Top Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls

Product Review: Top Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls

Having tried the first version of the Top Flite Gamer golf balls and really liking them, I was excited to learn that Callaway (which owns Top Flite) had decided to come out with a new version of the golf ball.  The Gamer V2 still features dimple in dimple aerodynamics and is a three piece golf ball.  The changes that were made to the ball include a new DuPont mantle layer to increase distance and add greater feel.  Changes were also made to the core and outer layer to increase feel and durability, which were severely lacking in their first version of the Top Flite Gamer golf balls.  Here is my review of the new Top Flite Gamer V2 golf balls.


Similar to the first version, the second version of these golf balls have fantastic distance.  The distance is actually comparable to golf balls that are more than twice the price of these, and that is really something remarkable.  I couldn’t believe the distance I was getting out of the golf balls, especially off the tee.  For the woods and irons as well from the fairway, the distance was still very close to that of a Pro V1 Tour iS golf balls.

Another positive came in regards to the short game.  Much emphasis was made upon improving the feel of the golf ball to make it softer for the second version, and one can truly notice the difference when trying out the two versions side by side.  When it came to chipping the ball would check up nicely on practically every shot.  One almost never sees an inexpensive golf ball checking up like it is supposed to on the green, and it is truly refreshing to find one that does.  Whether it was a lob, flop, bump and run, you name it, the golf ball would come to a rest quickly every time.  I also noticed that the golf ball had a very soft feel coming off the putter, and it really inspired confidence when it came to the shorter putts.


One of the main negatives I found when reviewing the first version of the Top Flite Gamer golf ball was that it did not have sufficient spin for mid or long iron shots.  Unfortunately the same can be said of the second version as well.  When it came to shots with a 4 iron one should expect that the golf ball should stop fairly quickly and not keep rolling on the green.  There were quite a few shots on the golf course where I would hit the high iron and when the ball hit the green it just kept rolling and rolling.  It was truly frustrating watching the ball roll of the green many times after hitting a shot that landed near the flag.  When it came to the short irons the golf ball would simply stop wherever it hit, which can be a good or bad thing depending on one’s particular golf game.  My golf game revolves around getting a good amount of spin for these types of shots, so the golf ball performed below average in this area as well.


Overall the Top Flite Gamer V2 golf ball is one of the best low price golf ball alternatives out there on the market today.  They have made many positive improvements with the golf ball since version one, especially ramping up the soft feel of the ball when it comes to the short game.  The golf ball still performed below average when it came to spin for short and long iron shots, but that is what one should expect from low priced golf balls.  The Top Flite Gamer V2 golf ball is certainly one of the best bang for your buck options out there when it comes to golf balls.

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