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Nike Sasquatch Two Fairway Wood

Like many recreational golfers out there, I have struggled for some time trying to find a good three wood that I can hit consistently well.  I have tried practically every brand under the sun expect for Nike, which I decided to give it (Sasquatch Two 3 Wood) a try at the local golf store.  There are three main changes that should be noted about this club.  First, it has a tungsten monorail sole design which supposedly helps when hitting out of bad lies.  Second, the fairway wood has a new face upgrade to cryo steel, leading to a bigger sweet spot.  Last but not least, the weight at the bottom of the club was positioned farther back for a lower center of gravity.  Technical golf jargon aside this golf club felt pretty good at the local golf store so I decided to try it out for a few rounds to see how it really played.  The exact golf club I reviewed was the Nike Sasquatch Two (or Sq) 3 Wood with a stiff flex standard Diamana shaft.


When first looking down the club one can’t help but notice the arc of the clubhead, which is very natural and seems to fit the eyes perfectly.  What is also worth mentioning is the rubber grip.  I don’t usually fall for grips that easily but the grip on this club is fantastic.  If you are a golfer who plays in hot weather this grip will not let you down.   The appearance of the club is great overall and definitely inspires confidence when heading out to the first tee.

What I first noticed after playing a couple of rounds with the Nike Sasquatch Two Fairway Wood was that it was easy to hit both off the tee and in the fairway.  Many recreational golfers have commented on three woods that while some may be good off of the tee, they are terrible when using them from the fairway.  This is certainly not o when using this club.  It must have something to do with the sole design, because everything just seemed to go right up in the air no matter what kind of lie I was in.  I even tried it a few times out of a fairway bunker and the ball still carried pretty far.

Another great feature that I found about the Nike Sasquatch Two Fairway Wood was in regards to off-center shots.  Generally what happens when a three wood is not hit on the sweet spot (or center of the clubface) the golf ball will be both off target and much shorter than anticipated.  What was different about using this golf club was the distance I got out of bad shots.  I intentionally hit golf shots both off the heel and off of the toe, and while they were off-line as expected I only lost about 5 to 10 yards in distance.  That is amazing compared to other three woods out on the market, especially lower quality ones where you can expect to lose as much as 50 yards on an off-center shot.


One negative seemed to really stand out, and that was a lack of ball control.  The ball goes straight when it is supposed to, but whenever I wanted to hit a fade or a draw it would either do it too much or not enough.  It just seems very difficult when trying to shape shots using this club out on the golf course.  Another possible negative is in concerns to the trajectory.  It gets a high trajectory on nearly every shot, but when I wanted to hit a low “stinger” off the tee for instance it was difficult to.


The Nike Sasquatch Two 3 Wood is a great fairway wood overall.  It does exactly as Nike said it would, providing great shots out of practically any lie, a bigger sweet spot that leads to longer off-center shots, and a higher trajectory.  However, it may not be the best choice for a near scratch golfer, as I found when playing a few rounds with the club that it can be difficult shaping shots with.  However, if you play at courses that do not require a lot of shot shaping this is certainly a must have fairway wood.

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Nike Sumo S900 Driver Review

Nike Sumo S900 Driver

Having used Titleist golf drivers for most of my playing career, I was a bit skeptical about trying out a driver from Nike.  Dick’s Sporting Goods had a tremendous sale on them so I thought I’d give one a try anyways.  For this article I am going to review the Nike Sumo S900 Driver, 9.5 degrees of loft with an S-65 Diamana Shaft.


The first thing that struck me when buying this club was the shape of the clubhead; it has sort of a square look to it.  Not only that, but the clubhead itself is huge, a full 460cc.  Having the club at address makes you think that it would be nearly impossible to mishit it.  The alignment on the club is great as well; it is very inauspicious while aiding you at the same time.

Another great feature about the Nike Sumo S900 Driver is that it is great for both low and high shot when needed.  Have you ever had one of those days where it is very windy and you need to keep the ball low to get any distance?  This club would be great to use if the wind were both helping and hurting you.  When I teed the ball low and hit a few shots with the Nike Sumo S900 Driver, it has a nice, penetrating ball flight.  When I needed to cut the corner of a dogleg, I simply teed the ball up higher, gave it a rip, and it carries the tees with ease.  The Nike Sumo S900 Driver is a club that can be used in practically any situation.

Lastly, I tested out the club to see how it handles mishits out on the golf course.  I hit some shots off of the toe and others off of the heel, making sure to intentionally miss the sweet spot of the club.  What I found was that while I wasn’t getting great distance (as expected), it was still going out there the same distance as any other driver would when mishit.  This can be especially helpful to golfers whose weak point is their driver or those who are not very experienced.  You can still mishit balls with the Nike Sumo S900 Driver and get fairly good distance out of it.


There was one major flaw that I found with the Nike Sumo S900 Driver and some other nitpicky things as well.  The major flaw that I found when hitting the club is that it is very difficult to shape shots with.  Every shot seems to want to go straight, and that may not be a bad thing depending on your handicap.  However, being a three handicap golfer, there are a lot of times each round where I want to be able to shape the ball in such a way that it gives me a better chance at making birdie.  Unless I over-exaggerate my swing it is very difficult to get it to hook or slice.  I did find that I can fade the ball with some effort, but not really any other type of shot.  This can be a big negative to an experienced golfer, but as I said before it may not be such a bad thing to an inexperienced golfer.

A couple of other nitpicky things I found about the club include the grip not being very durable and the sound when hitting the golf club.  After a few rounds the grip started to wear down fairly considerably, such that I may have to get another golf grip for it soon.  It may just be me getting a bad grip with the club, so I wouldn’t expect that every other grip is much the same way.  The sound of the golf club may take a little while to get used to as well.  It is hard to say what it really sounds like; I would say it is very similar to hitting a driver off of a sidewalk.  It has a very unorthodox sound to it, and some may like it while others may not.  Also, because of the sound it is hard to tell whether you hit the ball solid or not.


The Nike Sumo S900 Driver is a very good golf club for inexperienced golfers or those with high handicaps.  It has an extremely large clubhead, which may give added confidence when teeing it up on the golf course.  The ball flight is great, and the club gives good distance even when mishit.  With that said however, I wouldn’t recommend it for low handicap golfers, as it is very difficult to shape the ball with.

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The Nike Victory Red Hybrid is the newest addition to Nike Golf’s Victory Red lineup of clubs. The outcome is a Tour-inspired quality hybrid golf club that is appropriate for use by the better players.

The Victory Red Hybrids are intended to offer beauty and sophistication while offering excellent performance that the Victory Red range has become recognized for. In the hybrid club this includes a Tour motivated design that offers great workability and distance thanks to a slightly open face and a repositioned center of gravity.

The Nike Victory Red Hybrid has an ultra thin steel face and Nike’s Split Compression Chamber to support longer distances. Below is a video produced by Nike Golf Research and Development going over the VR Hybrids features:

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NIKE Premium WoSlingshot Irons 4-SW

The NIKE Premium WoSlingshot Irons 4-SW was designed specifically for ladies who frequent the course. These Irons are made not only for professionals but also for beginners and those who play occasionally and for fun.

These Irons from Nike boasts of an increased effective bounce due to the wide constant sole width. Women will particularly love these Irons’ ultra lightweight Graphite shaft. The Clubface is made of Custom 455 stainless steel so expect lots of consistency with these Irons.

With the NIKE Premium WoSlingshot Irons 4-SW, the hands of the golfer is always positioned ahead of the ball so you can expect an improved ball trajectory as well as solid contact with the ball.

Nike Unitized Tiempo Putter


The Nike Unitized Tiempo Putter gives you a consistent performance on the course thanks to the stainless club head that’s been CNC milled and welded by laser to the shaft to form a single unit. And since there is no bond between the shaft and the head, you get better control of the distance. Traditional putters that are bonded produces vibration that’s beyond the normal sensitivity range.

This putter from Nike can transmit vibrations that echo your natural sensory systems so you get unparalleled feel. With the Nike Unitized Tiempo Putter you get better feedback and better play.

Nike NDS Iron Set Graphite Shaft


The Nike NDS Iron Set Graphite Shaft gives you an enhanced feel as it is made from 431 stainless steel. This makes these irons softer than the 17-4 stainless steel by 25%. It has maximum forgiveness due to the progressive notch weighting. No fat shots with this iron thanks to its wide sole width.

These irons boast of progressive notch weighting and with notch larger than the longer irons you can expect more forgiveness. Expect less ballooning and fat shots and greater workability with the Nike NDS Iron Set Graphite Shaft. One more thing, these irons are lightweight and soft tipped.

Nike SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges


The Nike SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges is preferred by tour professionals due to the wedges’ resistance to glare thanks to its black satin finish. The club boasts of the Nike Crossline grips and a U groove design thatr delivers increased spin.

Nike came up with the SV Tour Black Satin Finish Wedges based on the feedback of the staff of the Nike Golf Tour so you can expect that it pretty much conforms to the needs of a tour golfer. It boasts of a consistent golf ball response thanks to a CNC milled face so you get more accurate shots.

This golf club is made of 8620 carbon steel which is softer by 45% than the 17-4 stainless.