Top Flite Golf Bag Review

Top Flite Golf Bag Review

When one first thinks of Top Flite Golf Company, the first word that comes to mind is price.  They generally have the most inexpensive golf products of any major golf company on the market today; whether or not that is a good thing depends on one’s point of view.  Some of their products are known to be well worth their value, while others not so much.  How does Top Flite stack up when it comes to golf bags?  I decided to answer this question by reviewing the Top Flite golf bag for this article.

General Information

The Top Flite golf bag (also known as the Callaway TF golf bag; they were bought by Callaway a few years ago) is a stand bag with a seven way divider system (containing two full length dividers) and an Izzo dual strap carrying system attached to it.  As far as pockets the golf bag comes with six zippered pockets, a mesh pocket, and a fluid storage pocket as well.  Among other features are an umbrella holder, rain hood, and a molded lift handle.  It generally sells for just over a hundred dollars, but there are sales going on in many stores that sell golf products for as low as forty-five dollars.  At that kind of price is the golf bag really worth it or should it be avoided?  Before giving an overall consensus I will go into the positives and negatives regarding the golf bag.


As far as positives, it is a really good walking bag.  At approximately eight pounds before adding any clubs the Top Flite golf bag is just light enough to comfortably carry any set of clubs for 18 holes.  So if you are one of those golfers that like to walk instead of ride this is a great bag for you.  The stand on the golf bag seems well made and has not caused any problems after playing a few rounds with it.  Another positive aspect of the golf bag is in regards to the pockets.  I for one do not like having a lot of pockets to have to deal with on a golf bag, so to have six well-positioned pockets is great, and I am sure those of you who feel the same way would enjoy using this golf bag.



When it came to negatives, there were two that I found.  The first one is related to the zippers for the pockets; they seem to be poorly constructed and low quality.  I would be surprised if after a year they are still working properly.  The second problem came with the divider system itself.  It is great to have seven dividers and all, but only two of them are full length.  Any golf clubs that are not located in the full length dividers always seem to get tangled up with one another and can be a hassle to deal with at times.

Overall Consensus

As with many golf products made from Top Flite Golf Company, you get what you pay for.  Don’t get me wrong, the Top Flite golf bag certainly has some benefits that would make it a viable option for a certain type of recreational golfer, but for those looking for a quality golf bag that will last them a long time they may need to look elsewhere.  Usually when one purchases golf products at rock bottom prices they should expect the quality to be at least somewhat suspecting, and this is no different with the Top Flite golf bag.  Hopefully their acquisition by Callaway can improve the brand’s reputation and quality when it comes to their golf bags, but we will see.

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