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Taylormade R11S Driver Review

Is the Taylormade R11S worth all of the hype that it has been getting recently?

Practically every PGA Tour event that is shown on television features either this or the Rocketballz fairway wood, so Taylormade must be doing something right in order to have so much commercial time, right?  In those commercials for the R11S driver there are numerous PGA Tour professionals that supposedly have gained ten yards or more by switching to the club, and supposedly amateur golfers can get just as much if not more distance by using it as well.  I tried out the club for a few rounds a couple of weeks ago, and what follows is my overall review of it.

The Taylormade R11S driver has a large 460cc clubhead that is white on top to make it look bigger, thus giving increased confidence for golfers.  What makes the club stand out from the rest though is the three different adjustments one can make to it; these include a loft adjustment up to 1.5 degrees, movable weights that can be put on the heel or toe to make the ball go left or right, and a face angle adjustment up to 3 degrees.


To be honest, I didn’t think there would be much of a difference when changing some things around, but boy was I surprised when hitting it out on the range for the first time.  I estimated about a 30 yard difference of going from one end to the other with all three adjustments, so if anyone has a hook or a slice and is looking to minimize it as much as possible this is certainly the club to do it.  The white clubhead certainly inspires confidence when getting ready to tee off, and I would say a fair bit more than a regular black clubhead would.

Aside from all of the adjustments and appearance, this is a really good driver that provides a great amount of distance off the tee.  I play a Taylormade Burner with a draw bias to it, and with the R11S I was averaging about 15 yards by it so there was a significant difference between the two.


There are only two minor negatives associated with the Taylormade R11S driver.  The first is that it will take a while to figure out what combination of adjustments to use to get maximum distance off the tee, and it can be a bit frustrating trying to do it on your own.  More likely than not you will have to go to a golf retail store in order to do all of the adjustments.  Another negative comes in regards to the price, at about $400.  I know that is what new drivers normally go for nowadays, but for someone who does not have an open wallet to buy golf clubs it can be a bit much.


Overall the Taylormade R11S is a great golf driver that certainly lives up to expectations.  Not only does it inspire confidence on the tee box, but can also fix practically any consistent mishit, whether to the right or to the left.  I would recommend waiting a bit for the price of it to go down, or even getting one slightly used as it is pretty expensive right now.  Make sure to get all of the adjustments done when you buy it at the golf store so that you won’t have to constantly go back to make adjustments.

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