Adams Dixx Putter


Beginners and pros alike can benefit from this computerized training system by Adams.  The Adams DiXX Putter comes complete with the latest technology that is able to recognize the impact position as well as track the swing path of the player, the tempo, speed balance and face angle .

Utilizing a micro Inertial Navigation System (INS), the DiXX Putter can identify the putter face position in relation to the ball at impact and display the information immediately on the vibrant color LCD. Additionally, a Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) monitors several key factors of the swing motion, including path, tempo, speed and hand vibration levels. All of the information can be collected into usable data (personal statistics) that can be analyzed to correct bad putting habits. The DiXX Putter includes the computer terminal that can be removed and replaced with a practice weight for recreational use. Not USGA approved.