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Golfers who prefer a small and blade-style club should try the Ping o10 irons. They may be smaller but you can still rely on its avity back to provide maximum forgiveness. This golf club boasts of a compact head and a players’ iron look thanks to the thin top rail.

It also has a stabilized face and an improved consistency due to the Custom Tuning Port or CTP’s rib structure. It can provide high moment of inertia due to the face structure and new cavity. Expect a penetrating ball flight arising from the center of gravity’s location.

This Ping iron is longer than the average iron and more forgiving. Perhaps, this is the reason why Ping are considered the maker of the best irons.

Ping G2 Irons

  • April 27, 2008, 8:08 am
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If you are a high handicap player then the Ping G2 Irons will suit you fine.  The new Ping G2 Irons have higher forgiveness and promises an improved launch thanks to a wider sole as well as foresight in moving the center of gravity away from the face.

The Ping G2 Irons are a product of Ping’s new sandblasting process so you can expect an improved ball to face contact. And here’s a novelty for you guys—these G2 Irons are capable of being mixed or matched with a semi-hyrbid iron called G2HL. 

The Ping G2 Irons look a lot simpler and cleaner than its predeccesors but definitely as durable and reliable as the other Pings.

Ping G10 Drivers


Ping has always been known as a brand that has sucessfully combined maximum forgiveness and power.  The new all-titanium Ping G10 Drivers are no exemption.

The Ping G10 driver stands out in the looks department even when placed alongside other brands. It5 has a polished chrome finish sole with hints of orange.  The black paint of the driver is enough to get anyone staring.

Performance-wise, the Ping G10 Drivers have improved a lot thanks to the change in weight distribution of the club.  Some areas of the crown are now made of thinner material resulting to an increased launch and lower spin which translates to an overall higher moment of inertia.