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Any golfer who enjoys walking the course as opposed to riding in a cart needs a great bag to help get them from the first tee to the last green. Walking the course is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the beauty of the course, and spend time talking with your playing partners. However, if you are trying to drag around a heavy bag with uncomfortable straps, the charms of walking the course may quickly wear off. Find a great stand bag like the TaylorMade Purelite and you might find yourself choosing to use a golf cart less than ever before.

Lightweight and Comfortable

As the name would indicate, this is a lightweight carry bag that starts at just 5.5 pounds. Considering how many different items you may want to tmcarrybagplace in the bag prior to your round, having it start at a low weight is a great attribute. Also, the bag comes with a four-point strap which will allow you to find just the right position for the bag on your back so you don’t have to strain as you walk down the fairway. You want to keep your body fresh as late into the round as possible so you can keep your swing working properly – using a comfortable bag with a great strap is a step in that direction.

Plenty of Pockets

The TaylorMade Purelite includes seven pockets where you can hide golf balls, gloves, towels, snacks, or just about anything else you may need during your round of golf. Also included is an insulated cooler sleeve, as well as a removable ball pocket. While it is a bag that is meant for carrying around your favorite course, the base of the bag is also suitable for being placed on a cart for those rounds when you would rather ride.

Keep the Legs Under Control

If there is one complaint that comes up more than all others with regard to carry bags it is that the legs will split too far apart from time to time. TaylorMade has solved that issue in the Purelite, however, by adding an anti-split system which is designed to prevent the legs from getting too wide as you set it down. Another feature that is helpful when setting the bag down, or moving it from place to place, is the molded handle that is placed at the top of the bag. If you don’t need to put the bag on your shoulders for a long walk, simply pick it up by the handle and move it to where it is needed. Convenience, comfort, and function are all words that accurately describe the TaylorMade Purelite Stand Bag.

Sun Mountain 2014 Four 5 Stand Bag

Usually, when purchasing a golf bag, you have to make one choice right up front – will you buy a cart bag, or a carry bag? A cart bag, as the name would suggest, is most at home riding on the back of a golf cart, or at least being pushed on a three-wheel cart. They are generally heavier and larger than carry bags, with plenty of room for storage. Carry bags are designed to be light and sunmountaincomfortable, and usually include fold out legs to stand the bag up when you stop to hit a shot. Both are good options, and it is up to you to decide which one works best for your needs.

An Uncommon Feature

One of the popular features of many carry bags is dividers for each individual club. That means the top of the bag has fourteen slots that run down the length of the bag on the inside so your clubs don’t get tangled with one another. This makes staying organized easy, but it is a feature that doesn’t come included on most carry bags. That is where the Four 5 Stand Bag is different. This model from popular brand-name Sun Mountain is perfect for carrying your bag around the course, but it also includes full-length dividers to keep your sticks organized throughout the round.

Plenty of Other Great Features

This bag is more than just dividers, however. It also includes many of the great features that have made Sun Mountain bags so popular with so many golfers. The bottom of the bag is designed to be cart-friendly, for instance, so it can work just fine on those days when you do decide to ride. It has six pockets for ample storage, and a dual strap system that makes is more comfortable to carry. Weighing in at only 5.5 pounds, this bag has an impressive list of features for a product that is designed to be so minimal and lightweight.

When you purchase a Sun Mountain bag, you will know you are in good company with countless other golfers who have trusted this brand to carry their clubs and more. In addition to bags, Sun Mountain is also well-known for making other golf products such as push carts and rain gear. The Sun Mountain 2014 Four 5 Stand Bag is an easy choice for your next golf bag because it has properties of both a cart bag and a carry bag. You get the lightweight comfort of the best carry bags, with the full-length divider convenience of a cart bag. For players who like to both walk and ride depending on the course and the conditions, this bag is worth careful consideration.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Stand Bag

There are few names in the golf bag business more-respected than Sun Mountain. They have been making quality golf bags, in addition to other accessories, for many years and that tradition is carried on with the H2NO stand bag. As the name would indicate, this bag is designed to fight off the rain while enabling you to keep playing your best golf. If you live in an area where rain is frequent and you find that you are on the golf course in the rain more than a few times during the year, the H2NO is a golf bag that you should give some serious consideration.

An Untapped Market?

If you think about it, the golf bag is one area of the game that hasn’t really seen much development in terms of dealing with the elements. There are rain gloves, rain suits, umbrellas, and plenty of other items to help golfers deal with the rain, but very few golf bags address this issue specifically. Considering how many die-hard golfers out there will head to the course rain or shine, it seems like it is about time that a golf bag pays h2noattention to the needs of the player who spends a good deal of time on a damp golf course.

A Combination of Fabrics and Seals

There are two ways water will make its way into a traditional golf bag – through the material itself, and through the seams. Depending on the type of golf bag you currently use, you have probably found that your bag can have quite a bit of water inside by the end of a rainy round. Not only that, everything inside the bag frequently feels damp or even wet because of the water seeping through. That won’t be a concern with the H2NO. The bag is built from waterproof fabrics, and the seams are sealed to prevent water from coming through. As long as everything is zipped up and the rain hood is used properly, you should be able to keep everything inside dry.

Plenty of Other Benefits

While the waterproof design is the main feature of this bag, there are plenty of other things to like. At only 4.5 pounds, it is one of the easiest to carry bags on the market. Additionally, it has the comfortable strap system that Sun Mountain is known for, and the stable legs which retract automatically when the bag is picked up. You don’t have to sacrifice features or benefits to gain the waterproof design – this is a well-rounded bag that can serve you well on days both wet and dry.

Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag Review

Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag

For those of us who like to walk when playing golf, there are a few characteristics in a golf bag that are a must.  The first is that it must be lightweight.  The golf bag must also have sturdy pockets to store items in as well as a comfortable straps and a durable stand.  With that said I came across the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag and decided to try it out for awhile since there was a sale on it.  Does it stand up to what a walking golfer really needs?

General Information

The Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is made mostly of nylon and polyester to make it supposedly last for years.  It features around 10 club dividers along with multiple pockets throughout.  They are various sizes and include ones for a scorecard, valuables, garments, golf balls, you name it.  As far as the straps there is one for each shoulder, constructed with an “o” ring to add comfort.


When it comes to a walking (or stand) bag having a good amount of pockets is a must, and this golf bag certainly provides everything that is needed.  Another great positive going for the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is its weight; it is one of lightest bags that I have used in this price range (around $100).  It is very easy to walk eighteen holes using this golf bag.  I also found it to be a great bag to use when playing golf with a cart, as the club dividers make it easy to take the clubs out and put them back in, along with the strategically places pockets providing added convenience.  The straps on the golf bag are very plush and provide a great amount of comfort when carrying the clubs from hole to hole.    The stand comes right out every single time and is not like other stand bags that always seem to get caught up in something from time to time.



The main negative for the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is its overall durability.  Having only played with it for a couple of months there seem to be durability issues when it comes to the zippers for the pockets as well as the straps themselves.  In regards to the zippers, they seem to get stuck very easily if you pull them up or down quickly.  It can be a hassle trying to get a zipper unstuck when out on the golf course, especially if there are impatient golfers playing right up on you.  In fact, one of them even broke off when trying to get it unstuck.  The quality of the zippers overall is suspect, along with mentioning the shoulder straps.  For some strange reason every stand bag I get that has an “o” ring construction does not last for very long until some problems start arising, whether it is the straps getting caught up or the ring looking like it is going to break at any moment.  Finally, while there are many different pockets, they are of various sizes and it can difficult trying to figure out what each one is exactly for.

Overall Consensus

My overall consensus of the Maxfli Revolution Stand Bag is that it is an average stand bag for its price.  There is nothing that really separates itself from any other stand bag, and there are in fact some negative aspects to it that should be taken into consideration before purchasing it.  If you are one of those who plays a lot this may not be the bag for you, but if you play off and on and like to use a cart every once in a while it may work out if you can find the golf bag for a good value.

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Top Flite Golf Bag Review

Top Flite Golf Bag Review

When one first thinks of Top Flite Golf Company, the first word that comes to mind is price.  They generally have the most inexpensive golf products of any major golf company on the market today; whether or not that is a good thing depends on one’s point of view.  Some of their products are known to be well worth their value, while others not so much.  How does Top Flite stack up when it comes to golf bags?  I decided to answer this question by reviewing the Top Flite golf bag for this article.

General Information

The Top Flite golf bag (also known as the Callaway TF golf bag; they were bought by Callaway a few years ago) is a stand bag with a seven way divider system (containing two full length dividers) and an Izzo dual strap carrying system attached to it.  As far as pockets the golf bag comes with six zippered pockets, a mesh pocket, and a fluid storage pocket as well.  Among other features are an umbrella holder, rain hood, and a molded lift handle.  It generally sells for just over a hundred dollars, but there are sales going on in many stores that sell golf products for as low as forty-five dollars.  At that kind of price is the golf bag really worth it or should it be avoided?  Before giving an overall consensus I will go into the positives and negatives regarding the golf bag.


As far as positives, it is a really good walking bag.  At approximately eight pounds before adding any clubs the Top Flite golf bag is just light enough to comfortably carry any set of clubs for 18 holes.  So if you are one of those golfers that like to walk instead of ride this is a great bag for you.  The stand on the golf bag seems well made and has not caused any problems after playing a few rounds with it.  Another positive aspect of the golf bag is in regards to the pockets.  I for one do not like having a lot of pockets to have to deal with on a golf bag, so to have six well-positioned pockets is great, and I am sure those of you who feel the same way would enjoy using this golf bag.



When it came to negatives, there were two that I found.  The first one is related to the zippers for the pockets; they seem to be poorly constructed and low quality.  I would be surprised if after a year they are still working properly.  The second problem came with the divider system itself.  It is great to have seven dividers and all, but only two of them are full length.  Any golf clubs that are not located in the full length dividers always seem to get tangled up with one another and can be a hassle to deal with at times.

Overall Consensus

As with many golf products made from Top Flite Golf Company, you get what you pay for.  Don’t get me wrong, the Top Flite golf bag certainly has some benefits that would make it a viable option for a certain type of recreational golfer, but for those looking for a quality golf bag that will last them a long time they may need to look elsewhere.  Usually when one purchases golf products at rock bottom prices they should expect the quality to be at least somewhat suspecting, and this is no different with the Top Flite golf bag.  Hopefully their acquisition by Callaway can improve the brand’s reputation and quality when it comes to their golf bags, but we will see.

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