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Ping Rapture V2 Driver

  • August 27, 2008, 8:08 pm
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The Ping Rapture V2 Driver is included in the rapture V2 Series which is one of carries with it external tungsten weight pads which you will find near the driver’s toe, head and back.

These weight pads allow the driver to position the center of gravity so as to produce a high launch angle and a lower spin. You can expect higher moments of inertia Ping’s new releases for 2009. This driver is made of a 460cc titanium body and resulting to more accurate shots at greater distance. This driver has a taller face with a tapered crown that features the Double-Rapture alignment aid.

Ping has been on a quest for a club that will maximize the benefits of multi-metal technology and it has finally produced what it envisioned with the Ping Rapture V2 Driver.

Ping G5 Individual Iron

The Ping G5 Individual Iron boasts of a larger CTP or custom tuning port which means it the clubface has a larger surface area and can deliver an improve feel. This iron can deliver higher moments of inertia due to wider sole.

The G5 is more forgiving and produces straighter off center shots due to increased moments of inertia. It makes use of the Wide Sole technology resulting to a higher trajectory. With this iron you can expect better contact with the ball and better performance.

This iron is made with the 703 rubber grip with flame patterns so you get a soft feel even if you play the whole day through.

Ping Karsten Craz-E Putter


With the Ping Karsten Craz-E Putter, you get the solid response coming from a steel-faced putter and yet experience brought about by an insert feel thanks to the cavity’s elastomer insert. This putter provides increased moment of inertia and maximum forgiveness.

The Ping Karsten Craz-E Putter boasts of a stainless-steel head and a design that aims to lessen vibration. The grey steel looks attractive with the alignment aids in blue. The putter is also easily customizable with length and lie and loft options.

This putter has great looks plus a great alignment providing maximum balance and stability.

Ping I-Series Putter


The Ping I-Series Putter is a product of an existing demand by golfers for a putter with an enhanced feel. This putter offers a soft feel but a firm response thanks to a combination of a two-piece insert consisting of face appliqué and urethane inserts.

However, the soft feel of the inserts might not appeal to those using a soft ball because that would like hitting a piece of foam without giving the ball any direction at all. But that aside, this putter looks great on the greens especially if you think of its weighting properties.

The Ping i-Series boasts of a modern design, high moment of inertia or MOI as well as improved alignment.


The Ping Rapture Hybrid with Graphite Shaft was hot item last year but it is still a good buy for 2008 at only $179.99. The Ping Hybrid boasts of a multi-material technology including a 475 thin super steel face, tungsten nickel sole that is high density and a 17-4 SS body. This results to a hybrid with higher moments of inertia and a more forgiving hybrid with less spin and higher launch.

Expect a lower CG thanks to the strategically placed weight pads. Thsi hybrid boasts of delivering maximum distance due to a penetrating trajectory. The sloped crown design helps in further bringing down the CG.

It also boasts of a robotic plasma weld that improves the durability and consistency of the club’s face. This hybrid is very attractive and has an NTS Grip that makes use of a soft rubber for a more enhanced feel.


The Ping G10 Fairway Wood with Graphite Shaft has shallow but longer clubface that allows for increased hitting area. It also has a larger internal weight pad that results to a lower center of gravity which further results to an optimal launch.

The Ping G10 Fairway Woods has a crown made in such a way that it intersects directly with the sole. This results to a low profile head that improves your overall performance in the course.

The Ping engineers have succeeded in repositioning discretionary weight from the hosel, face and crown which results to reduced ball spin and higher ball velocity.

Ping Pal Junior Set


your kids to play golf by giving them this Ping Pal Junior Golf Set. The Set consists of stainless steel fairway wood, 360cc titanium driver, three perimeter-weighted irons, and an Anser putter. Plus, you also get a carry bag that is not only lighweight but which comes with a stand. The set contains basically all that an aspiring golfer needs to perfect his game.

These clubs are capable of helping kids get their shots airborne thanks to the flexible graphite shafts. These clubs which has junior-sized grips are ideal for kids who are six to eight years old, whether boys or girls.