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Bridgestone TreoSoft Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone TreoSoft Golf Ball Review

While much has been talked about on the market these days about high-end tour performance golf balls, what about no-frills cheap ones that amateurs like to use?  No one ever really hears about them on television commercials these days; it is as if they assume everyone playing golf wants to use $50/dozen golf balls every time they go out on the golf course.

Even for a low handicap golfer like me that is just not going to happen, as the rest of golf is expensive enough as it is with course fees, clubs, shoes, you name it.  Finding a solid golf ball at a good price is a necessity for me (and I am sure many others who play golf these days), so I decided to give the Bridgestone TreoSoft golf ball a try and see how it performed.  It is two piece ball with a 330 dimple design at about $20/dozen at golf retail outlets.  I was especially intrigued about it being a Bridgestone golf ball, as they have really stepped it up in recent years with their B330 and e series golf balls to make a name for themselves.  What follows is my overall review of the golf ball.


For a $20/dozen golf ball, expectations were not very high to begin with.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with the distance that I got out of the Bridgestone TreoSoft golf ball.  Compared with say a Top Flite Gamer or Maxfli Noodle I would say that the TreoSoft gets the most distance out of the three on average.  It wasn’t as if it was only with the driver either, as I got pretty good distance out of the irons as well, and they had a good feel to them also.  The same could be said on the greens, as it felt great off the putter face whether it was a long putt or a short one.  In fact, if you didn’t tell me which golf ball it was when I was putting I would have said it was a $30/dozen golf ball, as it really has a great feel to it.


As with most golf balls in this price range, there was very little spin on my approach shots into many greens when playing.  It didn’t matter if it was a three iron or a wedge, the Bridgestone TreoSoft golf ball didn’t really check up the way that I wanted it too.  Again, that is something that one should generally expect out of a golf ball that is this inexpensive.  What concerned me more than that, though, was the durability issues related to the golf ball.  I like to hit down and through on both my iron and wedge shots, and after about nine holes or so the ball was so scuffed up that I had to use a new one.  I just did not find very much durability out of this golf ball, but I don’t know if it had to do with my type of swing or what.


Overall I would say that the Bridgestone TreoSoft golf ball is a solid ball for its price, especially if you can get it on sale.  I would recommend it to those golfers who shoot in the high 80s or low 90s and are looking for an alternative golf ball that is cheap and provides decent performance.  I would stay away from it if you have a high swing speed, as there are better balls out there on the market in a similar price range.