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The New Vokey Wedges are as Good as Ever

The name Vokey has, in many ways, become synonymous with wedges in the golf world. For years, the Vokey line of Titleist wedges has been the gold standard in the game with countless tour pros and amateurs alike loyal to their great looks and impressive performance. When looking for a classic wedge that maintains a traditional look while still incorporating new technology and innovation, the Vokey line is probably where you shopping trip will end. The new SM4 Tour Chrome wedges from Titleist continue on this tradition beautifully, and are sure to create a whole new legion of loyal fans.

Simply the Best

So – what is it that makes these wedges so good? Above all else, it is the simple fact that they don’t have any weaknesses. They are thoughtfully designed with a variety of loft and bounce options, they look great, they are well-built, and they last. Where you might find other wedges that you like except for one or two small problems, you will be hard pressed to find such issues on a Vokey wedge. They are simply great wedges, and there is a reason that so many professionals trust them above all other options.

The SM4 wedges are specifically designed to increase spin – something just about every golf would be able to benefit from. Whether youvokey are playing a full shot into the green from back in the fairway, or are just chipping onto the green from the rough, being able to put spin on the ball means added control. When you hit shots that have a low amount of spin, you lose control over the shot and will be lucky to get the ball close to the hole. With the SM4 wedges, you can add spin to your shots and have a better chance of controlling where the ball ends up on the green.

Get the Bounce and Loft Right

Before you order some Vokey SM4 wedges for your bag, make sure you understand all of the bounce and loft options and select the right specs for your game and the courses that you play. The loft of these wedges is offered in increments from 48* all the way up to 62*, and there are eight different bounce angles offered as well. Higher bounce wedges are generally better in soft conditions, whereas most golfers will benefit from a lower bounce angle on firm turf. Think about the courses that you generally play and pick out the right combinations of bounce and loft for your game.

Picking Titleist Vokey wedges for your bag is actually one of the easiest choices you should have to make when assembling your set of clubs. With the tradition as one of the most-trusted clubs in golf, and the quality that they offer, the only thing left to do is decide exactly which Vokey is best for you.