgear has carved out a large segment of loyal followers thanks to intuitive design, compact folded size, and modern look.

Why use a push cart?

Walking the golf course is an experience that many players enjoy, but have to give up when they find it too difficult to carry a bag for 18 holes over 4.5 clicgear carthours or more. Especially for players who like to carry along plenty of extra golf balls, bottles of water, snacks, rain gear, and more, even the best carry bag can start to get heavy. That’s where a push cart can come in handy. Instead of having to rent a power cart and lose the enjoyment of walking the course, you can strap your bag onto a push cart such as the Clicgear 3.5+ and get the best of both worlds.

Airless Tires a Significant Improvement

One of the complaints about the early-model three-wheeled push carts were the air-filled tires that had a tendency to go flat at the most inopportune times. Even if they didn’t go flat, the air-filled tires needed to be refilled from time to time, which was a chore that many golfers quickly grew tired of. Most of the newer model carts, including the Clicgear 3.5+, offer solid airless tires which require very little in the way of maintenance. By simply wiping them down at the end of the round, you can keep them clean and will not have to worry about finding an air hose or getting halfway through your round only to find that you are running low in one or more of your tires.

Additional Storage Space

Beyond giving you a way to move your bag around the course without throwing it up onto your shoulders, a push cart also adds to your storage capabilities. The Clicgear 3.5+ has a mesh storage bag that is nice for things like a small rain jacket or head covers that aren’t in use. There is also a cup holder for easy access to your water bottle ┬áthroughout the day. Additionally, an umbrella holder bracket can accept the handle end of the umbrella and keep it in place above your head while you walk up the fairway in the rain. In a way, having a push cart as part of your golf accessories is kind of like having your own personal caddie on the course.

If you are looking to add some convenience to your golf game and enjoy walking the course, the Clicgear 3.5+ is a product that deserves your consideration. With a compact folded-up size and easy-to-use design, you will likely soon view your cart as an essential piece of gear.