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Meet the Callaway Golf Big Bertha Titanium Drivers, the world’s longest drivers. These drivers have a compact look with a combined maximum distance and forgiveness.

This driver boasts of a titanium fae that is ultra thin and produces a high moment of inertia. Every golfers looks for accuracy and increased distance and these are offered by the Big Bertha Titanium Drivers.

This driver also boasts of the core technologoes patented by Callaway such as the S2H2 or Short Straight Hollow Hosel as well as the Tru-Bore technology.


The Callaway Women’s Big Bertha Irons 2008 is a forgiving Iron that is made of stainless steel especially made for women. Experience a new level of forgiveness with the Big Bertha Iron thanks to the i-brids design that transformed the shape of the long irons into traditionally-shaped ones.

These Irons are known for their accuracy and versatility in the field. You can expect to get your ball quickly in the air thanks to the deep and low center of gravity. You also get an improved turf interaction due to the extremely wide sole of these Irons.

The Callaway Women’s Big Bertha Irons 2008 has a fully integrated set design that allows optimal trajectories and greater distance. It boasts of the Golf Core Technologies that Callaway is famous for including the Extreme Notch Weighting that results to higher moments of inertia or MOI.

Nike NDS Graphite Iron Set

The Nike NDS or Nike Distance Series Graphite Iron Set is made of 431 stainless steel that is 25 percent softer compared to the 17-4 stainless. This is a dream come true for most golfers who want control but better feel of their clubs.

The NDS Irons boasts of a low CG which offers more forgiveness and reduces fat shots. These Irons are attractive and modern-looking but more importantly they can help improve your game. They have a reasonable price tag too.

Any golfer belonging to any level will love the feel and the performance and the swing of the Nike NDS Irons. These Irons have a high trajectory but the club’s head is somehow heavy.


The Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons are among the most forgiving golf clubs developed by Callaway. These clubs are made of cand innovative technologies to ensure improvement in your game. The designers and engineers behind the Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons have redefined the way Irons should be made to pave the way for a club that delivers great distance and optimal trajectories.

The Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons boasts of a lower CG and maximized perimeter weighting thanks to the 360-degree undercut channel. These Irons are also more stable and have higher moments of inertia. These Irons are downright durable and provides maximum forgiveness. Discretionary weight is also increased thanks to the S2H2.

Callaway has engineered these Irons using the VFT Technology so you can expect faster ball speed. On the other hand, the modified Tru-Bore design provides you an enhanced feel and better performance.

TaylorMade R7 460 TP Driver


The TaylorMade R7 460 TP Driver will always be a welcome gift for any golfer who wants to add some power to his already existing golf equipment. This driver, which includes weights of varying grams (2, 6, 10 and 14 grams) allows you to have more control thanks to its movable weight technology feature. This feature also allows you to better manipulate your shots.

This driver boasts of a larger head size due to UTW or the ultra-thin wall technology. You also gets higher moments of inertia and maximum forgiveness with the 460cc oversized clubhead. High COR is a given with this driver due to the Inverted Cone Technology which also allows you to deliver longer drives.

Experience an easy launch with the TaylorMade R7 460 TP Driver as it has a low and deep CG which also allows you to hit at a farther distance. This driver s made of graphite and steel in dimensions of 45 in.L.


The Callaway Big Bertha 06 Iron Set 3-PW w/Steel Shaft is an impressive club if only for the innovative technology that was used in its creation. It boasts of an impressive performance that any golfer would appreciate if he wants to improve his play.

This Iron has maximum forgiveness and provides off-center shot accuracy due to its notch weighting system which is identified with clubs made by Callaway. What makes this iron tick is the fact that its makers took some weight from the center and in effect the clubhead and relocating the weight to other areas such as the heel and toe.

With this, you get a solid feel and more Moments of Inertia or MOI as well as added stability. This Iron is composed of 17-4 cast stainless steel which results in a stunning and beautiful high polish finish.

The Callaway Big Bertha 06 Iron Set 3-PW w/Steel Shaft also boasts of other technologies like Variable Face Thickness, TruBore and S2H2.

TaylorMade Z TP Wedge


The TaylorMade Z TP Wedge makes possible a higher spin thanks tot he aggressive edges macthed with an increased volume. The milled Z grooves also makes possible more stopping power.

Golfers willlove the smoked PVD finish that’s responsible for reducing the glare attracted by the club thsu getting more focus on the shot with minimal distractions.

You can also open the wedge face easily in different degrees due to the C Grind Sole that has been tour-proven. And after a day of paying golf, say goodbye to aching hands or even blisters thanks to the rubber grip.