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NIKE Men’s Dri-FIT Sun Bucket Hat

One of the best things about playing a round of golf is that you get to be out in the sun all day enjoy the warm summer weather. Rather than taking up an indoor hobby, golf is so popular in part because it allows players to enjoy the great outdoors while having a good time with their friends. The feel of the sun on your back and the green grass under your feet is a hard thing to forget when once you start to become more and more serious about the game.

However, playing a long round of golf in the sun can have it’s downsides too. Prolonged sun exposure can be dangerous to your health, and cause you to get sunburned, dehydrated, or worse. While you want to be able to enjoy your time in the sun, you want to be smart about it as well.

This is where the NIKE Men’s Dri-FIT Sun Bucket Hat is a wise addition to your wardrobe. This hat has a full brim all the way around, helping to keep the sun from beating down your nike hatyour face and neck. It also, of course, serves the same purpose of any other hat, keeping the sun off the top of your head. These kinds of hats are popular among many people who spend long days in the sun, no matter the endeavor, so it makes sense to bring them to the golf course as well.

Designed For the Heat

Some bucket hats are built more with rain in mind than for sun, but this NIKE model is geared toward being worn throughout the summer months. The popular Dri-FIT fabric helps to pull the sweat away from your body, making you more comfortable throughout your round. Additionally, it has a drawstring so you can tighten the hat to your comfort, and the universally-recognized NIKE Swoosh is prominently displayed on the front.

Use Away From the Course

It is always nice when the items you purchase for your golf game can be used in other walks of life as well. This hat doesn’t have to be limited to the days you hit the links, as it will look good in many other settings as well. For example, if you enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or camping, the Sun Bucket Hat will make for a great shade-provider at that time too. In fact, any time you would like to keep the sun from bearing down on you too severely, this hat should be within reach.

Easy to Store in Your Bag

Not sure if the sun will be out today? Pack this hat away in your bag just in case. It is lightweight and takes up very little space, so you won’t even notice that it has been added to your load. With it stowed away in your bag, it will always be there when you need it most.

Regardless of your fashion tastes, this hat makes good sense for any golfer who plays during the warm summer months.

Cleveland Classic 270 Driver

Golf is a game that is steeped in tradition and history. No matter where you go in the game of golf, the memories and feelings of the past will always be with you. This is one of the most interesting elements of the game, and one of the things that keeps so many people coming back round after round. While we are always moving forward with technology, it should be done with an eye to the past and the golfers that came before.

With that in mind, the Cleveland Classic 270 Driver is a beautiful blend of old and new. From the new perspective, it has all of the modern features that you would expect from a driver – 460cc head, graphite shaft, aerodynamic engineering, and more. On the old side of the ledger is the look that Cleveland has given this driver. The paint job and finishing touches are a nod to the time when ‘woods’ were actually made from wood. You probably don’t want to use a wood driver because of the cleveland270distance and forgiveness you would sacrifice, but being able to pay respect to the history of the game with this driver is a nice compromise.

This driver is offered in three different lofts – 9*, 10.5*, and 12* – and also with a variety of graphite shaft flexes. It features the deepest club face that Cleveland has ever produced, which is great for building confidence when you stand over the ball and get ready to swing. Of course, you should try any driver before it becomes your go to club on the course, but don’t expect to be sacrificing anything in terms of performance when you put the 270 into the bag.

Another great thing about this driver is the conversations it can start on the course. If you frequently play alone and get paired with other golfers, this driver has a way of breaking the ice and starting discussions about the ‘good ‘ole days’. Whether you feel like being nostalgic about the past, or talking about how much better clubs are today than they used to be, you will find yourself having more golf chats thanks to the unique appearance of this driver.

A good driver will successfully balance distance and accuracy, and that is something that can change from player to player. To figure out how the 270 will behave for you, pick out the right loft and shaft flex for your swing and give it a try. You don’t need to use a driver for a long time to determine if you are comfortable with it, but be sure to give it a couple weeks to work out the kinks and find a comfort zone.

Also in this line from Cleveland are the 290 model, and the Tour version. So, if one of them isn’t exactly right for you but you still want to give this driver a chance, be sure to test out the other models. If you decide that this club works in your bag, you will have a driver that you can call on to hit fairways and start conversations at the same time.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the style and look of golf shoes that many players prefer. As opposed to the more ‘traditional’ look that lasted for so many years, a more casual approach is now a common sight on courses all around the country. Casual models usually combine an appearance that is similar to a tennis shoe with a comfortable fit that golfers won’t mind wearing all day long. Beyond that, many of these casual models are including a spikeless design on the sole, where a series of bumps and textures replace the usual ‘softspikes’.

The FootJoy Men’s Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe is a perfect example of this trend. This shoe doesn’t look much like the golf shoes most players are used to, but it can get the job done just the same. In fact, many wearers of these shoes have found that they are more comfortable than other models, and still allow them to grip the turf while making a swing. The shoe has a rubber outsole with a series of bumps that work to give you traction, yet may be more comfortable to walk on all day long than the shoes you are wearing now.

Of course, you need to be able to maintain balance and traction when you are swinging the club, so you will want to try on footjoyspikelessthese shoes and make sure that they do the job for your swing. Everyone uses slightly different footwork when they are making a swing, so what works for one person isn’t going to be right for another. There are many golfers that are pleased with the way these shoes grip the turf during their swing, but you will be well-served to make sure that you are among that group.

When it comes to style, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a great looking pair of shoes to one person might be less-desirable to another. The look of these FootJoy Men’s Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes is similar to many casual tennis shoes you might see on the market. If that is a look that you enjoy and will work well with your usual golf attire, then you definitely want to give this pair some consideration. For the golfer who likes to own many pairs of shoes and rotate them through, you could add this pair to your collection for the times when you want to go for a more casual look – or when you are going to be on the course all day and what to maximize comfort.

Shoes are a very personal choice, so no online review can ever completely capture what you are going to find important in the shoe. FootJoy is one of the most-respected brands in the game, and these casual, spikeless shoes are certainly garnering attention from a large number of players. Take a look at them for yourself see if they might make a nice addition to your golf footwear collection.


Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder

These days, one of the most controversial discussions you can have on a golf course is regarding how to measure the distance you have left to the hole – rangefinder or GPS? There are countless products on the market featuring both methods, and the truth is that both can work nicely. Rangefinders are more desirable for getting the exact yardage to the flag because a GPS unit doesn’t know where the hole is located on a daily basis. On the other hand, GPS is easier for some people to use than a rangefinder, which can be tough for certain individuals to hold steady.

There isn’t a right answer in this debate. It comes down to personal preference, as either method can accomplish the goal of telling you how far you need to hit your shot. If you come down in the rangefinder camp, the Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder is one worthy of your consideration. Bushnell has long been one of the leaders in this market, and this model is just another example of the impressive products they can produce.

One of the long-standing issues with using a rangefinder for some people, is determining whether they have measured the distance to the flag, or some object beyond the green. Early models of golf rangefinders were more difficult to use, and would frequently measure things off in the distance – giving the golfer a false reading on how far to hit their shot. With the bushnellrangev3, Bushnell has introduced something they call JOLT technology. The idea is simple – when the golfer successfully ‘shoots’ the flag with the rangefinder, the unit will quickly vibrate to give them positive feedback that they measured the right target. With that confirmation, you can grab the right club and make your swing with confidence.

In terms of range, the Bushnell Tour v3 is capable of measuring much further than any golf shot you are going to hit. It is rated as being able to measure distances up to a whopping 1,000 yards, and to be able to measure the flag from 300+ yards away. It is accurate to within one yard, and provides 5x magnification when looking through the unit. Also, unlike some other rangefinder models on the market, the v3 is a convenient, small size which fits in the palm of your hand.

As an additional option, there is a version of the v3 offered with slope calculating capability. This technology helps you adjust for uphill or downhill shots by providing you with slope numbers along with the raw yardage. While those compensated distances can come in handy, some competitions have outlawed rangefinders with a slope feature, so you will want to make sure you don’t use one when it isn’t allowed (the same goes for basic rangefinders – always make sure they are being permitted in a tournament before you put it to use).

Regardless of how you measure distance, getting the right number is crucial to playing well and lowering your scores. For those partial to rangefinders as opposed to GPS, the Bushnell Tour v3 is certainly one to check out.