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There are plenty of companies making quality golf shoes in today’s market, but ECCO just might be doing it as well as anyone. The ECCO brand has long held the respect of many golfers for their durable, comfortable, and great looking golf shoes. If you are a player who likes to be comfortable on the course while looking good at the same time, investing in a pair of ECCO’s is something you should strongly consider.

Comfort First and Foremost

Rounds of golf routinely take four hours to complete, if not longer. With that in mind, you want to be in comfortable shoes whether you are riding or walking the course. The ECCO Men’s BIOM G2 is designed with eccoshoescomfort in mind, including a number of features which help the shoe feel great around your foot. Also, the shoe is 20% lighter than the previous version of the BIOM, meaning that you will be carrying less weight around the course with you as the round wears on. The comfort of a shoe is a highly personal decision, so make sure to try on the BIOM G2 for yourself before deciding if it is the right option for you.

Keep the Water Out

Unless you play golf only under perfect conditions, your feet are bound to get wet from time to time. When you head out onto the course in the rain, it is a great benefit to have waterproof shoes to keep your feet as dry as possible throughout the round. The ECCO BIOM G2 shoes deliver on this point as well. With their HYDROMAX treatment, you can expect the water to stay out of your shoes even in lousy conditions. Not only is it uncomfortable to play golf with wet feet for hours on end, it can also affect your performance. By using the BIOM G2 to keep your feet dry you can improve both your enjoyment of the game and your scores at the same time.

Invest in Quality

There is no question that the ECCO brand of golf shoes can come along with a hefty price tag – but quality rarely comes cheap. Beyond all of the practical features that they include, the BIOM G2 is also offered in six different colors so you can choose the look that is right for your own personal style.  If you wish to own a high-quality pair of shoes that will allow your feet to be both dry and comfortable on the course, this is a pair that is certainly worthy of consideration.

Under Armour Men’s Armourvent Tips Polo

  • April 23, 2015, 1:01 am
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The Under Armour brand is one that has been growing in the golf world in recent years, but one single decision that they made may have set the course for even bigger growth in years to come – the signing of Jordan Spieth. The newly-crowned Masters champion would appear to be the uashirtnew face of American golf, and Under Armour has him under contract for years to come.

Quality Apparel

Of course, having all of the exposure in the world won’t do any good if the products that they are selling are low quality or undesirable. However, that isn’t the case. The Under Armour Men’s Armourvent Tips Polo is a great example of the stylish golf gear that UA has made available on the market. This shirt manages to bring together the modern styling of the Under Armour brand while remaining traditional enough to appeal to a wide range of golfers. The shirt is available in a number of different colors and includes a subtle design across the chest.

Stay Dry

Performance is one of the main calling cards of the Under Armour line, and the same can be said about this polo. The Armourvent is designed to keep you cool on those warm days out on the course, so it has mesh ventilation included in specific locations on the shirt. It is a 100% polyester shirt, and has an anti-odor technology included as well. As a golfer, you know just how hot it can get out on the course during a summer round that can take four hours or more to complete. Anything that can help you stay cool and dry should be considered a benefit to your game, and this shirt can help toward both of those goals.

A Growing Line of Products

While you don’t have to wear the Under Armour logo from head to toe like Jordan Spieth, you still might be interested in exploring some of the other gear that they have produced for golfers. Shoes, pants, hats, and more are all offered by this company which has suddenly burst onto the scene in the golf world. If you find that you like some of the products offered by UA, there is a good chance you will enjoy others in their line. After all, if they are good enough to win the Green Jacket in such impressive fashion, they are likely good enough to help you play your best.

The New FootJoy Hyperflex

When it comes to the production of new and trendy shoe styles for the golf market, it is hard to do much better than FootJoy. They are responsible for many of the shoes that you will see during a given day on the links, and their models run from affordable shoes for beginners to high-end pairs found on the feet of the best golfers in the world.

Meet the Hyperflex

The latest design from FootJoy to hit the market is known as the Hyperflex. The first thing you will notice about the design of these shoes is what is called the ‘FlexGrid 2.0’ technology which makes up the upper and is meant to conform to your foot all the way through your swing. The golf swing is an athletic motion, and stiff golf shoes can make it difficult to swing your best as you make your way around the course. Using technology like that found in the Hyperflex is a great way to be more hyperflexcomfortable on the course and hopefully perform better at the same time.

Another design element that is import to note is the stabilized heel section which should help to keep your planted on the ground throughout the swing. Despite what many amateurs might think, good footwork is crucial to making a repeatable golf swing – and that all starts with keeping your feet firmly on the ground throughout the swinging motion. The Hyperflex shoes have been designed in a way that focuses on making that easier than ever.

Stay Dry

As you might expect from a quality FootJoy product, the Hyperflex model includes a 2-Year limited waterproof warranty to protect your purchase. Even if you don’t play golf in an area that is usually wet, having waterproof golf shoes is nice insurance on those damp mornings when the sun hasn’t quite yet dried the dew up off the course. And when you do venture out on the odd rainy day, you will be prepared to handle what the weather has to dish out.

Getting a good pair of golf shoes is almost as important as getting the right driver or playing the right ball. Every piece of your equipment plays a vital role in putting together your overall game, and that includes your shoes. Considering FootJoy models during your shoe search is always a good idea, and the Hyperlink is the latest in a long line of great models from this trusted brand name. Before you make your next golf shoe purchase, give these new shoes a try and see if they feel just right to accompany you to the first tee.

Golf equipment isn’t just all golf clubs and golf balls – having the right apparel is an important piece of the puzzle as well. While you probably want to look good on the course, proper apparel can also help you to perform better on the course by keeping your comfortable and not interfering with your swing. There are plenty of garments out there that can keep you warm and dry, but only the best will do so while also allowing you to make good swings.

Under Armour Making an Impression

For a relatively young brand, Under Armour has made a big impression on the golf market. Golf has generally been dominated with long-standing, traditional brands, but ua pulloverUA has changed that trend and can now be seen on courses all over the country. Under Armour has sponsored some notable players on the PGA Tour as well, to make sure they gain credibility and visibility in the competitive golf market. This pullover is just one example of the many great pieces of apparel offered by this popular brand.

Versatility is Vital

One of the key elements of any piece of golf apparel is versatility, and the Member’s Bounce Pullover fits that bill nicely by being useful in a variety of situations. You will likely find that the pullover is able to keep you warm on a cool spring morning before the sun gets up and warms the air, but it is also light enough to wear during the day when the clouds roll in. When you have an item like this in your bag, it allows you to carry fewer overall garments because this one is capable of keeping you comfortable in a variety of conditions. Keep your bag lighter, but yet be comfortable by utilizing this comfortable long sleeve pullover.

Designed with Golf in Mind

While you might have a few different pullovers in your closet that you wear from day to day, they aren’t necessarily designed for use on the golf course. This Under Armour item is built for golf, so it will permit you to move in all the ways you need during your golf swing. Non-golf garments tend to get tight, especially in the shoulders, during a swing which can inhibit your ability to score. Make sure you are using a golf-specific garment when you hit the first tee so your swing is free to be at its best.

With a variety of great colors available, the Under Armour Men’s Member’s Bounce Pullover is an item that almost every golfer could use. Whether you need a garment to wear all round long during the cool season, or just need something for a few holes in the morning, this pullover is likely to be perfect for the job.

Most golfers like to look good when they head to the course. Even if you aren’t one who likes to spend a lot of money on your golf clothes, you probably at least make the effort to wear a nice golf shirt and some slacks or golf shorts. While dress codes are rarely in place at most courses today, the traditions of golf live on and many golfers take pride in how they dress before a round. While plenty of time is spent finding the right shirts and pants for a golf wardrobe, less time is spent considering other layers – and this could be a mistake.

Pay Attention to Your Undershirts

While it is true that an undergarment such as a long sleeve undershirt won’t be seen nearly as much as your regular golf shirt, it is probably even more important to your comfort and performance on the course. If you are cold during the round, you will have a hard footjoy base layertime having good feel on your shots and your score can easily suffer. At the same time, if the clothes that are keeping you warm get in the way of your swing, your game can suffer even worse because you will be uncomfortable and unable to make a free swing.

A Great Wardrobe Addition

These problems are exactly why the FootJoy ProDry Performance Base Layer is such an important piece of clothing in a golf wardrobe. You want to have access to an undershirt that can keep you warm without getting in the way of your swing or feeling too ‘bulky’ as you go about your round. This base layer shirt is intended to be close fitting to your body so that it doesn’t catch during your swing. You can put on a normal short sleeved golf shirt overtop of this base layer and be set for a comfortable round in many different weather conditions. Just because the summer temperatures have gone away doesn’t mean you have to put the clubs up for the next few months – as long as you have the right clothes to keep your warm and still playing your best.

Of course, with the FootJoy name attached to this comfortable shirt, you will know that you are getting good quality and a product that should last for many rounds to come. FootJoy is a name in the golf business that has been respected and trusted for years, and for good reason. Many people, once they own one pair of FootJoy shoes, become loyal to the brand throughout their golfing life. Give this Performance Base Layer shirt a try and you just might be more excited about the next round of golf you get to play in colder weather.

FootJoy Men’s Icon Golf Shoes

  • September 1, 2014, 2:02 am
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Let’s be right up front about something – there are certainly more affordable golf shoes on the market than this luxury pair from FootJoy. However, if you like to make sure your wardrobe is up to par when you hit the links, the FootJoy Men’s Icon golf shoes are a pair that can complete your look perfectly. Using both full grain and calfskin leather, these are high-end shoes that certainly cfli-blackdon’t fit in with today’s trend of ‘tennis-shoe’ style golf footwear. These will go beautifully with a tailored pair of slacks, and will likely draw the eye of many other golfers on the course.

Traditional Style

For decades, golf shoes had a specific look, and they were easy to pick out of a crowd. Today, more and more golf shoes look like shoes you would see in other sports, and sometimes you can’t even tell if they are golf shoes. If your sense of style misses the old days, the FJ Icon shoes might be right up your alley. They have that classic ‘golf shoe’ look, while still remaining modern and appealing. These probably aren’t the shoes that you want to just throw on when you head to the range to hit a quick bucket of balls, but they are great for playing a round on beautiful country club fairways or at a resort destination.

Not Just All Looks

While looking good, these shoes also provide the performance you need to make your swings and enjoy the day on the course. They include ‘Stinger’ cleats from CHAMP which will help your feet grab onto the turf, and the full grain leather means you will enjoy breathability inside of a waterproof shoe. Like any shoe, it is a good idea to try on the FootJoy Icon to make sure to feels comfortable on your feet – especially since you will be spending several hours in them out on the course. FootJoy golf shoes have a reputation for being comfortable to wear, and these stylish shoes certainly live up to that billing.

The FootJoy Icon golf shoes are offered in four colors including black, and white. There are different widths available, as well as an assortment of shoe sizes. When selecting your preferred color, think about how you typically dress for a round of golf, and make sure the color you pick will work nicely with your normal outfit. The black option is great for keeping a subtle and understated look, while the white or tan options will help you to stand out from the crowd a little bit more. If you would like to invest a little more in your next pair of golf shoes to really turn on the style, check out the FootJoy Icon design right away.

NIKE Men’s Storm-FIT Rain Pants

  • August 11, 2014, 2:02 am
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A good pair of rain pants is something that every golfer should have in their bag ‘just in case’. Even when you think the weather should be nice for a day out on the links, having your rain pants tucked away in your golf bag is a good idea. Whether you need them when it comes on to rain – or just because it is a little cold in the morning or evening, having a pair of rain pants to slip on can help to nike rain pantskeep you comfortable throughout the round.

The NIKE Men’s Storm-FIT rain pants have all of the basic features that you should be looking for in a pair of rain pants. They are weatherproof thanks to their Storm-FIT technology, and feature a stretch fabric to permit ease of movement so you can still make your swing even while wearing these pants. Some golf rain pants can be so bulky and heavy that it is hard to maintain your normal swing – but that is not the case with this pair. The hand pockets have zippers so you can keep the contents of your pockets dry while you are walking up the fairway or riding in the cart. With 10’’ zippers on the sides of the legs down at the bottom, you shouldn’t have any trouble sliding these rain pants on and off – even without taking off your golf shoes.

Comfort is Key when playing in the Rain

Given the choice, almost every golfer should prefer to play under dry conditions than have to deal with the rain. However, if you are a serious golfer, chances are good that you will encounter some rainy conditions from time to time out on the course. The key to keeping your golf game on track in the rain is staying both dry and comfortable throughout the round. If you start to feel wet – or restricted by your rain gear – you might lose your patience and focus along the way. Good rain gear should allow you to mostly forget about the rain that is falling and keep your mind focused on hitting good shots and getting the ball in the hole.

While the name ‘rain pants’ indicates that this garment is meant for wet conditions, it also can be very useful in the cold as well. Specifically, when you tee off early in the morning and are expecting a warm, sunny day ahead, your rain pants can be the perfect way to stay warm until the sun heats things up. If you are wearing shorts, simply slip your rain pants on for the first couple holes until the temperature gets to a point that you are comfortable with. Then, just tuck the rain pants away in your bag and go on enjoying a beautiful day on the course.